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XcellDataProtect SM | Acronis True Image 2020

Never Lose Another File.

Complete cyber protection comes from features that simultaneously address the safety, accessibility, privacy, authenticity, & safety of your data.

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XcellDataProtect SM | Acronis True Image 2020

Never Lose Another File.
Complete cyber protection comes from features that simultaneously address the safety, accessibility, privacy, authenticity, & safety of your data.

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of the people lose data due to Accidental Deletion, Viruses, Ransomeware, Hardware Failure, Divice Damage or Theft


of hard drives fail during four-year period


computers and devices are lost or stolen every week

  • Standard
  • One-time purchase
  • INR₹ 7,100
  • Advanced
  • One-year subscription
  • INR₹ 8,520per year
  • Premium
  • One-year subscription
  • INR₹ 11,360per year

Works on multiple platforms

Microsoft Windows
  • Windows 10 (all editions, including November 2019 Update)
  • Windows 8.1 (all editions)
  • Windows 8 (all editions)
  • Windows 7 SP1 (all editions)
  • Windows Home Server 2011
Apple MacOS
  • macOS Catalina 10.15
  • macOS Mojave 10.14
  • macOS High Sierra 10.13
  • macOS Sierra 10.12
  • OS X El Capitan 10.11
Mobile Operating Systems
  • iOS 10.3 or later
  • Android 5.0 or later
File Systems (Windows)
  • NTFS
  • Ext2/Ext3/Ext4
  • ReiserFS(3)
  • Linux SWAP
  • FAT16/32/exFAT
File Systems (macOS)
  • APFS
  • HFS+
  • Core Storage
  • FAT32
  • NTFS (including Boot Camp)

Complete Cyber Protection

Combining reliable backup with proven anti-malware technology, our unique cyber protection
solution effectively safeguards all of your data, apps and systems.

Backup and Recovery

Disk cloning, Mirror imaging, all in one recovery drives. Now you can ensure that your data is available for recovery, whatever happens.

Anywhere Access

Take advantage of secure file sync and share. Retrieve files from your cloud backup from anywhere, on any device.

Novel Protection

Acronis True Image personal backup software uses AI to stop cryptojacking and ransomware in real time. Also provides blockchain data notarization.

Enhanced 2020 Vision

How we access and use data is constantly changing, as are the threats to that data. Your protection must evolve too.
With 100+ enhancements and new features, Acronis True Image 2020 keeps you current.

Automated Dual Protection
Back up locally while simultaneously replicating it in the cloud so you’ve always got a secure off-site copy for recovery.
Tray Notification Center
Messages pushed to your desktop tray enable you to monitor the status of backups so you can quickly respond to any issues.
Custom Power Management
Avoid draining your battery by efficiently managing laptop backups. Set a minimum power level or block backups on battery power.
Back Up on Select Wi-Fi
Where you back up is your choice. Now you can easily avoid the metered connections and public networks that put data at risk.
Improved Cloud Restores
Enjoy faster performance and a more intuitive experience. Enhanced for even easier navigatation.
Fastest Cloud Backups
Protect your data with cloud backups and restores that are independently proven to be up to 13x faster than the competition.

Efficient, All-in-one Protection

Using multiple solutions to protect your data? Then you’re paying more for a patchwork that creates gaps in your defense.
Acronis True Image 2020 delivers the power of integration, with data protection, cybersecurity, and management features
you control from a single intuitive dashboard.

One solution to protect all your data residing anywhere - on a Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, device or your Office 365 account. Get fastest personal backup with more features at a lower cost than other available options.
Complete protection should not be complicated. Get access to a range of robust tools and through a single, user-friendly interface, manage the backups of all your devices. Start taking backups by simply by connecting a USB hard disk drive. Graphic displays show data type, backup status, and more.
Threat landscape is evolving, which means traditional backup is not sufficient anymore. You need advanced cyber protection. Acronis True Image 2020 is the only personal solution that comes with integrated, artificial intelligence-based defense that is capable of detecting and stopping the latest cryptomining malware and ransomware attacks in real time.
Back up whatever you want with a number of robust tools like active disk cloning, cloud-to-cloud Office 365 backups, mirror imaging event-based scheduling, , file/folder-level backups, non-stop backups, and automatic replication of local backups in the cloud.
Control where you store your data - locally on an external hard drive, NAS device or network folder, off-site in the cloud, or a combination for ensuring complete protection. Approve only specific Wi-Fi networks for avoiding potential problems.
Know your backup details at a glance. Monitor the backups status with push notifications to your desktop tray. See backup speeds, file sizes, and color-coded displays of the stored data type with visual dashboard..

Disk cloning vs. disk imaging

In both instances, Acronis True Image makes replicating a disk easier and more reliable than ever.

