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One click can destroy your business.

Deceptive phishing attacks sent over emails to employees impersonating the CEO, CFO, CISO or IT managers – allow infiltrators to disrupt any business within minutes.

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Every Plan Includes

Every Protection Plan Is Complete with All Features…


Cyren protects your email from internet threats by analyzing over 16 billion transactions per day and protecting over 550 million users in 190 countries.


Sophos takes security far beyond traditional antivirus. It delivers advanced, real-time protection from the latest ransomware, malicious software, and hacking techniques.


PhishTank provides us with the latest data on cyberattack technologies and techniques found in the wild. This lets us protect users from new vulnerabilities in real-time.


Google protects over three billion devices every day by showing warnings to users when they attempt to navigate to dangerous sites or download dangerous files.


Email security to give you email-borne phishing protection, phishing and malware protection, malware, and ransomware. Email security and management.


Cloud-based protection that stops threats in real time and secures businesses and individuals wherever they connect.

Works with All On-Premises & Hosted Email


Existing Solutions Are Failing

IT departments are finding it impossible to keep up with the threat from phishing attacks.

Financial Loss

A single phishing attack can result in massive financial losses, compromised data and irrecoverable damage to reputation.

No Target Is Too Small

Malicious bots might already be gathering data and probing for weaknesses in your organization right now.

Secure Yourself Today

For total protection from phishing attacks, you need a solution that stays steps ahead of malicious hackers.

Xcellhost Takes Email Security to the Next Level

Phishing attacks are the easiest way for cybercriminals to infiltrate business systems.

Phishing attacks start with a deceptive email designed to impersonate a reputable vendor, a well-known institution, or even a trusted co-worker or manager.

The email invites you to click on a malicious link, sign in to a spoof website, or download a bad attachment. That’s all it takes to hand over the keys to your kingdom.

Office 365 Does Not Protect Against Phishing

Hosted email platforms like Office 365 can’t protect against sophisticated phishing attacks. Neither can G Suite or Exchange Server. Only a comprehensive email security solution like Xcellhost keeps users from exposing business-critical data to cybercriminals.

PhishProtect goes above and beyond your email provider’s default security to defend against never-before-seen vulnerabilities and technically advanced attacks.

Protect Every Device and Every Mail Server

Xcellhost works on every email server and device. No matter if you are on your phone, or outlook or any email client anywhere, we can protect you. It offers best-in-class security to iOS and Android devices alike.

We provide complete protection for office 365, G-suite or on any on-premise or hosted email servers.

CEO Fraud Protection

The right solution: DMARC + SPF + DKIM


SPF specifies a list of authorized sending IP addresses for a given domain.


DKIM sends cryptographically signed messages. This ensures the messages weren’t altered in transit between the sending and receiving servers.


DMARC is built on top of DKIM and SPF. It lets users tell their ISPs how they want them to behave if SPF and DKIM fail or aren’t present.

If your company is not using DMARC with SPF + DKIM, you’re not taking full advantage of available technology to give your organization email impersonation protection.

Phish Protection Technology Protects Against CEO Fraud

CEO fraud exploits a particular human weakness

CEO fraud is a scam in which the attackers spoof the email account of a CEO or other high level executive to deceive employees into providing information or making money transfers. These types of attacks are surprisingly difficult to prevent without solid email phishing prevention because, receiving an email from a CEO has a powerful effect on employees who want to comply.

This phenomenon is called “authority bias” and it results in people giving greater importance to the requests by authority figures without regard to content. Consequently, the bias has a disarming effect on employees’ judgment and critical thinking.

If you think Office 365 will protect you against advanced phishing exploits…
think again!

Advanced Threat Defense is a cloud-based, integrated, email protection service suite that stops phishing, malware, spam and spoofing. It includes six technologies and is the perfect
add-on to Office 365 if you really want to protect your employees and your data – with office 365 advanced threat protection.

Zero-Day Exploit Protection

Advanced Threat Defense is more effective at zero day protection because we continually feed our data back to our list and data providers in real time. This positive feedback loop makes us faster at detecting new threats and outbreaks.

Real Time Link Click Protection

Advanced Threat Defense checks links in emails when they’re clicked. Every time they’re clicked. So, you’re protected from time-delayed phishing techniques—the most sophisticated approach employed by attackers today.

Smart Quarantine

Advanced Threat Defense uses Smart Quarantine to all but eliminates emails misclassified as spam by notifying the sender that their email was quarantined. You should never have to look in your spam folder again for lost emails, giving you email fraud protection.

Domain Name Spoofing Protection

Advanced Threat Defense creates a customized list of domains that could be used to spoof your own, and then adds them to the blocked list. This automatically blocks domain name spoofing by cybercriminals attempting to spoof internal emails, which helps give company executives spear phishing protection.

Display Name Spoofing Protection

Sophisticated attacks threaten your company by falsely displaying the name of top executives in emails. Our email impersonation protection prevents this by alerting recipients when the name displayed in an email is similar, but not identical to, the name of an executive.

Malicious Attachment Blocking

There’s no reason for anyone at your company to ever receive an email with an executable file attached, which is why Advanced Threat Defense blocks them all. It also scans non-executable files for embedded macros and scripts, as well zips files up to nine levels deep.

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We never see spam anymore, brings up efficiency for staff not needing to filter this in the already big quantity of emails they receive daily

-kishore pawar

Overall experience, is pretty good i would definitely recommend it to anyone that needs to get rid of unnecessary things of their e-mail.

-om zare

What attracted us Xcellhost initially was the ability to add additional layers of security for Office 365 without the need to reroute our email.

-Montu bhatiya


Anti-phishing protection refers to the security measures that individuals and organizations can take to prevent a phishing attack or to mitigate the impact of a successful attack. Certain anti-phishing protection may block email containing phishing attacks from entering a company's email system at all.

It's important that you filter your emails for malicious URLs and attachments to prevent phishing emails making it to your users in the first place. ... Use security analytics to filter out malicious URLs. Rapid7 UserInsight uses threat feeds to detect known malicious URLs and security analytics to alert on unknown ones.

Tips: What is the best defense against phishing?
  • Ensure Security of your Personal Information. ...
  • Enter personal information only on secure website. ...
  • Delete suspicious email and do not click. ...
  • Never provide your personal Information. ...
  • Check the correctness of email addresses. ...
  • Arrange Cyber security training and awareness workshop.

Also known as a phishing scam, an email scam involves using emails and fraudulent websites to steal sensitive information such as passwords, credit card numbers, account data, addresses, and more. ... They often request your personal information, which criminals can then use to commit identity theft

Protect Yourself from Phishing Scams
  1. Be cautious about all communications you receive. ...
  2. Do not click on any links listed in the email message, and do not open any attachments contained in a suspicious email.
  3. Do not enter personal information in a pop-up screen. ...
  4. Install a phishing filter on your email application and also on your web browser.

While traditional anti-spam solutions and secure email gateways are able to stop some phishing emails, there is still a significant number that makes it through to users' inboxes, leaving companies vulnerable to attack. ... Look Legitimate: Scammers have vastly improved their tactics and their emails look very realistic.


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