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Easily store and manage container images.

A registry of Docker and Open Container Initiative (OCI) images, with support for all OCI artifacts
Detect vulnerabilities before images are ever deployed to containers. Store and distribute Docker images in your managed private registry.

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Included Services

Docker registry
24/7 ticket

Container Registry

Images format

OCI-compliant (Docker, Helm Charts)

Privacy policies modes

Public or Private

Graphical Interface

Easy & user-friendly




OCI-compliant (Docker, Helm Charts)

Privacy policies levels

Namespace and image

Advanced tools

REST API, CLI & Docker Registry API

Technical Stack

Docker Registry & Golang

CI/CD Pipelines
Teams collaboration
Available Regions




  • Highly available infrastructure
  • Connected to your ecosystem
  • Pay-as-you-go

Simple Pricing, No Hidden Costs

Public stored images are free up to 75 GB, above this volume, the pricing is equivalent to private stored images. Incoming bandwidth is free. Private stored images and external or inter-regional bandwidth will be billed as followed

Name Stored images Outgoing data transfer* Incoming Data Transfer
Container Registry
Public images
Free up to 75 GB
then, €0.025/GB/month
Inter-regional: free
Intra-regional: free
Container Registry
Public images
€0.025/GB/month Inter-regional: €0.03/GB/mo.
Intra-regional: free

Prices before tax. *Inter-regional: AMS ↔ PAR / Intra-regional: PAR ↔ PAR or AMS ↔ AMS.

A managed registry made for developers

Before deploying your app, you're going to want to put your container images somewhere. Our registry lets you store containers for rapid deployment to XcellHost Kubernetes.


Build your container images on any machine, and push them to XcellHost Container Registry with the Docker CLI. XcellHost Kubernetes seamlessly integrates to facilitate continuous deployment.


Protect sensitive software by storing container images in private repositories. WithXcellHost Teams, you easily give access to coworkers – and no one else.


Transfer container images over high speed HTTPs connections to servers across four continents. Container images are stored safely and encrypted at rest.

Ease your deployments with our Container Registry

Included Features

Highly available

Container Registry Images are always available and accessible. They are securely stored, load balanced and replicated across our internal object storage buckets.

Managed Docker registry

Forget about maintenance, we manage your Docker Registry from the installation to the security updates. You don’t need to be a sysadmin to have your own Container Registry. Start uploading your images in a few clicks.

User-friendly interface

We offer an entirely new Docker Registry experience. Easily control your Namespaces and Images with our user-friendly graphical interface. Creating namespaces, changing access rights, adding descriptions and deleting your images has never been easier. Get started in seconds!

Images versions

Track any change in your container image versions and easily revert your deployment if needed. Choose which image version you want to keep and delete the ones you don’t.

Authenticated requests

The interaction between a docker command and the registry is done client-side. This means the registry never contacts the authentication api : it only tells the docker client to contact it. For every docker action, a request is made to the api-controller and verify the token validity before executing the request.

Privacy policies

Control your privacy policies at either the namespace level or the container image level. By default, privacy policies for Docker images will inherit properties from Namespace. However, you can change the privacy policies of the images to suit your needs.

Ecosystem Integration

Deploy your container image onto our Serverless Service (Container as a Service) or on your Managed Kubernetes cluster. Enjoy free intra-regional transfer to deploy your images anytime you need.

24/7 ticket support

We ensure your services are always up and running. Our technical assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer all your questions and to assist you. Simply open a new ticket in case of a problem. You can also reach our support directly by phone or to get faster responses if you upgrade your support plan.

Simplify your deployment pipeline

Effortless integration with your CI/CD pipeline

Using a Container Registry makes it easy for you to store, manage, and deploy container images. From development to production, free yourself of integration processes thanks to our managed Container Registry solution. Don’t worry about your registries administration or how to scale infrastructure. We take care of grouping your images into logical units and guaranteeing their high availability (distributed on several hosts, redundancy, and scaling). Just focus on your continuous integration and deployment logic.

Perfect with our Managed Kubernetes solution

To deploy your containers from our Container Registry, we launched Kubernetes Kapsule. It is the ideal solution to quickly orchestrate the deployment of all your containerized applications in a flexible infrastructure. You no longer have to ask your infrastructure / network department to deploy a virtual machine; everything is managed. This means saving time on your projects and complete autonomy for your production management.

Send and retrieve your images in a DevOps context

Thanks to our Container Registry solution, your DevOps team can work in a simplified and optimized development environment. Regardless of the OS you use, you will always be working on the same version of the application thanks to Docker. This allows you to control the versioning process, as your entire team is synchronised in real-time. All you have to do is launch the latest version of your container.

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Securely stores your Docker Images since they are encrypted at rest and anyone who wants to pull it would need credentials of your instance

-darshan sapte

Cost is really inexpensive compared to other options available in the market to store Docker Images

-afroz khan

Container for me is a totally different service to any storage system, it seems to me a totally useful tool because it has other extra tools to keep the information in the cloud totally safe

-hemant kulkarni


XcelHost Container Registry is a fully managed mutualized container registry, designed to facilitate storing, managing, and deploying container images. It simplifies the development-to-production workflow as there is no need to operate your own container registry or to worry about the underlying infrastructure.
You can store any docker container image on the Namespace and set the visibility of each image according to your needs. It can either be private or public.

Namespaces enable you to manage repositories in a simple, clear, and human-readable way. A namespace is a collection of container images that have a unique identifier (each Namespace can only exist one time). A namespace belongs to a user, responsible for configuring the push and pull permissions.

Yes, XcellHost Container Registry supports versioning and you can store as many versions of an image as you need.

Each Namespace has a unique name in each geographical area. If the Namespace is already taken, it is unfortunately no longer available.

Container images are files that include all the requirements and instructions of a complete and executable version of an application. When running an image, it becomes one or multiple instances of that application. You can pull the image instructions, edit its settings, view its versions, or delete it.

Our Container Registry service is currently available in our fr-par (Paris, France) and nl-ams (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) Availability Zones.


Container Registery

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