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We help you reduce your time to market through central configuration management & automating code releases

Our Managed DevOps Services Expert enhances the capability of IT organizationsby streamlining delivery
at a reduced cost.

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₹19099 /mo

5 Hours per Month

Business Hours support

Best for small DevOps tasks


₹57099 /mo

20 hours per month

Business Hours support

Automated Environments

CI/CD support


₹456699 /mo

160 Hours per Month

24x7x365 Monitoring

DevOps Automation


  • Technically expertise in making your business stand out among the competitors
  • Healthy DevOps culture with faster turnarounds and improved productivity
  • Minimized operating costs due to highly optimized processes and utilization of resources efficiently
  • Reduced risk of security issues through automation and continuous monitoring
  • Guaranteed faster time-to-market and better ROI

How Does XCELLHOST Managed DevOps Service Work?

Weekly Planning Sessions

Set strategic priorities and drive continuous improvement, using a flexible and iterative approach.

Continuous Modernization

Work with a dedicated team of Cloud-certified experts who live and breathe DevOps cloud.

Strategic Roadmapping

Create a phased roadmap with your Cloud-certified DevOps consultant that meets your short and long term goals.

Solution Architecting

Leverage the diverse experience and knowledge of our team to make your goals a reality.


Facilitate continuous improvement by leveraging technology that enables efficiency and innovation.

CI/CD Pipeline

Execute against your technology roadmap with a dedicated pool of DevOps engineering hours.

DevOps Practice

Get Started Fast

You can worry less about setting up, installing, and operating infrastructure on your own.

Fully Managed Services

You can worry less about setting up, installing, and operating infrastructure on your own.


You have the option to use each service via the Command Line Interface or through APIs and SDKs.


With purchase services as you need them and only for the period when you plan to use them

Built for Scale

You can manage a single instance or scale to thousands using services.


We helps you use automation so you can build faster and more efficiently.


Use Identity and Access Management (IAM) to set user permissions and policies.

Large Partner Ecosystem

We supports a large ecosystem of partners which integrate with and extend services.


Containerization tools
  • Docker
  • Podman
  • Docker Swarm
  • Apache Mesos
  • OpenVZ
  • LXC
  • Kubernets
Infrastructure automation tools
  • Ansible
  • Chef
  • Puppet
  • Terraform
CI/CD tools
  • GitLab CI/CD
  • Jenkins
  • Codeship
  • Travis CI
  • GoCD
  • Bamboo
  • TeamCity
  • Cloud Foundry
Test automation tools
  • Selenium
  • fMBT
  • TestStack.White
  • XCUITest
  • Ranorex
  • Appium
Monitoring tools
  • Zabbix
  • Prometheus
  • Nagios


Challenge 1

Resistance of employees to the DevOps implementation

XcellHost’s DevOps consultants provide proper training for your development, QA and testing, operations specialists to improve their teamwork skills and achieve their full adoption of DevOps tools and processes (e.g., CI/CD, infrastructure automation).

Challenge 2

Uncertainty about technologies to implement the DevOps initiative

Considering your DevOps implementation plan, XcellHost’s DevOps experts will help you to choose an appropriate set of containerization, CI/CD, infrastructure automation, and other tools aligned with your team’s needs, and configure them correctly.

Challenge 3

Difficulty in adapting legacy applications to DevOps

We suggest opting for application modernization, including application re-hosting, reengineering, recoding, to overcome difficulties with adapting your legacy applications to DevOps.

How our DevOps Managed Service works

We deliver transformation capabilities to your Product Teams To use the accordion click the header to expand the items.

Understanding priority features and issues in Product Teams.

We actively prioritise work that unblocks and accelerates progress.

To Discover bottlenecks and inefficiencies.

We hunt for any processes in your development teams that is costing them time.

DevOps Tool Chain



Code development and continuous integration tools


Version controls, build status and code merging


Continuous testing phases which determine performance


Artifact repository and application pre-deployment staging


Change management, release approvals and release automation


Infrastructure configuration and management


Applications performance monitoring and end–user experience

Faster Deployment

In today’s competitive business world, businesses have to keep pace with dynamic trends. Hence, the need for businesses to upgrade and modernize their applications has considerably increased. By leveraging the latest technological stack, we transform legacy applications into modern platforms to deliver increased performance, agility, security and reliability. With proven expertise and integrated technical services, we customize your application to fit your unique business requirements.


We follow an automated approach to manage workloads securely and perform testing from a unified interface. This ultimately benefits your business by reducing the risk and overall production time.


DevOps monitoring involves continuous monitoring of system performance and security. This supports your business growth strategy by enhancing user engagement with a reliable, high-performing product.

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Fully integrated set of tools for development: task tracker, pre- and post-commit code review, repository management, CI integration, chat, scheduling tools, wiki, project management tools, paste, graphics review tools, and many other helpful features.

-Ganesha Dewan

DevOps Services is really easy to navigate around to find code and compare with historical changes that have been made. The website layout is also simple and effective to use.

-mandeep kulkarni

Xecllhost DevOps Services is an awesome tool that we use to track and test our code, I like the clean interface and the way it connects to our other systems.

-Jay jagdish


DevOps–is a concept which encapsulates the collaborative relationship between development and IT operations, creating a reiterative lifecycle to continuously improve on a company's technology. Managed Services–takes over the perfunctory, frequently tedious IT maintenance such as problem ticket support.

Here are the top 7 DevOps principles and best practices that you need to follow.
  1. Version Control For All Production Artifacts. ...
  2. Continuous Integration and Deployment. ...
  3. Automated Acceptance Testing. ...
  4. Peer Review of Production Changes. ...
  5. High-Trust Culture. ...
  6. Proactive Monitoring of the Production Environment.
  7. Win-Win Relationship (and Outcomes) Between Dev and Ops

CALMS, which stands for Collaboration, Automation, Lean, Measurement and Sharing, is particularly helpful for analyzing an organization's DevOps structure, and ultimately, its utility in any organization

The DevOps process flow is all about agility and automation. Each phase in the DevOps lifecycle focuses on closing the loop between development and operations and driving production through continuous developmentintegrationtesting, monitoring and feedback, delivery, and deployment.

DevOps consultant is a certified DevOps professional who is usually hired to resolve a specific issue or to educate employees to use DevOps tools, and who works according to the principles of DevOps.

In short, the main principles of DevOps are automation, continuous delivery, and fast reaction to feedback. You can find a more detailed explanation of DevOps pillars in the CAMS acronym: Culture represented by human communication, technical processes, and tools.


Managed DevOps Services

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