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XcellOffice SM | Citrix Workspace

Power a smarter, more flexible way to work Employee experience is everything—get it right with an intelligent workspace.
Increase employee engagement and productivity through simpler IT

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XcellOffice SM | Citrix Workspace

Power a smarter, more flexible way to work Employee experience is everything—get it right with an intelligent workspace.
Increase employee engagement and productivity through simpler IT

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Feature Description Essentials Standard Premium Premium Plus
End User Experience
Unified experience with single sign-on access to all application types and device form factors
Unified Admin Experience
Single pane of glass for management and control of all subscribed Workspace services
Unified Endpoint Management
Device and OS management including iOS, Android, Win 10, macOS, Chrome, Citrix Ready workspace hub & IoT
Application management including Citrix MDX, Google Enterprise, Intune App Protection, KNOX, App Config and more
Business class productivity apps including email and browser
BYOD support including MDM independent MAM with no device agent requirements
Workspace Environment Management (WEM) extends UEM capabilities to Windows 7 and 8.1 device types
Micro-VPN for complete application data encryption and isolation
Microsoft EMS/Intune integration for simplified Office 365 management
Mobile SaaS SSO for transparent access to all managed apps
Centrally configure settings for Citrix Workspace experience across all operating systems and device types
Access Control
Single sign-on to corporate web and SaaS applications without a VPN required
Multi-factor authentication with native one-time password
Support for multiple identity providers (Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Okta, etc.)
Security controls protect intellectual property and increase control over user actions while accessing applications
Web filtering of whitelisted and blacklisted Internet URLs for compliance and protection from malicious content
Remote browser isolation for network protection from browserbased attacks by isolating web browsing activities
App protection policies for protection from keyloggers and screen-capturing malware
Contextual access policies1
Content Collaboration
Securely share and collaborate on large, sensitive files with secure links; Harness powerful collaboration tools like Citrix Files
Storage flexibility offers Citrix managed storage, integrating with customer managed storage or connecting to 3rd party cloud repositories
Encryption of files and email content, at both rest and in-motion using 256-bit encryption, preventing unauthorized parties from reading data stored in files
Unified access to data and files by connecting to existing network storage and on-premises SharePoint storage respositories without requiring data migration
Information Rights Management (IRM) adds an extra layer of security to file sharing and ensures content cannot be downloaded or is downloadable as a watermarked PDF only, protecting against the risk of unwanted screen captures
Powerful workflows streamline and centralize feedback and approval chains into a single, transparent point of collaboration for teams
Integrations like Citrix Files for Outlook Plug-in simplifies secure file sharing for end users while creating savings on Exchange storage costs for IT
Virtualized Apps and Desktops
Aggregate web and SaaS applications within on-premises StoreFront
Aggregate existing on-premises virtual app and desktop deployments into the new Workspace experience (Cloud)
Industry-leading virtual app and desktop solution for Windows and Linux
Open architecture supporting any public cloud or any hypervisor deployment scenarios
Centralized image management for streamlined operations and IT productivity
App Layering technology simplifies application updates across any hypervisor or cloud with 99.5% application compatibility
Largest library of supported peripherals including printers, audio recorders, web cams, signature pads, and more
Advanced monitoring & analytics including proactive notification, alerts, and application probing to ensure site health
Unified communications optimization delivers bandwidthefficient, crystal-clear voice, multimedia, and video
High definition user experience from any device, over any network keeps users productive from anywhere
Advanced security controls enable admins to dynamically record user sessions or watermark content for data loss prevention
Workspace Intelligence
Allow end users to perform actions or gain insights from legacy, on-premises, and SaaS applications directly within their Citrix Workspace
Customize and streamline user workflows and microapp creation with low-code tooling
Out of the box templates for microapp actions provided for popular SaaS applicatons
Virtual assistance to automate tasks and functions such as calendar scheduling, email reminders, and more
Microsoft Teams integration with Citrix Workspace intelligence (Tech Preview)
Analytics features available as part of add-on services
Operational insights for tracking app usage, network resource utilization, and capacity planning (Included)
User and Entity Behavior (UEBA) analytics with per user and entity risk scoring, assessment and mitigation
Summarize risky domains accessed by users and the volume of data uploaded/ downloaded by users
Detect and prevent excessive access to sensitive files, excessive file sharing and downloads, and suspected ransomware attacks
Detect unmanaged or jailbroken devices and devices with blacklisted apps
Track session performance, log-in times and overall performance for virtual apps and desktops

How we’ re different


Delivers secure access to all the information, apps, and content relevant to a person’s role.


Helps people focus on what’s most important with streamlined workflows and virtual assistance.


