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Upload any file and our technology will structure the files without you having to lift a finger.

Think of it as a search engine for your data & Like a search engine.You can find any file in quick and secure way.

Allowing you to concentrate on what really matters your business.

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Starter Standard Premium Smart Archive

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Storage 100 GB Storage 250 GB Storage 250 GB Storage 1 TB Cold Storage
Users 10 Users 100 Users 500 Users 500 Users
Servers 1 Server 10 Servers 50 Servers 50 Servers
Audit Basic Basic Lifetime Lifetime
Intelligent Media Streaming
Mobile Backup -

SaaS & Network Backup

eDiscovery - -
A.I Photo Detection

OCR - -

SQL Backup -


(14-day trial)


(14-day trial)


(14-day trial)


(14-day trial)

The All-in-One Cloud

XcellHost is a complete solution that meets all of its user’s needs through a secure, flexible, and smart system

Disruptive A.I. Technologies

Traditional backup services can’t keep pace with your increasing data needs. Stay ahead of the curve by using A.I. power and skyrocket your productivity

full mid dashboard


Instantly search all your content
Remote backup Configuration & Restore
Complete Audit Logs
Discovery scanned document with OCR technology
Backup Policies
Stream Video
Mobile/Tablet backup
Active Directory Development
Automatic Backups
NAS/Network and external drive backup support
Hot/Cold Storage
Global language support -22 language
Data retention policies
Import/Export data directly to data center
User Access management
Organize files by tags
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I have used most of the well-known Backup providers (for home and business) and Backup Intelligence is by far the best I've come across.

-prashant sharma

Software is smart, powerful and easy to use.Customer service and support are first rate, and they instantly help you with any technical or billing issue.

-kishor pawar

It super easy to get started with Redevelop and we get a wealth of insights shared amongst the right group of decision-makers.

-naresh Ahuja


es. All maintenance upgrades are free.
For example, if you purchased Genie Backup Manager 7.0 or etc, you will be registered as a Genie Backup Manager 7.x customer. This means that any maintenance updates that are released (e.g..,,… 7.9) are included free of charge. Maintenance upgrades are minor versions that are released between major versions mainly to fix bugs, and include minor new features.
If a major upgrade is released (e.g., Genie Backup Manager 8.x), you will be required to pay a small upgrade fee to upgrade from Genie Backup Manager 7.x to 8.x. Please note: A major upgrade is upgrading from 1.x to 2.x, or 2.x to 3.x, and so forth. Major upgrades include significant new feature additions, and may include changes to the graphical user interface (GUI) etc.

Our software license agreement for a single user license allows the use of the registered program on only ONE computer. If you wish to install on one Desktop and one Laptop, you may purchase two licenses at a special Discounted Offer. Learn more about our offers or contact Sales at sales@xcellhost.cloud

Serial number locator form. Or you can connect to our customer portal for further support.

You can download evaluation versions from our website. Once you have the evaluation program installed use your existing registration serial number to register the program. If you don’t have your serial number you can find it here.


Azure Site Recovery

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