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Accelerate Your Digital Transformation with XcellHost Manage & Scale Kubernetes Infrastructure.

Completely Managed Kubernetes operations, including monitoring, deployment and optimized usage of Kubernetes in complex environments.

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From ₹12136/node/mo
Core Features
Upstream Open Source Kubernetes
Provisioning of Kubernetes Clusters
High Availability and Healing
Zero Downtime Cluster Upgrades
Instant Security Patching
Monitoring & logging
Multi-cluster management
Self service provisioning
CLI access
API access
Deployment Options
On Premises (BareOS)
Multi-version support Coming soon Coming soon
Regions 1 3 3+
Terraform integration Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon
OS Options
Managed Observability
Data retention Limited (<24 hr) Extended Extended
Alert integrations Limited Advanced Advanced
Log aggregation Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon
Log search Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon
Application management
Choice of private registry
Choice of CI/CD tools
Automatic alerts
Community support
Access to XcellHost support team
Support tickets / month 10 Unlimited
Support hours 24x7 24x7
Response time Severity based Severity based
Email support
Phone support
Live chat & video support
Automatic support ticket creation
Proactive remediation
Custom support model
Uptime SLA 99.9% 99.9%
Custom SLA model
Customer success
Onboarding support Docs Guided Full service
Customer Success Manager> Virtual Dedicated
CSM calls & reports Weekly
Solution Architect Dedicated
Regular business reviews
Custom CS plans
Whitelabelled UI
Networking & Storage integrations
Load balancing
CNI networking plugin support
Flexvolume driver support
Container Storage Interface (CSI) support Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon
Account Users 5 50 Unlimited
Kubernetes RBAC Basic
Security features
HTTPS/TLS communication
Password encryption with SHA512 algorithm
Mutual authentication using TLS v1.2
Code Signing
Encryption of data at rest for metadata
Virtual firewalls
Time-based one-time passwords
Management plane isolation
Commitment None Monthly or Annual Annual
Billing basis None Monthly or Annual Annual
Payment method Credit card / Invoice Custom
Payment period Pay upfront for month or year Custom
Discount 20% for annual Custom
From ₹12136/node/mo

Managed Kubernetes as a Service

Completely Managed Kubernetes operations, including monitoring, deployment and optimized usage of Kubernetes in complex environments.

  • Kubernetes Consulting and Advisory
  • Streamline Operations and Enhance Resource Efficiency
  • Managed Cluster Services
  • Leading Cloud Solutions
  • Enterprise-Grade Security
XenonStack Managed Kubernetes as a Service Image

Why Teams Choose XcellHost

  • Ease the learning curve and drive the adoption of Kubernetes
  • Setup, integrate and automate CI/CD pipelines quickly
  • Manage complex microservices applications
  • Launch a centralized Application Catalog leveraging Helm for turn-key application deployment
  • Implement operational best practices with integrated monitoring and security
  • Build and operate Kubernetes clusters on any cloud, VMware cluster, or bare- metal servers
  • Provision cloud Kubernetes clusters like GKE, EKS, and AKS
  • Integrate with Active Directory, LDAP and other IT services
  • Implement consistent authentication, role-based access control, and security policies across multiple Kubernetes clusters
  • Implement operational best practices with integrated monitoring and security

Use cases


Easily run Microservice applications on Managed Kubernetes while gaining access to the XcellHost platform and popular open source tools.

Application Migration

Easily containerize your current applications and migrate to XcellHost Cloud without revising your setup.


Run high-availability and scalable Cubernet clusters on the XcellHost Cloud while maintaining full compatibility with your local Cubernet deployments running elsewhere.


SQL and NoSQL databases for all requirements of your applications with best performance and cluster functionality.

Just One Platform

Unified Cluster Operations

XcellHost manages how Kubernetes clusters are deployed, operated, accessed and secured across your organization. From one platform, IT can set policies and investigate incidents with ease.

Kubernetes for DevOps

DevOps teams benefit from XcellHost’s self-service Kubernetes environments, which allow users enormous freedom to configure and manage Kubernetes

Run Kubernetes Everywhere

XcellHost includes RKE, a supported distribution of Kubernetes that can run on infrastructure. XcellHost also integrates with and manages cloud-hosted Kubernetes services such as Amazon EKS.

XenonStack Managed Kubernetes as a Service Image

Get the Most from Kubernetes, the Leading System for
Container Deployment, Scaling and Management

Fully Managed Services & Guidance

Let our experts install, operate and manage your highly available Kubernetes deployment, complete with best practice guidance on using Kubernetes features such as automatic container scheduling, horizontal scaling, self-healing and more.

