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Carry your thin client desktop with you wherever you roam
Providing on-demand access to virtualized environments, Cloud Desktop On the Go uses a USB key to instantly transform legacy PCs or Home PCs
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Extends PC lifespan

Dramatically extends the life of your legacy PC, creating the perfect stepping stone to thin client computing.

Instant Roaming

With CloudDesktop On the Go, you can easily hop from location to location taking your thin client with you. Your desktop and settings travel with you.

Boosts productivity

Using an embedded & hardened Linux operating system, CloudDesktop boosts your user’s productivity by focussing users.

Secure and stable

CloudDesktop has been designed to be secure, using a hardened Linux framework, making it perfect for corporate and financial environments

Highly Flexible

Equipped with the latest thin connectivity client software, CloudDesktop will connect to almost any server framework including Citrix®, VMware® and Microsoft®.

Enterprise management available

CloudDesktop is manageable using Fusion Professional, available as an affordable cost option. Fusion Professional delivers enterprise grade features and quality.


XcellHost's CloudDesktop On the Go is a flexible and cost-effective thin client on a USB key for remote and mobile users. With simple and secure access to their VDI environments, CloudDesktop On-The-Go provdes the freedom to work while protecting networks and sensitive data. A no-nonsense out-of-the-box solution, CloudDesktop On the Go allows organisations of all sizes to quickly scale up deployments, while dramatically reducing PC replacement costs.

  • The perfect soluton for homeworking and mobile users on-the-go
  • Instantly converts your PC or laptop into a thin client
  • insert the CloudDesktop On the Go' USB key stick and boot from it.
  • When you're done, unplug the USB key and walk away.
  • No need to overwrite the OS on the HDD
  • Even more secure on endpoints without a hard disks
  • Carry your settings on your own CloudDesktop On the Go USB key
  • Available in English, French, German and Spanish languages

Key Features

Quick Boot

With an extremely modest footprint, CloudDesktop On the Go boots up really quickly. The XcellHost Gio Linux OS is instantly useable without overwriting the local OS.

Turn Home PCS Into Secure Endpoints

CloudDesktop provides secure access to corporate Linux thin-client virtualised environments, from any home computer, desktop or laptop – regardless of OS.

Expertly Managed

XcellHost Software’s Fusion UDM Professional can provide expert management for your converted thin clients. Incorporates full control over discoverability, reporting, task management, security, 24/7 monitoring and more.

Highly Compatible

CloudDesktop On the Go works with the virtualised infrastructure you already have – or are planning to deploy – it will connect to almost any server framework including Microsoft Remote Desktop, Citrix, VMware protocols, Firefox and Google Chrome clients.

Facilitates More Secure Homeworking

CloudDesktop On the Go provides a simple, powerful way to facilitate cost-effective homeworking. Users boot from a USB key, easily access the corporate virtualised environment, but leave the local operating system, applications and data untouched.

Easy Installation

CloudDesktop On the Go can be installed via a bootable USB key, installation is fast and takes just seconds - works with any USB-bootable PC or laptop that meets the minimum of an x86 64-bit processor and 2GB RAM.

Extends PC Lifespan

Dramatically extends the life of your legacy PC, creating the perfect stepping stone to thin client computing

XcellHost CLoudDesktop ON the go is best suited for


Businesses with a existing, legacy PC infrastructure and wish to utilize their investment to the maximum


Businesses that are looking for a transition technology that is secure, simple and flexible in its approach.


Users that require hot desk or roaming support and wish to take their thin clients with them.


The CloudDesktop On the Go license is included with the USB key. The contents of the USB key are linked to the drive.


For the first year, access to our world-class maintenance and support is included – and is optional thereafter.

Prepetual Licence

All CloudDesktop On the Go licences are perpetual. There are no repeat licensing costs. You pay once with lifetime ownership.

Real ROI

CloudDesktop On the Go dramatically extends the life of legacy PCs – saving you money and also ensuring value from your PC estate.

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We have been very pleased with the move of our colocation services to Xcellhost. We have found them to be exceptionally customer focused, presenting us with a very economical solution

-deepa shende

Amazing Virtual Desktop Service. I was a bit skeptical, how can Cloud Desktop work faster than my PC? But it turn out to be super-fast, with really impressive graphic support. And it even works through a browser.

-yash singh

Their servers are reliable and fast. it is truly the best home for my site. They even helped me with my code once.

-rakash soni


COGO is best suited for:

• Home workers with their own PCs

• Roaming workers such as contractual

• Workers using personal laptops at work (BYOD)

You need a PC or laptop equipped with an x86 processor, network (wired or wireless), minimum of 4GB RAM and the capability of booting from USB.

No, COGO does not work on a Mac.

No, you do not. You can download COGO and use any USB key larger than 8GB in size. We advise you to use a new USB 3.x key as this will be faster in performance.

COGO supports the following connection types:

• Citrix XenDesktop/XenApp full HDX (PNA)

• Citrix XenApp (ICA for older versions of server)

• VMware Horizon View (Blast/PCoIP)

• Microsoft RDS with RemoteFX

• Google Chrome & Firefox

• Also VNC, X11, SSH and more

Once the COGO USB key is created, simply boot from it and the OS user interface will be displayed.

Yes, COGO is fully manageable using Fusion UEM management software.


CloudDesktop On The Go

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