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XcellHost Cloud Services CEO Mr. Abhishek Rungta

Let’s hear it from the horse’s mouth...

It’s my pleasure to reach out to you on this platform. For me, building XcellHost Cloud Services with my team has been a hell-of-a-journey. We have had our lows and highs, but one thing each and every one of us can vouch for us that we had a lot-of-fun and we learned a lot. We learned about life and profession. We learned about charting the unknown territory and redefine the known ones. We have been sort of rebels in our own way. Aren’t we all, when we are in our early adulthood?

We believe in making lasting impressions on the world and people around us. We make an amazing impact when we released the Performance Cloud, which is used by the government to crowdsource ideas from citizens for better governance. We make an impact when we build and run a website for the temple of democracy – our parliament. We make the impact when we build analytical and monitoring system for elections. We make the impact when we redesign over 500 websites for government within a short period of five years to build a true digital India. And guess what, the government contributes only 8% to Indus Net’s business. Shocked?

Don’t you want to be a part of an organization which has made Kolkata from backwaters of IT industry to a mainstream powerhouse by enabling over 200 million users of banks, insurance companies, media houses, businesses and large enterprises around the world?

We bring around these changes through web development, mobile development, digital marketing, data-analytics and cloud infra management, etc. We are known for our innovation, technology and value creation. We are loved for our integrity, commitment and respect for everyone.

We would be happy to welcome you to be a part of this excellent journey and the wonderful team, which beliefs in transparency, taking up new challenges and changing the status quo. These things do not come easy. We have a dynamic working environment and we all work hard to deliver, deliver our best.

All the best!
Samir Jhaveri
Managing Director

  • 01

    Opportunity to make a difference. Give meaning to your career.

  • 02

    Technically and business-wise challenging projects to bring the best out of you. At the cutting edge of technology and business innovation.

  • 03

    Intelligent, smart and hard working colleagues - you are in good company!

  • 04

    Flat org hierarchy. Accessible top management. Professional, yet friendly work culture. More responsibility and leadership opportunities early in your career.

  • 05

    Rewarding pay structure and benefits. On-time salary for last 18 years.

  • 06

    Working for top brands. Yes, we are already winning against top companies.

  • 07

    Global opportunities. International career and on-site opportunities.

  • 08

    Entrepreneurial / Intrapreneurial opportunities. Build a business inside an established business!

  • 09

    Flexi-Timing - We know how you stream through traffic to reach work on time! Thus, we have flexible work hours. All you need to do is clock 9 hours @ work.

  • 10

    Off Hour Allowances- We value your dedication towards work and thus have reimbursement benefits for special occasions or emergencies.

  • 11

    Weekends are off for you - All work and no play makes a mind dull and boring.

  • 12

    Leaves - Apart from the standard leaves, go woo-hoo with the special leaves like Marriage Leaves, Maternity Leaves, Paternity Leaves.

  • 13

    Mediclaim- Falling sick is no more your problem! We share your expenses at XCELLHOST.

  • 14

    Fun @ Work- Work in a fun-filled environment with monthly, quarterly and annual parties waiting to unnerve your senses. Events like Town Hall meet, Sales meet are there to discuss about the growth and achievements of the company.

  • 15

    Rewards & Recognitions- Your dedication and hard work will never go unnoticed, we appreciate talents with ‘WOW’ and ‘MAD’ awards.

  • 16

    Learn while you Earn- XCELLHOST provides a traineeship programme at the XcellHost Cloud S Academy. The best way to learn and earn at the same time.

XcellHost Cloud Services employees are always excited with the versatile challenges which are given to them. Know how they are defining their journey of being an XCELLRATORS.

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