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Cloud Data Protection integrates with leading cloud storage providers to scan repositories, enabling encryption, removal, or other automated remediation of sensitive data before the file is shared in the cloud.

Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud

Are you a victim of ransomware attacks ? Why pay ransom when you can recover your data from the Backup Cloud. Your Best Defense Against Ransomware

Backup your data to the cloud today. Starting @ Rs.300 /mo.

Acronis Cyber Backup Advanded

Don't Settle for Incomplete Backup. Get next generation data protection solution for your business. XcellHost guarantees you to get the best infrastructure to backup,store and restore your data without a glitch.

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Veeam Cloud Connect Backup

Give yourself the confidence that you can recover your business data when you need it. Every year 43% of IT Users lose their important email,documents,photos & other important files.

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Cloud Object Storage

Cut Your Cloud Storage Costs By 50%. Exponential savings over on-premises storage alone and still no fees for egress or API requests 1/2 the cost of Amazon S3 | Free egress | Faster than the competition | Enterprise-class security

Starting @ Rs.1 /GB /month

Azure Backup

With Azure Backup you have convenient off-site protection that is geo-replicated encrypted & easy to use with a familiar interface

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AWS Backup

AWS Backup's centralized backup monitoring, backup encryption, & backup access policy features help you to meet internal & regulatory backup compliance requirements

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Intelligent Backup

Upload any file and our technology will structure the files without you having to lift a finger. Think of it as a search engine for your data & Like a search engine.You can find any file in quick and secure way. Allowing you to concentrate on what really matters your business.

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Backup Monitoring

Agentless, single-pane backup monitoring software tailor-made for enterprise environments. Automated alerting and ticketing system integrations for streamlined backup operations.

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SaaS Backup

Universal Cloud-to-Cloud Backup & Recovery. Protect all your cloud dataand keep it secure in one place. Is your SaaS data secure? XcellHost SaaS Backup Cloud Solution helps gaurd data from threats or accidental deletion.

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Cloud Archive

The ultimate cloud archiving experience is here. With HubStor you can preserve multiple data workloads securely at low cost without sacrificing agility and control.

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Acronis DRaaS

With a few clicks, you can enable DR for key workload and failover to Acronis Cloud in minutes in case of disaster until your systems are active again.

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DRaaS on Azure (ASR)

When Disaster Strikes We got you covered! Your entire business infrastructure can be recovered within seconds Minimize downtime & data loss with automated recovery

Starting @ Rs.9999 /month / server

Veeam DRaaS

When Disaster Strikes We got you covered! Your entire business infrastructure can be recovered within seconds Minimize downtime & data loss with automated recovery

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Rubrik DRaaS

With Rubrik, you can leverage the agility and pay-as-you-go economics of public cloud for DR. Minimize downtime & data loss with automated Instant Recovery.

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DRaaS on AWS

Disaster Recovery replicates your workloads into a low-cost staging area in your preferred AWS Region, which reduces compute costs by 95% and eliminates the need to pay for duplicate OS and third-party application licenses.

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A true disaster is when you don't prepare for one.Make your business unstoppable in the face of outages with XcellHost SAP DRaaS Solutions.

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