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Get faster time to value with our Managed DLP Service.

Keeping your sensitive data out of the public domain.

A comprehensive Managed DLP program assisted by the knowledge and experience of a security expert groups.

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DLP services MANAGED features

Continuous Monitoring & management

Enhanced & Executive Reporting

Detection & Alerting & Rapid Response

Business Process Analysis

Fully managed DLP infrastructure

Managed Scan for Data-at-rest

Policy creation & tuning

Regular test of data breaches actions & overall system check.

Policy Enforcement

Monitoring first-line incidents & escalating which are important

Ensure DLP Software at latest tested release

Ensuring OS Patching Up to Date

key benefits

Fully Managed Data Protection Infrastructure

We deploy, host and manage your data protection infrastructure for you

Time to Value

Our proven methodologies helps you get to results fast. Digital Guardian customers achieve phase-one deployment in 90 days or less

No Upfront Cost

No upfront investment in technology or staff

Instant Access to Security Experts

Our security experts have 10+ years of experience implementing mission-critical data security, risk, incident response and compliance programs for Global 2000 companies and government agencies

Visibility, Reporting and Threat Alerts

Live and configurable reporting dashboards provide real-time insights into sensitive data location, usage and threats. Alerts and escalations of real-time insider and outsider threats

Provide guidance on policy, controls, auditing, and reporting

Xcellhost advisors can help an organization define useful policies and controls that are sustainable without putting undue load on administrators. We've compiled a comprehensive worksheet to help advance a data security program in its maturity. It includes:

Initial identification and definitions

Definition of business boundaries for data

Inventory of egress points from basic endpoints to IoT and cloud storage

Advanced classification of data

Data destruction policies, controls, and auditing

Automation of labeling, classification, and destruction

Operationalize reporting and auditing to close the loop

Product specific implementation tuning

Assistance in navigating the various compliance bodies such as HIPAA, PCI, etc.

Managed dlp lifecycle

Advisory Services
DLP Readiness Servcies

Strategic planning initiative to assess enterprise-wide preparation for DLP program rollout

DLP Enterprise Advisory Servcies

Expert guidance for DLP program rollout and adoption, leveraging proven best practices & methodology

Information Exposure Assessment

A holistic assessment of internal and external data loss threats,leveraging Security Advisory application/network vulnerability assessment,coupled with DLP technology & services

Product Enablement Services
DLP Core Implementation Servcies

Installation and configration of the XcellHost DLP suite,including advanced integration with LDAP/AD infrastructure for advanced workflow and departmental risk reporting

Upgrades / Solution Reviews

Major and minor product upgrades, including product knowledge exchange to customers's primary technical and business stakeholders

Quarterly Technical & Business Health Checks

Technical product and business checkups to confirm optimal DLP use & Enterprise-wide adoption & program maturity

Operational Services
Managed Network Discover/Protect

Leverage experienced resources and best practices to maximize technology investment and provides positive results to executive stakeholders

Managed Outcome-DLP Product Portfolio

Outsource DLP program ownership to XcellHost for maximum value and operational efficiency

Expert DLP Residencies

Business advisory and/or technical-focused resources to help accelerate DLP program creation and integration across the entire organization

Supported dlp

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Data loss prevention (DLP) is a type of software that protects sensitive data against unauthorized access, use, sharing, or other egresses. DLP solutions also assist network administrators in controlling which data end-users may transfer.

Data loss and security breaches are an issue for any business. For those organizations that don’t have the technology, expertise, or budget to implement and manage their own DLP program in house, DLP as a service has emerged as a smart alternative. DLP as a service gives organizations immediate access to DLP technologies that continually monitor for and protect against insider threats and attempts at data exfiltration, managed by the DLP vendor’s own team of security analysts.

Most DLP as a service solutions includes basic features such as monitoring and policy management and include policy packages for meeting compliance standards such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, and others. Leading DLP as a service providers build on these core features with the following options:

          * Customized policy creation and reporting
24/7 monitoring of alerts and activity
          * Additional data protection features available as a service such as advanced threat protection
          * Flexible deployment and management architectures for customers that have policies against cloud-based managed security services

Companies today rely on email, collaboration tools, mobile devices, and other technologies that promote productivity. However, all of these technologies that connect companies – including their workers, contractors, suppliers, partners, and other business partners – also put organizations at risk, as individuals often are given access to corporate networks and sensitive data to help them do their jobs.

There obviously is a need for DLP solutions. However, on-site DLP solutions can be too complex for organizations that lack in-house security expertise, or too costly for smaller or midsize organizations. The cloud helps deliver DLP as a service to organizations that face these obstacles. DLP managed services make it possible for organizations of all sizes to quickly deploy DLP solutions and manage policies more easily, without burdening limited in-house resources or budgets.

One of the most significant benefits of choosing DLP as a service is gaining more protection from other customers’ experiences. Assigns of malware and other intrusions occur, DLP as a service provider can deploy protective policies across their entire customer base to help defend them against the same security issues. Incorporating threat intelligence from hundreds or thousands of DLP deployments around the world means that DLP as a service customer can keep up with emerging threats and ensure proactive protection before they are even targeted by a new type of attack.

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