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XcellNetwork SM | Citrix SD-WAN

Deliver the always-on network your users need.

Work at your best with a secure, reliable SD-WAN solution.

Your digital transformation depends on how well your virtual, cloud, and SaaS apps perform–across the enterprise and in branch locations.

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Reduction in Total Cost of
Network Operations


Reducion in WAN outages at
SD-WAN Sites


Reduction in WAN


Opex savings through
Zero-touch provisioning

Why Citrix SD-WAN

Ability to detect, classify and accelerate over 4,500 SaaS, cloud, and virtual applications and sub applications

Integrated branch security with options for next-generation firewall and cloud-based secure web gateway

Real-time, packet-based traffic handling routes traffic on the most optimal links

Traffic shaping and bi-directional QoS on diverse, bonded links to optimize performance

Sub-second failover ensures the highest network resiliency

Integration with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops for automated fine-grained QoS and deep visibility into HDX/ICA traffic

Explore Citrix SD-WAN features

Application Control

Citrix SD-WAN includes an industry-leading Application Control Engine with deep packet inspection enabling detection, classification, and acceleration of over 4,500 SaaS, cloud, and virtual applications and sub applications.

Enjoy the freedom of deployment on your choice of public cloud or in conjunction with SaaS applications. With Citrix SD-WAN, you can deliver the best application experience through real-time, packet-based path selection and bi-directional QoS.

And ensure an always-on workspace with the highest network resiliency through sub-second failover.

Dynamic routing

Citrix SD-WAN provides an alternative to the legacy edge router, enabling a simpler branch network with lower infrastructure and support costs.

Multiple overlay routed networks can be software defined, with separate policies and security rules applied to each. With dynamic routing, Citrix SD-WAN provides easy network insertion through either inline or edge routed modes for a streamlined branch network with assured application delivery.

Virtualized WAN

Citrix SD-WAN creates a reliable WAN from diverse network links, including MPLS, broadband, and 4G/LTE, continuously measuring and monitoring each link in real time for loss, latency, jitter and congestion.

Link outages and errors are mitigated by Citrix SD-WAN’s intelligent load balancing to match applications to optimal WAN links, resulting in reliable performance. Selective packet replication for real-time and other latency-sensitive applications ensures consistent experience.

Integrated, automated security

Citrix SD-WAN brings strong data protection to the network with a built-in, application-aware stateful firewall that is integrated with application QoS to allow centrally-defined security policies to limit or reject application traffic. Users and traffic can be segmented into different zones, allowing different policies to be applied per zone.

Citrix SD-WAN also provides strong encryption using HTTPS/TLS and AES 256 to provide security across the control and data planes. And optional, next-generation firewall capabilities can be added as a virtualized network function (VNF) on select SD-WAN appliances. Creation of IPsec tunnels can be automated from the branch to Zscaler Secure Internet Gateway or Palo Alto Networks Prisma Access to simplify operations.

Enterprise-grade access on-ramp to cloud/SaaS

Citrix SD-WAN Cloud Direct service enables resilient, high performance access from SD-WAN sites to over 1,000 of SaaS and UCaaS platforms and 150 major network and cloud exchanges. This turnkey service deploys in minutes and provides centralized management with real-time visibility.

Citrix SD-WAN Cloud Direct service intelligently load balances and QoS optimizes up to four Internet links into redundant carrier-grade points-of-presence (PoPs), with “hit-less” failover which mitigates internet circuit outages—even those difficult-to-detect brown-out conditions—without disrupting any applications.

WAN optimization

Citrix SD-WAN improves application experience while reducing bandwidth expenses with features such as TCP optimization, compression, data de-duplication, and protocol optimization.

Management and visibility

Citrix SD-WAN Orchestrator, a SaaS-based provisioning and management solution, enables customers and partners to centrally manage and monitor users, permissions, applications, and WAN links for control and visibility across the entire network, and to optimize the quality of experience for applications

Quickly and easily deploy new sites on the network with zero touch deployment. Simplify the time and effort to set up new locations with automated setup of cloud services, security, and applications.

optimal delivery for enterprise application

improve user

Explore Citrix use cases

See how Citrix solves your business and IT challenges.