Disk cloning

  • Create an exact, bit-by-bit replica of a disk on a second hard drive
  • Recommended for data migration
  • Instantly boot from a clone by connecting the new drive
  • Requires the same disk space as the original
  • Only one clone can be stored per disk
  • Disk clones cannot be updated with new data

Disk imaging

  • Back up all the contents of a hard drive to a single compressed file
  • Recommended for data recovery
  • Image needs to be restored (installed) before booting
  • Compressed image files are smaller than the original
  • Multiple images can be stored per disk
  • Disk images can be updated incrementally

Flexible data migration

There’s no need to shut down and restart using bootable media. Unlike other disk cloning software, with Acronis True Image you can create a clone directly on your local or external USB drive while still using your Mac or Windows computer.

So keep working, listening to music, or whatever. You’ll be able to boot your entire system directly from the new disk, no problem.

Create a full image backup in two clicks

Make sure you protect everything you need to restore your system, including boot information, applications, settings and hidden files. By creating a full image backup – also called a mirror image backup – you’ll have any recent changes to your files, programs and preferences that have been added since the hard disk was set up … and the incremental approach requires less time than duplicating the entire source drive. You can also automatically replicate your full image backup in the cloud to ensure you always have an off-site copy.

With our disk imaging software, you’ll have an easy, efficient, secure way to restore your system.

Try it free

Try it free for 30 days!

  • Enjoy 1 TB of Acronis Cloud
  • Create a mirror image of your system
  • Back up individual files and folders
  • Replicate local backups in the cloud
  • Build boot media and a recovery drive
  • Use the blockchain to authenticate data

Never lose a file, ever, with Acronis True Image 2020.

Dual Protection

Follow the 3-2-1 backup rule easily by replicating your local backup in the cloud automatically.

Active Disk Cloning

Replicate Windows or Mac system during use, without stopping or rebooting. This will help streamline data migration (files, OS, applications and settings) to larger or faster disk.

Enhanced visual protection

Use intuitive online dashboard to monitor everything, including data statistics, backup activity and cybersecurity metrics.

Enhanced Cloud restores

With new backup technologies, get overall better performance, with increased speed, stability and reliability of restoring from the cloud.

Access anywhere

Retrieve a file or folder from your cloud backup from any mobile device or computer – whenever and wherever you need.

Non-stop backups

Freely set up and forget backups as they run continuously in the background and catch changes every five minutes.

Automatic mobile backups

Save your mobile data by setting backup of your Mac, PC and NAS to begin automatically when smartphone or tablet connects to Wi-Fi network at home.

Universal restore

With bootable media and driver injection technology by Acronis, restore your system to new or same hardware easily. Load your data quickly on your chosen machine.

Protection pause

With one click, suspend antimalware functions for as long as you want. Pause for the time length you decide or automatically resume on next restart.

Flexible management

Select your chosen backup type – incremental, full image, differential or custom; set schedules; and configure destinations. Do full or quick antivirus scans as needed.

Mobile backup review

Browse the mobile backup content on Mac or local PC that saves the backup files.

Tray notification center

Track status of your antimalware and backups with messages pushed to your desktop tray. Quickly respond to issues and receive tips to enhance your safety.

Quick backup validation

Validate the backups' effectiveness by checking only the latest backup version.

Event based backups

You can choose event triggers to protect your data easily. Trigger can be like plugging of an external USB for backing up data. Mac users can backup in Power Nap mode.


Move large or rarely used files to local drive or the cloud to free disk space. Retain them easily with a customized desktop shortcut.

Mac Restores

Easily restore your data to a new Mac machine, even if it is spread across APFS volumes on existing system.

File and folder backups

Control your backup type. Select individual files and folders that you want to replicate specifically when full image copy is not needed.

Full image backup

Protect completely to recover everything. A mirror image of a selected partition or system disk helps you recover what you need – complete system or a file/folder.

Real time protection

Safeguard your backup and device files from malware. It blocks even modern, unseen threats – by checking every file you interact with in actual time.

Antiransomware and cryptojacking protection

Protect your apps, files and systems by detecting and stopping attacks like ransomware and cryptojacking. It restores affected files automatically.

Microsoft 365 backup

Safeguard your Microsoft 365 account by creating direct cloud to cloud backup of your emails and attachments from Outlook and OneDrive files and folders.

Unlimited mobile devices

With one license, cover all your tablets and smartphones. Use a single dashboard to remotely manage the protection plan for all iOS and Android devices. Protect photos, videos and all so they are safe, even if the device is stolen or lost.

Version control

Maintain up to 999 backup versions if you wish. Also, you get to decide for how long to keep them.

Custom power management

Extend the laptop battery time – set a minimum power level to take backups or block backups when on battery.

