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High-performance Simplified Enterprise Mobility Anywhere, Anytime, Any device.
Application access gateway that enables enterprise mobility and secure access to corporate applications, desktops, and network.

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Features HySecure HySecure Advanced
Access HyWorks published hosted applications & virtual desktops
Publish RDP and other Terminal services as application
Publish Web (HTTP/HTTPS) based applications
Publish client-server based applications for remote users (without terminal server)
Publish SaaS based applications
Two factor authentication for HySecure
Two factor authentication tokens: SMS/Email/PC/Mobile/Biometric
Single Sign-on for SAML based web applications
Two factor authentication for Windows/Linux server & desktop logins
Password self-service portal
Access modes: Web portal, desktop clients
Client Access Licensing: Named User / Device
Concurrent user licensing
Provision for Role based application access control
Reporting services available in the offered Product (Built-in or External)
Capability to generate Email alerts
Built-in Load Balancing


Accops HySecure is an application access gateway that enables enterprise mobility and secure access to corporate applications, desktops, and network services from any device working from any network.

HySecure enables users working from any network be it trusted LAN or untrusted WAN or internet or mobile network to securely access corporate resources. HySecure’s SPAN technology make secure access a simple, fast deployment without requiring any network changes. The User can get onto a browser, desktop client or mobile apps and start accessing the applications without requiring any configuration on the devices.

Accops HySecure brings together the performance, management, and functionality required for enterprise remote access and reduces costs traditionally associated with other VPN solutions due to the simplicity and ease of use of the solution united with our cost-effective and flexible pricing models.

With Every ACCOPS Virtual Desktop Cloud You Get

Zero Config Access

Client less browser based secure remote access.

Device Access Control

Dynamic, risk-based device entry control.

Strong Authentication

Integrated multi-factor authentication.

Mobile Access

Seamless access from smartphones and tablets.

Full Access

Desktop client software for secure application tunnels.


All virtual desktop management in a single pane.

Features Accops Free VPN on UTMs Other SSL VPNs
TLS based VPN Limited
Support for latest TLS protocol: TLS 1.2 Limited Most
Support for latest ciphers Limited Most
Hardware accelerated encryption Limited Limited
Single appliance scalability 2000 < 500 < 2000
Maximum users per cluster 20000 < 2000 < 10000
Web based management
Integrated access portal for web apps, hosted apps, SAAS Apps
SSO for web apps, SaaS Apps
User based policies
Device entry control Limited
Endpoint Internet control Limited
Endpoint host scan: AV/FW/AS Limited
Check for Windows updates Limited
Always On-VPN Limited
Two factor authentication User experience
SMS, Email OTP integration
Self service portal for users for OTP/Password management
Support for all desktops OS Limited
Support for iOS, Android Limited
Supports multiple organizations/domain as single site Limited
DLP features Limited
Application Restrictions
Support for Cloud deployment Limited Limited

Key Benefits

Enterprise Mobility

Secure access to business appications & enterprise desktops, anytime, anywhere using any device.

Sandbox Computing

Virtualize critical applications and deliver them as hosted applications from secured isolated network.

Strong Authentication

Enhanced security for remote application access & two-factor authentication safeguard business critical data.

Seamless Virtualization

Seamless Integration with Accops HyWorks enabling secure access to corporate applications & desktops.

Key Features


Accops HySecure’s Secure Private Application Network (SPAN) technology enables a high performance, simplified remote access

Strong Endpoint

Before an end user is allowed to access the applications, it is mandatory for organizations to detect, scan and evaluate the trust level of the

Scalable, Reliable & Highly Available

With built-in Load Balancing and high availability features, Accops HySecure can scale to thousands of users to ensure required uptime for business

Secure Sandbox computing

HySecure, combined with HyWorks is used by organizations to create a secure sandbox for user

Secure Enterprise Mobility

HySecure enables strong and latest TLS protocol base data security and integrity for

Strong Two Factor Authentication

HySecure includes the HyID, a multi-factor authentication solution which can protect

Anywhere, Anytime Computing

HySecure provides a single window access to end users which lists the applications that are available to end users, providing a seamless

Strong Authentication, Authorization & Auditing

Before applications can be exposed to untrusted networks, it is required to secure applications


Key Solutions


True Zero, Management Application Delivery Solution


Deliver Application In Seconds To Distributed Workforce & Extrantn Users


Deliver A Secure Browser Inside A Browser For Web Application That Needs Data Protection


Deliver Heavy Bandwidth Application Over Slower Network

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Easy-to-use remote support and access software that lets you securely connect to and monitor desktop-to-desktop, desktop-to-mobile, mobile-to-mobile, or to unattended devices like servers and IoT devices from anywhere.

-ankit more

HySecure is a fast remote desktop software that allows for new usage scenarios and applications that have not been possible with current remote desktop software.

-shubam vishwakarma

remote access software provides an all-inclusive solution for remote support, remote access

-kuldeep maurya


HyLite Enables clientless, anywhere, anytime access to Microsoft Windows Applications and Desktop Access Within a HTML5 enabled browser. With HyLite, corporates can deliver any application to users working from any device, including smartphones and tablets with no installation required.

HyLite is a HTML5 based RDP Client. Any RDP protocol based published application can be accessed using HyLite portal. Such applications includes RDP connection to servers, Accops HyWorks published applications, Accops HyWorks published RDS based or VDI desktops and Propalms TSE based virtual hosted applications.

This is because, HyLite comes as a feature integrated with Accops HySecure but it needs separate Licenses to activate.

Any device with a HTML5 compliant browser, running on any OS or device can be used to access HyLite. Minimum Internet Explorer version supported it IE10. Other browsers that are officially supported are Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Accops HyLite provides a high-performance HTML5 RDP Client enabling agentless browser-based access virtualized corporate workspace delivered via HyWorks, Microsoft Remote Desktop Services or Linux Based Terminal Services. Powered by HySecure and HyWorks, HyLite enables ultimate enterprise mobility by enabling TLS protected and multi-factor authentication enabled access to corporate applications from any device with a HTML5 browser. Enterprises can enable BYOD and extranet user access to business applications & Corporate workspace in seconds compared to hours and days when doing traditional desktop computing. HyLite a true zero management application.


Accops HySecure

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