Keep your apps up and running

Maintain business-critical services always, even during a global crisis

Keep employees productive during business disruptions

Empower your at-home workforce with a secure, always-on network

Simplify your move to multi-cloud

Streamline application delivery across any network or cloud

Protect your applications and APIs everywhere

Achieve a consistent application security posture

Accelerate your journey to microservices

Modernize your application delivery for greater agility

Protect resources at the WAN Edge

Take a comprehensive security approach that supports zero trust—without sacrificing performance

Simplify your cloud transition with automated on-ramps

Deliver unmatched performance with a cloud-ready network

Ensure app performance

High availability means business continuity

Ensure application continuity on a network that won’t let you down

Drive productivity with a great application experience across your workspace

load balancing

Speading the load across multiple back end server in a varity of methods to suit your needs.
Easy to scale (add more servers, and 2 lines of configon appliance per server.)
TCP Multiplexing
Pre-protocol enhancement
Stickiness (Persistence)
Content Switching

sd-wan framework

application need
network condition
network policies
application acceleration

Boost productivity with a purpose-built,
application-optimized network

Optimize delivery of your virtual, cloud, and SaaS applications on a secure, flexible WAN.


How we’re different

More than just another WAN Edge infrastructure solution, Citrix SD-WAN is engineered to help virtual, cloud, and SaaS applications perform their best. It gives you deep visibility into thousands of apps and optimizes delivery based on intent and network conditions—all while enabling you to secure your entire network and simplifying your journey to the cloud.


Optimize cloud, SaaS and virtual application performance with deep visibility and analytics.


Employ a zero trust approach to protect your network, data and apps with built-in and third-party security capabilities.


Maximize flexibility with automated cloud on-ramps and cloud-based management..

60% of organizations are installing, piloting, or actively researching SD-WAN solutions.

See how to supercharge your digital workspace.

82% of enterprises feel hindered by network complexity.

Learn how to optimize your network for a multi-cloud world.


At times, Azure can be a very complicated platform. It can take a while to understand the entire platform comprehensively. Your IT team may need to spend hours to understand Azure completely. There are wide range of options available for Azure deployment, which can overwhelm a first-time user. Also, the Azure platform is unmanaged.

Our Microsoft-certified experts at XcellHost will help you understand the Azure platform, guiding you with all the technical nuances that come with Azure management. We will provide server management, platform management, and instance management that includes patching, OS hardening, 24/7 monitoring, automatic backup and updates, disaster recovery etc.

In short: We take care of your Azure, so that you can take care of your main business.

Even if you purchase Azure directly from Microsoft, there is a lot of technical expertise required for setup, deployment and operations of Azure. Managing Azure is very complicated without proper support. XcellHost takes care of everything from beginning to the end, leaving you completely relieved.

We are a Microsoft-certified Gold Partner with more than 14 years of experience in the industry. Many of our engineers have worked with Microsoft in the past, so you can be very sure of getting the excellent value out of it. When you sign-up with XcellHost, you don’t pay anything additional for the infrastructure. Your pricing remains the same as Microsoft.

Managed Azure Basic:

1. Basic 24/7 Monitoring

2. 1 Hour/Month Support

3. No OS-Related Service Monitoring

4. No I/O Monitoring Available

5. No Managed Backup Available

6. No Health Checks Available

Managed Azure Advanced:

1. Advanced 24/7 Monitoring

2. 2 Hour/Month Support

3. OS-Related Service Monitoring

4. Read/Write I/O Monitoring Available

5. Managed Backup Available

6. Health Checks Available

Note: All our plans include 24/7 support via phone, chat and e-mail.

XcellHost will be a single point of contact for all your Azure requirements. We have a dedicated team working round-the-clock to provide 24/7 support via email, phone or chat. We typically respond within an hour of raising ticket. Some cases that require attention from our engineers can take upto 24 hours. In very rare cases which require escalation to Microsoft, it may take a little longer.

Apart from our impressive track record in managed cloud services and round-the-clock support, we claim to have the lowest prices in the market.

We are Microsoft Partners with Gold competency for “Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions” along with Silver competency in “Cloud Platform” and “Cloud Productivity.” With more than 10,000 installations spanning across 90+ countries,XcellHost is a force to reckon with in the cloud industry.

Feel free to contact us anytime:



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