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Improvising the security posture of your databases, enable to identify the issues in confidentiality, integrity and availability of your database.

Database Security Assessments hepls to protect your compnay against these increasing data breaches & weather the database is securely configured & meets the data protection & privacy regulations.

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Typical Database Engagement

Excessive privileges
Privilege Abuse
Unauthorized Privilege
Platform Vulnerability
SQL Injection
Database protocol
Exposure of
backup data


Ensures the integrity and security of information assets
Keep untrusted data separate from commands and queries.
Gain real-world compliance and technical insight into your vulnerabilities
Discover the most vulnerable route through which an attack can be made and Find any loopholes that could lead to the theft of sensitive data.
Discover the most vulnerable route through which an attack can be made; and Find any loopholes that could lead to the theft of sensitive data.

What we test

Our consultants understand the complexities of databases such as Oracle, and also appreciate good security policy, enabling them to create appropriate access rules without compromising your business’s most critical applications.

  • COMPLIANCEOur robust and proven methodology compares current security measures against best practice and compliance standards; e.g. PCI, SOX
  • VALUABLE REPORTING A business-focused, technical report provides demonstrable segregation of duties and clear information to support strategic decisions
  • NON-INTRUSIVE Assessment can be performed on a production databases during normal operational hours
  • Account management
  • Access control
  • Audit configuration
  • Authorisation weaknesses
  • Backdoors
  • Connection security
  • Database parameters
  • Patching status
  • Tamper detection

How do we differ

Custom security assessment project management platform will allow us to closely collaborate with security consultant to make our clients life easier. Here are the key features of the LURA platform.

  • Identifying detailed security issues with recommendations on realtime basis.
  • Client have freedom to generate report any time.
  • Transparent visibility on the project status.
  • High quality and top standard report quality to present CXO.
  • Integrated secure coding campaign for developers.
  • Detailed reports for all re assessments with Track.
  • Detailed issue track sheets with compliance mapping.

Service Highlights

  • Supports wide range of databases such as SQL, Mysql, Oracle, Postgresql, etc.
  • Covers wide range of database vulnerabilities from configuration, Privilege Management, operational and Regulatory Compliance
  • Provides with custom report templates for making compliance reporting more effective.
  • A range of manual tests closely aligned with the OWASP, CIS and other methodologies.
  • Instantaneous notification of any critical vulnerability to help you take action quickly.
  • Collaborative work with your in-house database team to understand the issue and recommend a proper fix.
  • Meeting compliance expectations like PCI: DSS, HIPAA, CCPA, GDPR etc.,


XcellHost Database Security Assessment is an integral approach which provides systematic and proactive security to the database. XcellHost Database security testing eliminates the risk associated with both web and database specific attacks and support compliance with relevant standards, laws & regulations. Database architechture review and configuration review will be part of the service.

XcellHost process is tailored to fit your requirements and is highly effective inprotecting your business from losing confedential and valuable information

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There are numerous backup solutions for Microsoft 365 so it is important to evaluate the solution that’s right for your organization using key criteria:


  • Security – How does the solution guarantee your data cannot be intercepted or stolen while in transit or in storage? Does the solution support encryption? If yes, how reliable is it?
  • Restore speed – How many restore options will you have? What level of granularity is supported? E.g. Can you restore just one object or must you restore the whole backup? How quickly can you find the required archive file or email?
  • Simplicity – Does the backup solution have the ability to protect other pieces of your data, or is it a standalone solution for a specific use-case? How easy is it to start and learn it? Can your IT generalist manage it, or do you need to hire a backup/storage professional?

Acronis Backup for Microsoft 365 works using cloud-to-cloud technology. This means that you don’t have to install anything manually on-premises. You simply provide your Microsoft 365 credentials to an agent deployed in the secure Acronis Cloud and the backup process starts. Your files are stored in a safe, reliable Acronis data center of your choosing.

With an easy, quick search of your backups, you can find the required version of your file. Once found, you should be able to restore it either to the source storage or download it so you can speed up getting back to work.

Acronis Backup automatically creates your personal cloud storage in Acronis Cloud so you can reliably and safely store your Microsoft 365 backups. A secure, isolated tenant is created for each organizational account.


Database Penetration Testing

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