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Secure Your DevOps processes without sacrificing velocity our security experts have covered you.

Xcellhost provides full dev-to-prod security across your entire CI/CD pipeline & runtime environment, giving you end-to-end visibility & protecting your applications against attacks.

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Why Container Security

Dashboard Visibility
Malware protection for Containers
Enterprise Policy Enforcement
Sync Images from Third-Party Registries
Scan Running Containers
Continuous Assessment Identifies New Threats
Integrated Container Security
Vuherabllity Management

Ket Benefits

Securely Accelerate DevOPS
Malware Protection for Containers
Gain Accurate, In-Depth Visibility
Protect Running Containers
Enforce Security Policies
Eliminate blind Spots

The Most Comprehensive Container Security Inspection Platform

XcellHost performs deep inspection of container images, generating a detailed software bill-of-materials and allowing you to apply specific policy gates and checks for your entire container workload on premises and in the cloud.

Vulnerability Scanning

Perform a detailed and thorough scan for any known vulnerabilities in your application and operating system packages

Secrets & Passwords

Ensure all secrets are not present in your image including passwords, API keys, and any other sensitive information

Operating System Packages

XcellHost performs a thorough scan on your container image to identify any known operating system packages

3rd Party Libraries

Easily identify non-OS third party libraries, including Node.js NPM’s, Ruby GEM’s, Python PIP, PERL CPAN, and JAVA archives


Whitelist elements of your image when performing analysis to ensure that detection does not block the deployment of an image


With XcellHost you can easily blacklist elements like usernames, user ID’s, licenses, packages, or images in their entirety

Dockerfile Checks

Analyze and perform a check on the contents of a Dockerfile or the Docker history for any container image

Other Checks

Identify configuration files, file permissions, unpackaged files, and anything else you’d like to uncover

The freedom to run anywhere

XcellHost secures your applications wherever you develop and run them

Across clouds, container and serverless platforms, CI/CD pipelines, registries, DevOps tools and modes of deployment, orchestrators, all the way to Security, SIEM, and Analytics.

key Features

DevOps Pipeline Integraation
In-depth Visibility
Automated Inspection
Continuous Assessment
Policy Assurance
Runtime Security
Suppor Monitoring 24x 7

Container Security Mechanisms

Linux Kernel namespaces

Linux control groups (cgroups)

Linux capabilities

Linux security mechanism AppArmor, SELinux

The docker daemon in Container Security Mechanisms

Linux Kernel namespaces

Docker uses namespaces of several kinds to implement the isolation that containers require to remain portable and abstain from affecting the remainder of the host system E.g., process id

Linux control groups (cgroups)

Provide a mechanism for efficiently running and monitoring system resources, by partitioning things like CPU time, system memory, disk, and network bandwidth, into groups, then assigning tasks to those groups.

The docker daemon in Container Security Mechanisms

  • Docker daemon is the mastermind behind the whole operation.
  • When docker run command is used to start up a container, the docker client will transpose that command into an HTTP API call and transmits it to docker daemon Docker daemon then assesses the request, talks to the underlying OS and provisions your container.

Linux capabilities

This feature aims to break up the power of the superuser so that an application requiring some privilege does not get all rights.

Linux security mechanism AppArmor, SELinux

SElinux acts as a protective agent on servers. SELinux relies on compulsory access controls (MAC) that restrain users to rules and procedures established by the system administrator.

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DevOps container security is great for infrastructure security. It keeps our system, and information safe and secure.

-kuljeet patel

It is easy to import an existing registry through connector function

-ketan pogat

It is able to manage devops secrets which are very short term and are used in containers.

-pretam patker


Container security is the process of implementing security tools and policies to assure all in your container is running as intended, including protection of infrastructure, software supply chain, runtime, and everything between.

Docker is by far the most dominant container runtime engine, with a 91% penetration according to our latest State of the Container and Kubernetes Security Report. ... A single compromised Docker container can threaten all other containers as well as the underlying host, underscoring the importance of securing Docker.

Containerization is the process of packaging an application along with its required libraries, frameworks, and configuration files together so that it can be run in various computing environments efficiently. In simpler terms, containerization is the encapsulation of an application and its required environment.

Containers allow you to package your application and its dependencies together into one succinct manifest that can be version controlled, allowing for easy replication of your application across developers on your team and machines in your cluster.

The Top 5 Security Risks in Docker Container Deployment
  • UNSECURED COMMUNICATION AND UNRESTRICTED NETWORK TRAFFIC. By default, in some versions of Docker, all network traffic is allowed between containers on the same host. ...

It's not really true, then, to say that Docker is faster than virtual machines. But what you can say about Dockerized apps is that they use resources from the host system in a more efficient manner. ... This means containers make more efficient use of system resources than virtual machines


Container Security

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