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  • High-performance computing (HPC) has become the go-to platform to combat complex IT challenges in science, engineering, and business.
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A Solid Foundation for the Future of Computing

High-performance computing (HPC) has become the go-to platform to combat complex IT challenges in science, engineering, and business. Its expanded use has been made possible by the latest generation server systems, which present a cost-efficient alternative to traditional supercomputers. Workload-optimized, and available on demand, these systems provide organizations with easy access to HPC to handle tasks such as visualization and modeling simulation, genomics analytics.

Light Workloads

2x Intel Xeon Gold 6258R (52 x 2.10 GHz) Comparable to Xeon Gold 6230R Processors

  • 512GB DDR4 RAM
  • 2x2TB NVMe
  • 10Gbps network (private + public)
  • 15TB bandwidth
  • 20Gbps DDoS

Medium Workloads

2x Intel Xeon Gold 6258R (56 x 2.70 GHz) Comparable to Xeon Gold 6258R Processors

  • 512GB DDR4 RAM
  • 2x2TB NVMe + 2x 1.9TB SSD
  • 10Gbps network (private + public)
  • 15TB bandwidth
  • 20Gbps DDoS

Heavy Workloads

2x Intel Xeon Gold 6258R (56 x 2.70 GHz) Comparable to Xeon Gold 6258R Processors

  • 768GB DDR4 RAM
  • 2x2TB NVMe + 2x 1.9TB SSD
  • 10Gbps network (private + public)
  • 15TB bandwidth
  • 20Gbps DDoS
  • Offer
  • BUNDLED GOODIES WITH High Performance Compute SERVER WORTH ₹50,000

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Feature Highlights

A solid HPC infrastructure is essential for companies that face compute-intensive workloads such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Deep Learning (DL). This next gen hardware technology provides ample processing power, storage, and memory to handle HPC and AI converged clusters. Xcellhost’s recommended HPC servers are built in collaboration with industry leaders like Intel and Supermicro, providing you with an HPC-ready platform.

2nd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors

The latest generation of Intel Xeon Scalable processors were built in response to the growing demand for processing power.

Its advanced capabilities allow for improved real-world application performance and analytical capabilities, providing a solid HPC foundation.

The high performance of Intel Advanced Vector Extensions 512 (Intel® AVX-512), including dual fused multiply-adders (FMAs), supports the most demanding traditional HPC workloads.

Vertical CPU Scaling

Leveraging Intel Speed Select technology (Intel® SST), our dedicated servers allow for a unique capability to scale Intel Xeon CPUs with a single reboot.

Xcellhost is the world’s first IT provider to give you the option to scale between seven different configurations, without hardware or software updates.

High IOPS Storage Options

With Xcellhost’s flash storage options (NVMe and SSD), you can build a powerful system that delivers your performance expectations.

Since they ensure fast reads and writes, as well as cutting-edge performance, NVMe low latency/high throughput storage is widely used in HPC architectures.

High Capacity RAM and Intel® Optane™ DC Persistent Memory Options

The 786GB DDR4 RAM option lets you maximize processing efficiency, while Intel® Optane™ DC Persistent Memory delivers reduced restart times and wait times for fetching robust system storage data sets.

Network and Security

Xcellhost’s globally distributed network is fast, reliable, and DDoS-protected.

With 15 global data centers and PoPs, extensive carrier connectivity options, advanced network protection systems, and 10G private + public network options, Xcellhost assures seamless and secure data transfer.

use cases

Computational Fluid Dynamics

HPC on Xcellhost helps reduce turn-around times for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations. Engineers can scale out their simulation jobs to experiment with more tunable parameters, leading to faster, more accurate results.


Xcellhost provides the inherent scalability and an ecosystem of partners and tools for running genomics workloads. With HPC on Xcellhost, you can efficiently and dynamically store and compute your data, collaborate with peers, and incorporate analytics and machine learning.

Reservoir Simulation

Xcellhost provides the flexibility to support unique CPU and GPU configurations and the scale and elasticity to support spiky optimization workflows, like automated history-matching. This helps engineers iterate and fine-tune models faster and thus accelerate reservoir simulations.

Risk Management & Portfolio Optimization

Flexible grid-computing capabilities on Xcellhost allow portfolio managers to quickly conduct simulations that identify risks within their portfolio of products, hedging opportunities, and areas for optimization. They can also quickly model the impact of hypothetical portfolio changes.

