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How our Incident Management Works

Responsing to customer requests 24x7

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How our Incident Management Works

Responsing to customer requests 24x7

Incident Management

The XcellHost Incident Management process uses cutting edge technology tools to proactively monitor critical systems and network infrastructure. This ensures maximum up-time of the IT infrastructure for your IT setups.

Problem Management

This includes identifying root cause of issues and providing a permanent solution to resolving repeated issues. We follow both proactive and reactive methods of identifying events that affect the performance of systems and networks being monitored.

Change Management

We ensure standardized methods and procedures are used for efficient and prompt handling of all changes. This minimizes the impact of change- related incidents upon service quality, and consequently improves day-to-day operations.

Security Management

The Security Management process involves proactive actions via intrusion detection and prevention to defend the infrastructure & network against cyber-threats. This includes fortifying the infrastructure through intense scanning, monitoring for signs of malicious activity, responding to any incidents, and, finally, identifying areas that need additional fortification.

Customer Notification

Best-in-class response time is the most important aspect of XcellHost’s operations. We provide timely and comprehensive system and network availability notifications via mail / SMS. We send notifications to customers before or after outages, depending upon the nature of the problem. While handling issues, we send intermittent notifications on incident status at regular intervals, as well as final notifications once the issue is resolved.

Reporting & Documentation

For access to real time as well as historical reports, you can log onto our online customer portal. The portal provides comprehensive reports on network or service availability, bandwidth & backup utilization, as well as logged incidents.