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Maximize the Efficiency of Your Cloud

  • Make your cloud efficient.
  • Optimize resources & save costs.
  • Automate operations.
  • Enhance Security.
  • Leverage our expertise on cloud.
  • Manage consumption & spend.

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Deliver Business Value on the Cloud

Over time, your cloud environment can “drift” from its initial state resulting in technical debt, a degraded security posture, and undocumented one-off changes.
XcellHosts can help you evaluate your cloud environment, report on critical security gaps, recommend remediation steps, and re-architect for maximum efficiency.

Optimize your Cloud Architecture
Improve Availability and Achieve 100% Uptime
Reduce Cloud Costs and Maximize ROI
Assess Security & Compliance


Access to Certified Engineers

Highest concentration of professional certified specialists in the industry

Security & Compliance Experts

Enable continuous compliance in PCI-DSS, HIPAA, HITRUST, SOC2, etc.

Proven Track Record

Leverage expertise from hundreds of cloud projects to ensure success

Agile Project Management

Ensure transparency and timely delivery of project milestones

Flexible & Responsive

Tailored solutions with the agility to respond to changes as you scale

Creative Financing

Access to funding programs to fit your needs and budget

Cloud Optimization Services

We proactively interact with your cloud environment to integrate it with your business process with the help of a number of
Cloud Optimization Services. These include:

Assessment of Current Architecture

XcellHost can access the current status of your cloud architecture, along with any involved coding or designing processes to identify areas of concrete improvement. Performance levels of your current cloud infrastructure can be articulated and compared with the requirements to identify the prevailing gaps and how they can be filled.

Identification of Bottlenecks

Obsolete functions of processes that might be interfering with the efficiency of your business can be identified and replaced with updated industry practices that make your cloud management experience a breeze. At the same time, idle resources in the cloud business environment are recognized and the reasons behind the existence of the same are analyzed.

Identification of Mis-Provisional Resources

Unceasing optimization to identify mis-provisioned resources by correctly configuring the cloud resources to deliver the required services and performance levels. Moreover, your cloud computing service providers continuously optimize their resources as well. This means that with each update, you can get more out of their services. XcellHost helps you achieve this.

Strategic Storage

We help you figure out the right kind of storage type for your business needs. This ensures higher availability and more efficient processes. At the same time, we ensure that you avail the maximum possible benefit from reserved instances, that allow you to pay for the same cloud services at a lower price, reducing your costs and improving your ROIs.

Content Distribution Strategy

Understanding how and when you distribute the content to the end-users so that both storage and distribution is optimized to reduce the distribution costs.

Multi-cloud Optimization

Deep visibility about processes and rich analytics that give details about the consumption of cloud patterns and extensive optimization across all cloud environments help you to realize higher levels of cloud confidence. Make the best of efficient and reliable cloud services by empowering the cloud operators in your organization to immediately realize cloud-related savings.

Cloud Control

Visualize the consumption of resources on the cloud across all the departments and teams to have more control over cloud storage, cloud spend, mapping of consumption per business unit, and more. Deploy cost control measures by empowering teams by providing them access to their own spend through statistics about usage and costs.

Cloud Accountability

Drive cloud accountability by understanding trends and analyzing which teams are driving the cloud spend for what needs. Decisions can then be taken to balance out the equation according to the set departmental budgets.

Cloud Compliance

Reliable Cloud security and compliance services with remediation strategies for vulnerabilities on the cloud. Identify potential threats to your cloud infrastructure before they turn into a challenge that hinders your scaling initiatives. Actively engage with processes to break down complex cloud infrastructures into simple decisions that drive significant savings through the cloud.

Security Checks

Maintain the sanctity of your cloud environment with the help of more than 100+ security checks that filter out every possible vulnerability to make your cloud more robust.
All these services can together contribute to the overall improvement of the current cloud-based systems in your organization to ensure better opportunities for increasing the ROI of your business.



Benefits of Cloud Optimization

Optimizing your Cloud adds new capabilities to your business and avenues to increase the ROI in a number of ways:

Proactive Scaling and Scheduling

Resources on the cloud can scale along with the business by bringing the idle time of the resources to a minimum.


The correct size of the cloud can be determined at the current operational level of the business to ensure that over investments are avoided.

Assessment of Features

Cloud-dependent features of products/services can be assessed for misalignments that might be adding to the overutilization of resources, thus adding to the costs.


Both existing and overhauled cloud systems can be monitored for performance appraisals and opportunities for further optimization can be recognized

Data-Driven Decision Making/Governance

Data heads about the functioning of Cloud resources can be gathered to provide a bird’s eye view of the process for effective decision-making.

Cost Control

All these checks collaborate together to save businesses a lot of running and management costs related to the cloud.

The Four-Phase Cloud Optimization Process at XcellHost

Optimization Process at XcellHosts to years of experience across various industries that we have been exposed to over the years, a 4 phase process has been
developed at XcellHost that brings high efficiency and optimization opportunities on the table.


We begin by identifying the gaps in your current storage infrastructure by pinpointing instances of chaos, like lack of sufficient visibility and controls. Such operational chaos can be inflicted due to multiple reasons, like unplanned growth, lack of the right supporting tools, decentralized organizational adoption of cloud resources, and limited in-house expertise regarding cloud management.

Identifying instances of chaos and optimizing them is crucial to reduce your chances of being a ‘cloud dropout’.