Autonomous Vehicles - Driving Simulation

Xcellhost provides a full suite of services to support Autonomous Vehicle development and deployment. These include the ability to collect, store and manage massive amounts of data, high performance computing capacity and advanced deep learning frameworks.

Research Computing and Higher Education

Xcellhost helps researchers process complex workloads by providing the cost-effective, scalable and secure compute, storage and database capabilities needed to accelerate time-to-science. With Xcellhost, scientists can quickly analyze massive data pipelines and share their results with collaborators around the world.

Why Choose Xcellhost HPC Servers?

The growing demand for computational power has set high standards for the data center industry. phoenixNAP’s HPC-ready solutions provide you with flexibility in configuration, while delivering performance and cost-efficiency. Choose one of the recommended solutions, or customize your own platform, to achieve business success.

Key differentiators

Uses a proven hyper-scale architecture to deliver predictable performance at scale

Optimised for the sensitivity of your specific workload via the internet-facing Assured domain and the trusted Elevated domain

Offers a choice of virtual machine sizes to suit the core and memory density requirements of your computeintensive workload

Tuned to reflect the inherent resilience provided by your grid engine solution

What the service can help you achieve

Deploy compute-intensive workloads on a massively scalable and inexpensive platform

Avoid the CAPEX costs, risk and complexity associated with deploying a private infrastructure

Build hybrid cloud solutions optimised for both compute-intensive workloads and more traditional workloads on the same cloud platform

Integrate compute-intensive workloads with systems and datasets located on secure government networks (such as N3, JANET and PSN).

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The cloud computing experts at Xcellhost help companies take advantage of cloud-based HPC to:

Speed Time to Results

Available on-demand, Cloud-based HPC eliminates the need for scientists and researchers to wait their turn in line for internal resources to be free. And, with a vast and growing number of features and functionality, research teams can run a wide variety of workloads in the cloud, accelerating their time to completion.

Increase ROI

Speed time to market by minimizing lengthy procurement cycles. Avoid costly set-up and maintenance with cloud-based HPC. Optimize your investments with cloud providers that regularly add new instance types and functionality, such as the ability to test Machine Learning workloads. Pay only for what you use and save even more with spare compute power like Spot instances. Take advantage of Spot Market pricing for interruptible workloads and maximize your dollar per compute cycle.

Grow Productivity

Shorten the time to create a winning design or product by increasing the researcher’s productivity. Cloud-based HPC avoids scientist downtime as they wait for available resources while providing scalability and elasticity that accelerates time to workload completion. And, by being able to match infrastructure configurations to the application, scientists aren’t constrained by the settings of on-site HPC systems.

Expand Insights

Unleash the potential of AI and ML to optimize your compute. Analyze terabytes of data with big data technologies that can unearth trends and insights about how to target your jobs that would be impossible with simple human analysis. Avoid in-house ML and AI tooling challenges and the need to keep up with the latest GPUs and/or specialized processors with the constant availability of market-leading technology in the cloud.

High-performance computing on the cloud spans industries

Financial services

Financial services

  • Ensure accuracy when performing large-numbered, complex financial transactions.
  • Add greater precision and high speed to historical modeling.
  • Reduce deployment time for services by shortening development/test cycles.
Engineering/scientific research

Engineering/scientific research

  • Solve complex mathematical problems much faster.
  • Run complex simulations against large datasets in fields such as aerodynamics, physics or pharmaceuticals.
  • Save money by gaining a better understanding of real-world problems.
  • Reduce costs with complex predictive analytics.
Graphic design

Graphic design

  • Experience smooth, rich multimedia applications, including 3D-intensive programs.
  • Render complex architectural models faster.
  • Streamline animations for TV and film.
  • Create and evaluate virtual prototypes in real time.





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Network adaptors are recreated during conversion, so any static IP addresses are removed and will need to be reconfigured after conversion. To make sure the same IP address is retained by the converted VM, you can configure MAC-IP binding on your DHCP server or router in advance. MAC addresses of network adaptors remain the same after a conversion.


This error occurs when attempting to migrate a running VM on an unlicensed version of ESXi. This is by design. To resolve this error, either upgrade to a licensed version of VMware, or stop the VM before migrating it.


Acronis Cloud Migration uses the following ports

  • TCP Port 80 (for downloading virtual hard disks)
  • TCP Port 443 (for all other communication)


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