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Get work done faster with legally binding digital signatures Flexible signer flow, team management, google plug-ins & many more

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Integrated with Google Drive
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Looking for more?

billed annually as ₹11899 billed annually as ₹36399
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Documents that you send out frequently can be saved as reusable templates. Templates are excellent to speed up the signing process and streamline data entry.

Audit Trail

Documents signed with HelloSign are more secure than pen and paper. An affixed (court admissible) audit trail ensures that actions are tracked and time-stamped.

Team Management

Account admins have the power to manage document permissions and configure team settings from a centralized dashboard, keeping everything more organized and secure.


Documents that you send out frequently can be saved as reusable templates. Templates are excellent to speed up the signing process and streamline data entry.

Key Features


Admins can view all team documents and configure their team settings.


Set up commonly used documents once with signature, merge, and text fields. Use them repeatedly.


Add your logo and company name throughout the signer’s experience, including all emails and signature pages.


Quickly build eSignatures into your app with the easiest API available.


Whether 1 or 20 people are signing simultaneously or in a specific order, we have you covered. You can also carbon copy (cc) other people in your organization.


Have people sign documents in-person on your iPad or Android tablet. ideal for waivers, photo releases, NDAs, and more.


Our Award-winning customer service is available by email should you ever need us.


Always up-to-date, no software to download – get started in under a minute.


Your documents are protected by SSL encryption and secure server infrastructure hosted at a state-of-the-art Tier III, SSAE-16 and ISO 27001 certified data center.


Add eSignatures to your favorite Google Apps including Gmail, Docs, Drive and the Apps Marketplace.


In addition to Google Drive, XcellHost integrates with Box, Dropbox, Evernote and One Drive.


Get an alert when major events such as a document being reviewed or signed happens


Each document has a comprehensive log of each parties’ name, email address, IP address and a record of the day and time of all activity that occurred.


Secure sensitive documents from prying eyes using XcellHost’s Access Code two-factor authentication.


XcellHost eSignatures are legally binding under the 2000 U.S. Electronic Signature in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN), Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA), and European Union eIDAS (EU No.910/2014).


17 file formats including PDF, Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel and more.

Works Seamlessly With The Apps You Already Use

HelloSign for Gmail

Fill out and sign documents in less than 30 seconds without ever leaving Gmail. Our easy-to-use Chrome browser extension lets you sign attachments right from your inbox. Never print, sign, and scan again!

HelloSign for Google Drive

It’s easy to add legally binding eSignatures to documents that are stored in your Google Drive with the HelloSign integration. You can sign and download a document or add fields for others to fill out and sign from within Google Drive.

HelloSign for Google Docs

Add your signature to a Google Doc or add fields for others to fill out and sign. Now you can write, invite others to comment and redline, and send a document for signature entirely from within Google Docs — there’s no need to export and upload.

HelloSign for G Suite

Add HelloSign to your domain and you’ll be on your way to a paperless office by signing and sending documents, receiving signed documents, and creating templates and forms---all within G Suite products.

HelloSign for Salesforce

Send documents out for signature without ever leaving Salesforce. HelloSign for Salesforce is the easiest-to-implement and use eSignature solution on the market. We also work with Salesforce CPQ & Salesforce Communities!

HelloSign for Dropbox

Sign and send your documents from Dropbox using HelloSign. The HelloSign extension for Dropbox allows you to send documents for signature directly from your Dropbox account.

HelloSign for Gmail

Documents that you send out frequently can be saved as reusable templates. Templates are excellent to speed up the signing process and streamline data entry.

Get Documents Signed Fast

With HelloSign, contracts are signed on average 80% faster than traditional paper-based contracts and just as legally binding.

Best in Class Completion Rates

Built-in reminders and advanced signer options significantly improve document completion rates.

Personalized Signature Requests

Personalize the signing experience for your customers. Easily add your company logo, color, and custom messaging to stay on-brand.

Built for Business

Flexible signer flows, team management, Google plug-ins, and more.

Flexible Signer Flows

Sign documents yourself or request signatures from up to 20 different people in any order, or all at once. When the document is fully executed, everyone gets a copy delivered to their inbox.

See your documents progress with status notifications that keep you in the loop throughout.


Team management tools give you the ability to add, remove or upgrade team members easily. Add professional touches like branding, a logo, tagline, and more. You can use templates to automate repetitive signature requests to save time.


Your documents are important and often contain highly sensitive information. To keep them secure and private we use SSL encryption during file transit. For document storage we utilize secure server infrastructure hosted at a state-of-the-art Tier III, SSAE-16 certified data center with ISO 27001 certification.

A Powerful API for eSignatures

Accept eSignatures in minutes
Support for devs by devs
No hidden pricing
High scalability
talk to our cloud expert

Digital Signature HelloSign - WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS HAVE TO SAY?

HelloSign is very user friendly to user. I like the ability to reassign signatory to others as well as see a complete, time stamped history of the documents. It does everything you would need for an e-signature software.

-Devid Michle

The price is better than any other online doc signing I found. It has all the major things you would look for such as updates, keeping records of the docs, ease of use, templates, editing documents you may need to change and resend

-Niyas Khan

Quick and Easy. No need to spend time or worry about eSignatures.

-Shanker yadav


In a nutshell, HelloSign can be used whenever you need to sign and send a document to someone.

Or, if you need someone else to sign a document, you can use HelloSign to request that person's signature and collect the signed document, all online.

With HelloSign, you do not need to print the document, fill it out, scan it and email/fax it back. You can do that whole process on your computer without any paper.

You can control which e-mails you receive from HelloSign by hovering over your email in the upper right of any page in your account, then selecting Settings. Scroll to the second section of the page where you'll see Notifications.

Here, you can adjust the types of emails you will receive and control whether or not signature request reminders are automatically sent. You will also be able to control which email notifications will include a PDF copy of signed and completed documents.

Then, click "Save" at the bottom and you're all set.

1. Click the Sign Documents tab in the left column below our logo and choose "Just Others" or "Me+Others."
Next, upload the document. You can do this directly from your hard drive, through one of the integrated cloud services such as Google Drive or simply drag and drop the document into the space indicated.
2. Then, enter the name and email address of the person(s) you wish to have sign.  If more than one, use the "Add Signer" link to add more signers.  You can add up to 20 signers per document. Then click the "Prepare docs for signing" button.  
In the lefthand side menu, all signer fields will populate, click the "Signature" field button then click in the location you'd like the signature placed on the document. You can reposition it if you need to by clicking on the field you just placed and dragging it to the exact placement you need. 
3. If there is more than one signer, make sure that the correct name is selected in the drop-down menu in the righthand side editor menu.
If you need text fields, checkboxes, or dates filled out, select the correct button, then click wherever you want to place the field and assign it to the correct signer.
4. Once you are done, click "Continue" on the upper right corner of the page.
Lastly, you're able to add a message to appear in the body of the signature request email your signer will receive.  Next, to send the document, click the blue "Request Signature" button at the bottom of the page.

Within your HelloSign account, you're able to create and save your personal signature so you don't have to recreate it every time you need to add your signature to a request or if you receive a request. To create and save: 

        1. Hover over your login email in the upper right-hand side of any page in your HelloSign account. A menu will populate and the first option will be to create a signature.

        2. Once you click on create a signature a pop-up module will populate. Select which way you'd like to enter in your signature from the four options listed:

        3. After you've entered in your signature and are satisfied click on select and your signature will then be filed under your saved signatures.



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