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Get the word out & sell more with sleek email messages that you can design in no time.
Make your business take flight with the complete e-mail marketing toolbox.

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Free 24/7 technical support & consulting
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150,000 ₹ 1908/- ₹ 1336/- ₹ 46/- Order Now
400,000 ₹ 6487/- ₹ 4541/- ₹ 42/- Order Now
₹ 11066/- ₹ 7746/- ₹ 38/- Order Now
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Free 24/7 technical support & consulting

key features


Connect us to your apps or platforms.

Email API

Connect us to your apps or platforms.

Artificial Intelligence

Improve deliverability and more.

Easy & Scalable

Our platform can be integrated in 100 seconds!

Data Security

Priority 1, every day of every year.

Real-Time Reports

Reports that matter, when they matter most.


Get information when it counts.

Bounce Notifications

You can react quickly, in real time.

Subaccount Management

Manage your domains and users, all in one place.

key features


Email Delivery Service

Email Service Provider

Mass Email Service

Transactional Email Service

SMTP Relay Service

SMTP Server

Bulk Email Service

Email Sending & API Service

Bulk Email Sender

Powerful Benefits , without the hassle

  • Create beautiful campaigns

    Easily create highly engaging email campaigns with our drag and drop builder. Not the creative type? You can pick a responsive template among our rich library of templates with proven results.

  • A/B test

    Constantly improve your results by A/B testing your subject lines. Get hard data to drive your decisions, and consistently improve, one email campaign at a time.

  • Send Time Optimization

    Not sure what is the best time at which you should send your email campaigns? Let our algorithms figure it out for you. Sit back and enjoy 5 to 15% increase in open rates

  • Advanced reports

    How can you optimize something you can't measure? With Xcellhost, enjoy heat maps to know precisely where your contacts click, geographic reporting, know exactly what contacts opened, clicked or interacted with your emails.

  • Landing Pages

    Grow your list of contacts, or set up special marketing operations in minutes with our drag and drop landing page editor directly connected to your Xcellhost account.

  • Unlimited contacts

  • Use our powerful segmentation tool, while enjoying unlimited contacts. Include conditional logic to personalize your communication and improve your reactivity rates.

Time-saving automation without time-draining complexity

Campaigns—your way

Streamlined for success.

Get more out of every day. Enjoy efficient, choose-your-path marketing workflows that work the way you do.

  • Control design of transactional and marketing emails
  • Gain visibility into the entire email experience
  • Collaborate easily with a single source of truth

Light lift, heavyweight results.

Create high-impact email automations in hours—not days—with simple triggers and a centralized view of the messages and timing of your series.

  • Automate recurring emails (instead of duplicating)
  • Create compelling time-based drip series
  • Measure results and optimize over time

Reach the inbox.

Maximize deliverability rates with our industry-leading 96% average inboxing rate.

  • Own your reputation with dedicated IPs and custom domains
  • Benefit from relationships with top Inbox Service Providers
  • Get deliverability support from a deep bench of experts

One platform for all.

Marketers and developers alike are empowered with modern UIs built on best-in-breed APIs. Embrace a single solution and leave silos behind.

  • Control design of transactional and marketing emails
  • Gain visibility into the entire email experience
  • Collaborate easily with a single source of truth

From design to deliver-ability, raise the bar across all email you send with Marketing Campaigns.

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Email Marketing Automation

Engage contacts with automated, recurring emails or drip series in the time it takes to create 1-to-many emails.

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Signup Forms

Capture new signups, confirm opt-in, and add them directly to lists in Marketing Campaigns.

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Email Testing

Run inbox rendering previews, spam testing, and link validation so you know every email is ready before you ‘Send.’

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Email Design

Quickly create beautiful, responsive campaigns with drag & drop, HTML, or both!

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Email Templates

Use free, responsive email templates to save time and get your campaigns off the ground with a professional look.

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List Management

Segment your recipients to send targeted, personal messages that improve engagement and deliverability.

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Email Statistics

Get a complete picture of each email’s performance with analytics that help you make informed, data-based decisions.



They’re really pleasant to work with, stay on track, and do a nice job with the creative.

-Ashish Chaprai

They have a full team of experts who specialize in each area of their digital services

-Niti Palta

They are a company of substance that is backed up by the consistency of their actions.

-Hanzal Shah


The account will be activated instantly once your order gets approved.

We support maximum up to 300,000 emails in a day of multiple campaigns.

Yes, you can send emails across the globe.

You get the complete email campaign statistics like open rate, bounce rate, link clicked, unsubscribed etc

No limit on contacts you upload. Our plans are based on number of email send not subscriber list size. You can have multiple email list.

XcellHost process bounce backs from your list automatically and update the status of the contacts as Bounced. By default, your future campaign will not send to Hard Bounce addresses.

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