Information about numerous variables are determined by our experts as follows:

  • Understanding the reason behind your growing cloud expenses.
  • Determining your current standards for the security of storage space and identifying opportunities for further optimization.
  • Continuous Cloud Resource Monitoring to identify critical issues that are with optimum cloud usage and performance.
  • Understanding what type of cloud-only features your organization interacts with on a regular basis.
  • Understanding operational pain points that are adding to the wastage of resources in the cloud.
  • Introduction to Project Management Tools to be utilized.
  • Understanding the type of stored data heads that the management relies upon for decision making.
  • Identifying cost optimization opportunities that can be explored with your current cloud provider.

To sum it up, we help you improve the management-level visibility of your cloud infrastructure so that you are more aware of the prevailing gaps.


Once the organization is aware of the current cloud infrastructure, the consolidation process begins. This is the phase where we eliminate wastage and begin the process of standardization. Productive activities that constitute this phase include:

Identifying instances of chaos and optimizing them is crucial to reduce your chances of being a ‘cloud dropout’.

  • Removal of obsolete components of the cloud infrastructure, including unused EBS volumes or orphaned instances.
  • Calculation and reporting of cloud-related costs across multiple business functions and perspectives.
  • Increasing the visibility of the involved costs and performance heads to all the stakeholders in the organization.
  • Review and overhauling of cloud-related security policies.
  • Optimization of computation costs through practices such as purchasing reserved instances.

All in all, we set the right kind of baselines and provide constant vigilance to nurture your cloud environment.


A standard operating environment for your target infrastructure is identified in this phase. In essence, standardization is the process of coming up with cloud solutions that can:

  • Integrate data from existing tools like Chef, Puppet, and Pagerduty.
  • It provides business-related contextual information.
  • Increasing the visibility of the involved costs and performance heads to all the stakeholders in the organization.
  • It provides valuable insights from the perspectives of both a cloud hypervisor and an operating system.

In a bid to achieve this, we help you come up with a reference architecture that acts as a blueprint to drive the required operations on the cloud. This often involves collecting and analyzing copious amounts of contrasting data sets across supporting systems and tools. Although this was earlier possible only through an internal cloud infrastructure, we can help you achieve this even through external cloud environments. Items that we help you standardize include:

  • Critical performance drivers of the current and target workloads.
  • Usage of attached storage and availability zones.
  • Optimization of cloud usage and the stored data.
  • Optimization of cost and performance of the right instance types.
  • Planning of the right kind of operational characteristics.

Finally, the cloud infrastructure is optimized to the core to make an optimum use of the available resources. Our aim here is to provide you with a holistic view of your cloud ecosystem with the help of various tools that enable you to set baselines about the cloud and maintain them while maximizing the usage of the cloud and maintaining the performance across various workloads.

Here is what we help you achieve post optimization:

  • Complete transparency about the cost of the cloud infrastructure along with the usage statistic and security reports.
  • Optimization of efficiencies and infrastructure through documentation of policies.
  • Notifications about inefficient usage and deviations from reference architectures.
  • Justification of the business costs through reference architecture for all types of workloads.
  • Automated upscaling and downscaling of the cloud to manage all workload sizes.
  • Setting up of closed-loop processes for the continuation of cloud infrastructure.

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At times, Azure can be a very complicated platform. It can take a while to understand the entire platform comprehensively. Your IT team may need to spend hours to understand Azure completely. There are wide range of options available for Azure deployment, which can overwhelm a first-time user. Also, the Azure platform is unmanaged.

Our Microsoft-certified experts at XcellHost will help you understand the Azure platform, guiding you with all the technical nuances that come with Azure management. We will provide server management, platform management, and instance management that includes patching, OS hardening, 24/7 monitoring, automatic backup and updates, disaster recovery etc.

In short: We take care of your Azure, so that you can take care of your main business.

Even if you purchase Azure directly from Microsoft, there is a lot of technical expertise required for setup, deployment and operations of Azure. Managing Azure is very complicated without proper support. XcellHost takes care of everything from beginning to the end, leaving you completely relieved.

We are a Microsoft-certified Gold Partner with more than 14 years of experience in the industry. Many of our engineers have worked with Microsoft in the past, so you can be very sure of getting the excellent value out of it. When you sign-up with XcellHost, you don’t pay anything additional for the infrastructure. Your pricing remains the same as Microsoft.

Managed Azure Basic:

1. Basic 24/7 Monitoring

2. 1 Hour/Month Support

3. No OS-Related Service Monitoring

4. No I/O Monitoring Available

5. No Managed Backup Available

6. No Health Checks Available

Managed Azure Advanced:

1. Advanced 24/7 Monitoring

2. 2 Hour/Month Support

3. OS-Related Service Monitoring

4. Read/Write I/O Monitoring Available

5. Managed Backup Available

6. Health Checks Available

Note: All our plans include 24/7 support via phone, chat and e-mail.

XcellHost will be a single point of contact for all your Azure requirements. We have a dedicated team working round-the-clock to provide 24/7 support via email, phone or chat. We typically respond within an hour of raising ticket. Some cases that require attention from our engineers can take upto 24 hours. In very rare cases which require escalation to Microsoft, it may take a little longer.

Apart from our impressive track record in managed cloud services and round-the-clock support, we claim to have the lowest prices in the market.

We are Microsoft Partners with Gold competency for “Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions” along with Silver competency in “Cloud Platform” and “Cloud Productivity.” With more than 10,000 installations spanning across 90+ countries,XcellHost is a force to reckon with in the cloud industry.

Feel free to contact us anytime:



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