Managed Cluster Services

Our team will install, configure and operate the logging, metrics, monitoring and image registry applications accompanying the Kubernetes cluster — so you can get your application up and running..

Day 2 Operations

Let us manage ongoing Day 2 operations for you — including updates, zero-downtime upgrades, patching and security hardening for Kubernetes, all managed cluster services and the node operating system.

Superior Economics

Save up to half* over operating Kubernetes yourself, with options to help you better predict and control costs. Plus, with our entirely open-source technology stack, you save on licensing costs and avoid vendor lock-in.

Enterprise-Grade Security

We secure the technology stack from the infrastructure to the cluster itself, including the containers running inside the cluster and the additional services required to run applications.

Strategic Flexibility

You can consume Kubernetes-as-a-Service in either a capex or opex model in your choice of data centers around the world to help meet security, compliance and data sovereignty needs.

Easy integration of cloud-native solutions

Managed Kubernetes is a complete (i.e. as standard as possible) “vanilla” Kubernetes as defined by the CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation). K8s is most effective when it can interact with a wide range of complementary services (such as istio, linkerd, Prometheus, Traefik, Envoy, fleuntd, rook, and many others) that are connected via APIs. Enterprise Cloud users can install the additional services of their choice themselves.

Free up valuable resources for your DevOps team

Managed Kubernetes is a free service. This includes deployment, admin, security and updating of the geo-redundant Kubernetes control plane you design, as well as the maintenance and updates to the system environment of the worker nodes.

You purchase only the infrastructure you need, such as number of cores, RAM, storage and traffic, according to usage you require. The control plane is executed on its own (virtual) machine instances. There are no costs for the master node.

Fully integrated persistent storage

Using the default CSI-based XcellHost StorageClass, running stateful applications is as easy as running a simple stateless web server. Persistent volumes (PV) are automatically created through a persistent volume claim (PVC) and attached to your worker nodes running your pods.

Designed to be fault tolerant, your volume will even be migrated in case of a node failure. Based on the double redundant storage architecture of our Enterprise Cloud, persistent storage is not a source of frustration with a XcellHost Managed Kubernetes cluster.

High-resilience infrastructure

IONOS by 1&1 Managed Kubernetes clusters support multiple node pools spread across numerous data centers. Geo-redundant distribution of pods and service create a highly fault-tolerant architecture and guarantees the highest availability of a cluster.

Since the control plane is also designed to be highly available and geo-redundant, a cluster survives — even in the event of total data center failure.

Visual cluster and node pool management

Not only can Managed Kubernetes be comfortably administered through the Kubernetes API, it is also an integral part of the IONOS Enterprise Cloud Data Center Designer (DCD). Using the DCD you can create clusters, create node pools or delete them directly—all from the graphical user interface of the IONOS Enterprise Cloud.

Integration within the DCD rounds out your Kubernetes deployment options in the IONOS Enterprise Cloud environment and makes it possible to get an overview of the existing Managed Kubernetes Clusters at any time.

Provision and deploy K8s clusters in a matter of minutes

Test out Managed Kubernetes without restriction and obligation free for 30 days with an Activation Bonus of $100!


Quick registration

Create your admin account in just a few simple steps. Secured with 2-factor authentication.


Simple setup

Create your node pools in the DCD hassle-free. Provision and deploy your first container quickly and easily using admin API access.


Ready to go

Once the configuration is finished, you can start operating within a few minutes.


Our administrators and developers are Kubernetes certified to provide you with the best possible solution to your problems.


talk to our cloud expert


Its best feature is orchestration. Vertical scaling can be accomplished by using a docker swarm, but it is not feasible. The idea of pods makes maintenance very simple

-akash mandal

Kubernetes can run in company datacenters as well as in Public cloud. It simplify management of containers. Automated deployment and rollbacks are possible with this.Its really awesome tool

-shivam soni

We are using Kubernetes currently in production, and are in the process of transitioning our entire department to using it. It has simplified and sped up our development process due to the ability to model in miniature our entire environment.

-harsh solanki


Managed Kubernetes is when third-party providers take over responsibility for some or all of the work necessary for the successful set-up and operation of K8s. ... When managed Kubernetes services include a hosting platform, they will also manage all of the maintenance and configuration needed for your infrastructure.