Leverages machine learning to automate routine tasks and reduce busywork.


Delivers secure access to all the information, apps, and content relevant to a person’s role.

Key Features

Compare Citrix Workspace to the competition

The only digital workspace platform that empowers people to do their best work

Many solutions promise to improve productivity or engagement. But the reality is, employees today have too many tools, too many experiences, too many distractions. This makes it hard to focus on meaningful work. Only Citrix Workspace transforms the employee experience with a unified platform that increases engagement to help people work better.


Solutions for IT

Meet the needs of your mobile workforce

Enable mobility without limits

Create microapps with ease

Build digital workflows that match the ways your users want to work

Realize the full potential of your cloud strategy

Increase business agility with the cloud and digital workspaces

Simplify and secure user access

Get the control you need—everywhere

Implement zero trust security with one solution

Protect your users, apps, and data with end-to-end contextual access

Streamline your Microsoft Office 365 migration

Increase efficiency. Reduce complexity.

Create a workspace experience that's simple, secure and easy to manage

Secure every endpoint with a unified endpoint management solution

Simplify IT with unified endpoint management (UEM)

Manage every endpoint from the same console

Enhance your Microsoft Endpoint Manager (formerly Intune) deployment

Reach beyond Enterprise Mobility + Security for more features and flexibility

Simplify access to data – no matter where it’s stored

Empower mobile workers to connect to data from anywhere.

Ensure document security without limiting access

Manage all documents and data inside secure content collaboration.

Provide a high-definition experience on any device

Say goodbye to VDI lag times

Ensure a better experience with Citrix and Microsoft

Harness the potential of the industry’s most powerful partnership

Enable remote work

Prevent disruptions with a business continuity solution

Deliver Linux VDI from any device

Make your users as productive as possible with the Linux virtual desktop

Prevent loss of intellectual property

Secure your employees, IT environment, and content with analytics intelligence

Detect and stop security breaches

Pinpoint threats to your data with proactive visibility across your organization

Replace traditional VPNs with a zero trust approach

Meet the needs of your remote workforce with a VPN alternative

Solutions for your business

Transform the employee experience

Work smarter and faster with an intelligent workspace solution

Modernize your IT security

Get the visibility and control you need to support people, not processes

Implement a successful bring-your-own-device (BYOD) program

Let employees use personal devices with better security

Build a better workspace experience

With a unified endpoint management solution designed for security and productivity

Turn any device into a powerful business tool

Build your ideal set of productivity apps with advanced mobile security

Finish document workflows fast – without frustration

Simplify feedback and approvals to break down bottlenecks.

Meet every employee need with the leader in virtual desktop infrastructure

Provide the best VDI experience possible, on any device or network

Give employees a better virtual desktop experience

Power productivity with high definition technology

Move to the cloud at your pace

Choose what works best for your business

Increase employee engagement and productivity
through simpler IT

Simplify the way you manage and secure apps, devices, users, and networks so you can deliver the best employee experience.


See how Citrix Workspace gives you more

Compare Citrix Workspace to traditional workspaces and to point workspace solutions.

Workspace infrastructure Employee experience
Apps Files UEM SD-WAN Analytics Unified Access Microapps Virtual Assistance
Citrix Workspace * * * * * * * *
Workspace Solutions
(VMware, AWS)
* Limited * Limited Limited * Limited -
Workstream Collaboration
(Slack, Workplace by Facebook)
Limited Limited - - - - - Limited
Content Collaboration
(Box, Dropbox)
- * - - - - Limited Limited
(Salesforce, OutSystems)
- - - - - Limited Limited Limited
Identity Management
Limited - - - - Limited - -
Intranet platforms
(Employee experience platforms, portals)
Limited Limited - - - - Limited Limited


A thin client is a small, centrally managed device with no hard drive. Thin clients are used as a PC replacement technology to help customers immediately access any virtual desktop or virtualized application. Thin clients provide businesses a cost-effective way to create a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).
As a general explanation, desktop virtualization involves separating the physical location of a client device from its logical interface, allowing end users to access their data and applications from anywhere.
A user interacts with a virtual desktop in the same way they would use a physical desktop. Desktop virtualization lets users remotely log in to access your desktop from any location.

Thin clients on average consume only 8-10 watts, compared to 150 watts for PCs.

A few of the Main Benefits of Thin Client Computing are:
- Increased Security
- Centralized Management
- Lower Total Cost of Ownership
- Reduced Energy Consumption

To name a few reasons; cost, performance, dynamic hardware designs, and advance thin client management software suite. Our advanced thin client software capabilities provide businesses with greater security, enhanced manageability, and improved reliability at a lower cost for their virtual desktop environment.


Citrix Workspace

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