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Protect your business from email-borne cyber threats.

CxO Fraud, Phishing, Ransomware: Powerful Security with Advanced Threat Protection Most complete email protection and visibility

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Feature Rich Enterprise Grade solutions for any size business

First Cloud Email Security Features Business Essential Advanced Defence HR & Legal Enhanced Integration Custom Add-on (POA)
Anti-spam (incl. Public Indirect spam filter)
Anti-Phishing Machine Learning Classifier & Reputation)
Anti-Ransomware Malicious Files / Links)
Forged email filter C-level impersonation filter (Whaling/BEC)
Secure RBAC Portal (2FA/N-Tier)
Centralised Policy View & Management Portal)
Extensive / Rich Policy Filter Rules / Flow Combinations
Advanced Analytics & Reports (Portal) Unified Intuitive Portal GUI with Apps
Advanced Content Control App
Data loss prevention
SPF filter (email spoofing) DKIM fillter (email spoofing/fraud)
DMARC filter (email domain spoofing) Cousin Domain filter (Homograph)
Office 365 Mail Security with DKIM
MTA Management
Email spooling (up to 5 days)
URL Filtering (Advanced)
Extended Trace application (32 days)
Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
AMP-File Reputation Analysis & Advanced Malware Detection/Blocking
TLS Encryption
Extended Trace application (up to 36 months)
Image Control App (Offensive/Non-Business) Office 365 Outbound / Migration)
Product Training (1 hour)
7-year archive with trace and replay
Log Feeds to SIEM or other User or Group (LDAP) - Based Policy

Why Choose XcellHost Email Security Service

A proven and affordable inbound and outbound email security solution

Cisco AMP - Defence against advanced persistent threats or ransomware attacks

Data Loss Prevention through guaranteed backup as per compliance standards

Assured disaster recovery and 32 days trace replay

Ensured 100% uptime using redundant and fault tolerant infrastructure

24/7 proactive monitoring, alerting, and expert support

Rapid service provisioning within 3-5 days with pre-set policies

Patented image control and Marketing/Graymail filters for advanced content control

Protection against phishing and BEC attacks through C-level impersonation and typo domain filters

Efficient email remediation with advanced analysis

Advanced access, visibility, and role based controls for easier content management.

Easy integration with O365 and Gmail

Use cases

Control device access to email attachments

Prevent total access to sensitive email attachments on vulnerable unmanaged devices (BYOD) while permitting full access to secure managed devices.

Educate users to improve security awarenes

Unique phishing education with feedback capabilities educates employees as they make mistakes, helping them to better learn and understand safe email best practices.

Spam and phishing protection

Detect unwanted spam and unsafe phishing emails, allowing customers to block, quarantine, or take other actions.

Identify explicit images to enforce acceptable use

The Forcepoint Image Analysis Module allows employers to proactively monitor, educate, and enforce company email policy for explicit or pornographic image attachments.

Ensure confidentiality of sensitive communications

Enable secure delivery of email communications with Forcepoint Email Encryption that eliminates the traditional barriers of cost and complexity by offering easy administration, without key management or additional hardware.

How It Works

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Inbound Flow


Outbound Flow


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The most appropriate scenarios to implement email security is in companies that want to protect the use of electronic mail since it is one of the security breaches that are currently used to perform any type of attack.

-sadanand surve

It's simple and straight forward. Once it is installed, I have had zero issues. No PIN numbers, codes, passwords to remember, etc. It's great. Other tools made you enter a password, they would expire quickly which was really cumbersome.

-randy roman

Excellent performance and exceptional flexibility. I am always impressed with the level of customization and the detailed visibility you get from the interface.

-Clint N


XcellHost's Cloud Email Security is a pure cloud based service offering superior cloud based protection from spam, phishing attacks and malware.

The Cloud Email Security service stops Spam, phishing, and virus attacks with over 99% effectiveness using multiple proven, patented techniques including reputation checks that check not only a message's sender IP reputation but also the reputation of its content, structure, links, images, attachments. The technology also provides Denial of Service (DoS) protection and sender validation. Advanced techniques are also used to analyze email content, such as image analysis, etc is used to uncover hidden known threats and new threats.

You can filter on message or attachment size with a message filter. (You cannot use content filters to filter on message or attachment size.)

Rate limiting is used to define the maximum number of recipients per hour you are willing to receive from a remote host. When you have configured rate limiting on a listener or mail flow policy, your mail_logs log file will contain an entry stating "Rejected By Receiving Control" for each message attempt after the limit is exceeded. The following excerpt shows the format of a mail_logs log entry documenting a message that was blocked by rate-limiting.


Cloud Email Security

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