Dark mode for Mac

Get a native look for your Mac when in dark mode.

Virtual environment support

Run your system as a virtual machine by converting full image backups into virtual hard disk format.

File sync and share

Sync files in the cloud or between computers to have consistent data on different devices.

Try and decide

Test new drivers, software and system updates safely, knowing that you can revert to the previous configuration, if needed.

Device flexibility

Avoid getting trapped in one mobile platform by simply migrating data between iOS and Android devices.

Memory card backup

Ensure nothing is lost ever - safeguard your data stored on internal memory of Android and SD storage.

Backup cleanup utility

Free your disk space – review backup files, select unnecessary ones and delete those not needed.

Web filtering

Block malicious URLs trying to inject ransomware, cryptojackers and malware into your system the minute you encounter them.

On-demand antivirus scan

Scan all threats on your computers by scanning for malware whenever you want. Select from full system scan or quick file scan to check all things.

Quarantine and exclusions

Isolate potential threats in quarantine, while controlling exclusion lists that permit approved programs to run continuously. It blocks never-before-see threats – by checking all file interaction in actual time.

Videoconference protection

Safeguard your data and privacy from attacks during videoconference calls via Zoom, Cisco, Microsoft Teams or WebEx.

Safe data centers

Backup to our data centers – each location is designed to meet highest security levels and includes on-site protection like 24/7 video surveillance, armed guards, biometric access etc.

Complete encryption

Safekeep your backup with enterprise grade AES-256 encryption that keeps your data private – on-site, in transit or in the cloud. No one, not even us, can read your encrypted files.

Hybrid cloud

Store your backup in hybrid cloud infrastructure of Acronis – whose data centers are built specifically for security and data privacy.

User defined passwords

Create encrypted backups protected by custom password for each family member.

Backup on selected Wi-Fi

Back up to the cloud on selected Wi-Fi networks that you know are safe. You'll avoid unsecured public networks and metered connections that can expose your data.

Windows Security Center

Ensure compatibility with different security solutions and compliance with Windows guidelines.

Behavioral analysis engine

With new dynamic detection engine, identify malware when it executes. It identifies based on how it interacts with your Windows machine.

Signature based analysis

Check for updates to the threat database every five minutes to keep your defense up to date.

Premium feature - Blockchain notarization

With Acronis Notary, develop a one of its kind "fingerprint" for your data. It generates a blockchain technology-based certificate to give you an easy way to confirm its authenticity.

Premium feature – Electronic signatures

Get electronic signatures on documents from different people and record them in a blockchain ledger by using Acronis ASign for an easy and safe way to verify integrity of an agreement.

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In my opinion Acronis True Image is one of the best known backup software tool. We managed the backup and restore of VMs, disks and files even considering the complexity of IT infrastructure.

-heena khan

With acronis I can easily make a full backup of my operating system and installed applications, so I can recover my system whenever I want, and the best thing is that if the system dies completely I can restore my copy from a boot or cd drive, even if the hard drive is damaged

-rajendra verma

Its platform is one of the things I love most about Acronis True Image. That’s because it’s truly easy to understand which saves a lot of time and effort.

-bhairav chawan


A computer backup is a second copy of your data that you store separately from the original. That includes family photos and videos, documents, emails and contacts, and the apps and operating system that powers your computer. If the originals are located on your laptop or a mobile device, you keep the backup somewhere else that safe – that way you can use the second copy to restore your files or system in case something happens to the original. 

To ensure all of this data is accurately copied so you can use it to recover your computer, backup software is a must. A solution like Acronis True Image 2020 automatically captures changes to everything, including hidden files that can be missed by manually copying files, and makes the process of recovery easy and efficient.

As we said, computer backups need to be stored someplace safe. Acronis recommends the 3-2-1 backup rule, which includes storing a copy of your backup files locally (on external hard drives, network drives and NAS devices) and another copy off-site. That way if a fire or flood damages both your original files and the local backup, the off-site copy is available to use for recovery.

"The cloud" is a term that describes a remote network of computers and servers that you access via the internet. Because you just log in via the internet, the cloud is a convenient way to store your files off-site, where they are safe from local damage. Subscriptions to the Advanced and Premium editions of Acronis True Image 2020 include cloud storage, as well as cloud-based features and anywhere access to your data.

With Acronis True Image 2020, you also have the ability to automatically replicate local backups in the Acronis Cloud, so you always have an off-site copy of your data available without having to manage a separate backup plan. By choosing this option, after the first successful backup, your backup and replication will be done simultaneously, in parallel.

With Acronis True Image 2020, creating a full image backup on an external hard drive is as easy as two clicks. Once the drive is connected and Acronis True Image is running, you click Add backup. The entire computer is the default backup source, so you simply need to assign the external drive as the Backup destination and then click Back up now.


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