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Improve Defenses and Maintain Constant Vigilance Against Attacks—Without Adding Internal Staff.

XcellHost’s Blue Team services provide you with these resources in a cost-effective manner.

Evaluation and proactive response service in the face of security threats.

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Why Choose Xcellhost Blue Team Service?

Maintain rock-solid defenses at all times (not just when you need them)

Prevent More Attacks

Avoid getting breached by the easily identifiable, and easily fixable gaps that currently exist in your security posture.

Proactively Hunt for Threats

Find more than just flaws in your security posture— find the attackers who have already exploited your defenses and found a home in your network.

Improve Your Incident Response Plan

Develop and follow a response plan tailored to the unique strengths and weaknesses of your security architecture and internal capabilities.

Accelerate Your Breach Remediation

Our Blue Team will respond to any attack you suffer rapidly and remediate threats much faster than your internal team could on their own.

key benefits

Calculate The Extent Of Damage
In Person Meetings
Evaluate Your Security Controls
Business-Centric Objectives
Guarantee regulatory
Ensure Customer privacy
Support 24x7

Find Gaps in Your Defenses—Before Attackers Find Them

Blue Team services will proactively analyze your networks to make sure you are secure, to identify existing flaws in your posture, and to ensure each of your security measures are operational and effective.

Blue Team Assessment Includes

Develop a Comprehensive Threat Profile

Don’t wait until you suffer a breach to learn which attacks and malicious actors are most likely to harm your organization.

Proactively Harden Your Operating System

Our Blue Team can think like attackers and will harden your systems to minimize your network’s surface vulnerabilities.

Improve Your Defenses Before You Are Threatened

Many gaps in your security can be uncovered—and fixed—with advanced, comprehensive evaluation by our Blue Team security experts.

Blue team : Tasks

Response to incidents

Supporting the identification and implementation of reactive measures with which to respond and contain a security incident.

Threat hunting

Active threat search using SIEM or EDR solutions and creation and monitoring of Indicators of Compromise (IOCs)

Forensic analysis

Security incident study to trace the origin of the intrusion and evaluate its impact and scale.

Early threat detection

Through the study of the latest hacking techniques, the analysis of CVEs and 0-day vulnerabilities, the team will establish proactive alerts and deploy decoys (deception).

Bastion host

Bastion guide creation and security control identification for computer systems.

Blue Team Assessment Service

Security Awareness Training
Domain Expirations
Incident Response Precess/Procedures
Email Filters, Threshold, and spam Rules
Logs and SIEM Config/ Alerts
Config & Patch Management
Web Browser Config
MS Office Security Settings
Deny Log Relay Request
White Listing
Authenticated Proxies
Least Privilege
FIM/WMI events triggers
Firewal Rules
Fix Up Protocols
Secure group Ploicy Settings
Authenticated HTTP proxies
Application White Lisitng
Admin Awareness Training
Manage Keys Securely
Host DLP
Sensitive Data Stores
Strong Account Policies
Two-factor Authentication
Mail client/ server settings


There are numerous backup solutions for Microsoft 365 so it is important to evaluate the solution that’s right for your organization using key criteria:


  • Security – How does the solution guarantee your data cannot be intercepted or stolen while in transit or in storage? Does the solution support encryption? If yes, how reliable is it?
  • Restore speed – How many restore options will you have? What level of granularity is supported? E.g. Can you restore just one object or must you restore the whole backup? How quickly can you find the required archive file or email?
  • Simplicity – Does the backup solution have the ability to protect other pieces of your data, or is it a standalone solution for a specific use-case? How easy is it to start and learn it? Can your IT generalist manage it, or do you need to hire a backup/storage professional?

Acronis Backup for Microsoft 365 works using cloud-to-cloud technology. This means that you don’t have to install anything manually on-premises. You simply provide your Microsoft 365 credentials to an agent deployed in the secure Acronis Cloud and the backup process starts. Your files are stored in a safe, reliable Acronis data center of your choosing.

With an easy, quick search of your backups, you can find the required version of your file. Once found, you should be able to restore it either to the source storage or download it so you can speed up getting back to work.

Acronis Backup automatically creates your personal cloud storage in Acronis Cloud so you can reliably and safely store your Microsoft 365 backups. A secure, isolated tenant is created for each organizational account.


Blue Team Assessment

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