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Integrated cloud service utilizing both private & public clouds to perform distinct functions within the same organization.

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Why choose our hybrid cloud

Mix and match

As full stack specialists, we're experienced and able at integrating any and all computing platforms, creating solutions with exactly the qualities you require.

Secure and compliant

Every inch of our infrastructure meets stringent ISO 20000, 270001 and 9001 requirements as well as being PCI DSS compliant - meaning you can trust us with your data.

Scalable and reliable

We have the capacity to meet even the most rapidly growing of needs for every type of resource, while reliability is built into our systems from outset.

Personal support

Our approach to support is what sets us apart. Our team of experts know your Hybrid Cloud infrastructure inside out and are committed to taking responsibility for all issues.

Virtual private networking

Our flexible fibre network and optional MPLS circuits provides secure, high-bandwidth, low-latency connectivity between all your cloud components, both on and off-premise.

High availability

With our resilient, geo-diverse infrastructure and a range of advanced high availability technologies at your disposal, downtime need never be an issue.

How Hybrid Cloud Helps Your


The public cloud’s pay-as-you-go scalability is ideal for heavy or unpredictable traffic — and can reduce IT costs.


When you need enhanced security and ultimate control for business-critical apps and data, incorporate a private cloud.


With single-tenant dedicated servers, you get ultra-fast performance, security and reliability, on bare metal machines.

How We Work

Consult & Understand
Design & Build
Secure & Deploy
Support & Adapt


Get the flexibility and cost savings which are associated with deploying a Public Cloud.
Boost the security and reliability of your company with the Private Cloud.
Ideal for growth of companies with ever-changing technology and security needs.
SSD and bare metal hardware for high I/O and storage requirements.
Maintain the integrity and security standards for all your confidential and compliancy data requirements.(SARBOX, HIPAA, PCI, FISMA, GLB)
Perpetual Support and Active Monitoring 24.7.365.
Direct Access to our team of experts.
Simple Control Panel
100% Network Uptime SLA
100% Data Center Uptime SLA.
Automatic Scale-In and Scale-Out.
Redundant Bandwidth and Multiple Gigabit Connectivity Available.

Hybrid Cloud Application Development

Hybrid Strategy

Development of the end-to-end strategy of Hybrid from Workload planning to governance.

Hybrid Management and Adoption

Complete Hybrid implementation covering infrastructure and Seamless Management of multiple cloud infrastructure.

Hybrid Security and Optimization

Delivery of continuous Hybrid Cloud Optimization supported by continuous operational health monitoring.

Hybrid Cloud Governance

Solutions for Developing enterprise-extensive Hybrid Cloud governance strategy, Hybrid Cloud Maturity assessments, and Vulnerability Management Services.

Hybrid Cloud Architecture Patterns and Network Topology

Solutions with the enterprise’s unique portfolio of application workloads in mind with tailored patterns and topologies for clients give them greater agility and lower Capex.

Solutions on Leading Cloud Providers

Amazon Web Services

  • Cloud Optimization and Automation
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Cloud Migration Service
  • 24*7 Data Security

Microsoft Azure Stack

  • Edge computing workloads
  • Virtualized applications on-premises
  • Cloud services on-premises
  • Data sovereignty

Google Cloud Platform Anthos

  • Modernize on-premise and in the cloud application
  • Automation of policy and security
  • Platform to help customization
  • User-friendly Dashboard and Troubleshooting


  • Large scale migrations supported
  • Single-click provisioning of complex workload topologies
  • Quick Workload delivery
  • Continuous delivery and continuous integration

AWS Solutions and Services

XenonStack offers AWS based Cloud Solutions for enabling Digital Transformation, low compute costs and Edge computing. Cloud Strategy for Building your cloud adoption approach, business needs for operations, security, and regulations with AWS Cloud Solutions –

  • AWS Outposts
  • Cloud Security
  • Edge Computing

Azure Solutions

Azure Arc based Cloud Solutions for Simplifying Infrastructure Management across on-premises, cloud and edge environments.With Azure Arc offerings Enterprises can build resilient architectures and leverage Auto Scaling capability for optimizing cost and performance.Azure Arc Feature offerings –

  • Securing Applications with Azure
  • Migrate Applications to Cloud
  • Edge Computing

Google Solutions

Google Cloud Anthos platform-based solutions for Integrated Cloud migration and modernization strategy development and efficient workload management.Enabling Anthos based solutions to modernize Enterprises’s existing applications and help them establish new applications using –

  • Anthos Config Management
  • Modernizing IT infrastructure Approach
  • Application Modernization and Migration Offerings

A unified and extensible workflow, from
development to production

Things You Need to Know About Hybrid Cloud

  • The Time is Now
  • Right Resource for the Right Workload
  • Different Levels of Hybrid Solutions
  • ROI and Agility
  • Start Small
  • Test and Run
  • Evaluate your Network
  • It is a Culture Shift
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Once set up, it runs solid. Management of vm's is fairly easy, and the portal to access them is easy to use

-nisha patil

Has been a very productive and good learning experience to work with Xcellhost Cloud Services

-Nitin Shah

It provides the ability for true hybrid architectures, Good Job Xcellhost Cloud

-Aarav Laghari


Hybrid cloud is an IT architecture that incorporates some degree of workload portability, orchestration, and management across 2 or more environments. Depending on whom you ask, those environments may need to include:

The way public clouds and private clouds work as part of a hybrid cloud is no different than how standalone public clouds or private clouds work:

     * A local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN), virtual private network (VPN), and/or application programming interfaces (APIs) connect multiple computers together.

     * Virtualization, containers, or software-defined storage abstract resources, which can be pooled into data lakes.

     * Management software allocates those resources into environments where applications can run, which are then provisioned on-demand with help from an authentication service.

Separate clouds become hybrid when those environments are connected as seamlessly as possible. That inter connectivity is the only way hybrid clouds work—and it’s why hybrid clouds are the foundation of edge computing. That inter connectivity is how workloads are moved, management is unified, and processes are orchestrated. How well-developed those connections are has a direct impact on how well your hybrid cloud works.

A properly designed, integrated, and managed hybrid cloud can be as secure as traditional on-premise IT infrastructure. While there are some unique hybrid cloud security challenges (like data migration, increased complexity, and a larger attack surface), the presence of multiple environments can be one of the strongest defenses against security risks. All those interconnected environments let enterprises choose where to place sensitive data based on requirements, and it lets security teams standardize redundant cloud storage that can augment disaster recovery efforts.


Hybrid Cloud

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