Kubernetes cluster management is how an IT team manages a group of Kubernetes clusters. ... Organizations that want to use Kubernetes at scale or in production will have multiple clusters, such as for development, testing, and production, distributed across environments and need to be able to manage them effectively.

Kubernetes (also known as k8s or "kube") is an  container orchestration platform that automates many of the manual processes involved in deploying, managing, and scaling containerized applications. ... Kubernetes clusters can span hosts across on-premise, public, private, or hybrid clouds.

Kubernetes offers portability, and faster, simpler deployment times. This means that companies can take advantage of multiple cloud providers if needed and can grow rapidly without having to re-architect their infrastructure.

It is a way to capitalize on the open source Kubernetes platform by adding value through managed services. Organizations that want to use Kubernetes benefit, too. With managed Kubernetes, they get easy access to a Kubernetes cluster without having to set up and maintain it themselves.

2265 companies reportedly use Kubernetes in their tech stacks, including :
  • Shopify.
  • Google.
  • Slack.
  • Robinhood.
  • StackShare.
  • Delivery Hero.
  • Stack.
  • Nubank.


The VectorN Detection engine is a new feature and its purpose is to search for patterns within the blocks that Thor's Traffic Scanning records. 

  • It works across-the-board on any Windows™ device;
  • It does not rely on scanning the code or auditing any system processes. Instead, the new technology uses Machine Learning Detection (MLD) to perform an in-depth analysis of all incoming and outgoing HTTP, HTTPS and DNS traffic.
  • It matches Machine Learning (MLD) insights with Indicators of compromise/attack (IOC/IOA) and network forensics, turning Thor Foresight into a unique, proactive cybersecurity suite.
  • It helps users discover even hidden, second-generation malware that tries to infect the endpoint or attempts to harvest data from the compromised system.
  • By tracking device-to-infrastructure communication, this technology enables users to detect and block advanced malware, regardless of the attack vector.


If Thor Foresight's Traffic Scanning is blocking a specific domain or multiple domains at a specific time of the day, VectorN Detection will consider this a pattern and will inform the user that there might be a possible threat. 


- A domain is blocked multiple times a day in a very short time period.

- A domain is blocked every day at a specific time 

- Multiple domains are blocked in a very short time period. 

Thor Premium product line-up includes 2 main product branches: Thor Foresight and Thor Vigilance. The products complement each other, and they should be combined in order to offer maximum system and network protection. 

Thor Foresight has been specifically designed to protect you from financial and data-stealing malware while doing banking operations and keep you safe from Zero Hour malware and security exploits frequently employed by IT, criminals.

  1. When Thor is installed your local DNS is changed to 127.7.7.x and your DNS server is saved by Thor in the registries.
  2. Four new services will be activated: Heimdal Antivirus, Heimdal Client Host, Heimdal DarkLayer Guard and Heimdal Uptime Checker, all of them set to Automatic
  3. Two new folders will be created, one in Program Files or Program File (x86), depending on the OS architecture and one in ProgramData.
  4. One icon in the Taskbar
  5. One certificate in the Trusted People folder.

In case you suspect that your antivirus is interfering with Heimdal Security’s functionality, you’ll need to add some exceptions to allow Thor to work properly.

Here are some examples of potential interferences:

The Heimdal services do not start at Windows’s start-up or the network adapter’s DNS is not set for some reason even if the Traffic Scanning is ON.

The files you need to add are located in this path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Heimdal (you need to add them one by one) 

- Heimdal.Agent​​
- Heimdal.AgentLoader​​
- Heimdal.ClientHost​​
- Heimdal.SecureDNS​
- Heimdal.UptimeChecker.exe
- Heimdal.AgentError.exe

Restart the computer and check if everything is working as it should!

  1. When Thor is installed your local DNS is changed to 127.7.7.x and your DNS server is saved by Thor in the registries.
  2. Four new services will be activated: Heimdal Antivirus, Heimdal Client Host, Heimdal DarkLayer Guard and Heimdal Uptime Checker, all of them set to Automatic
  3. Two new folders will be created, one in Program Files or Program File (x86), depending on the OS architecture and one in ProgramData.
  4. One icon in the Taskbar
  5. One certificate in the Trusted People folder.


Managed Kubernetes


Performance Cloud-1

Performance Cloud

Simplify your cloud infrastructure with XcellHost robust set of tools to develop, deploy, and scale your applications faster and easier.

Dedicated GPU Cloud

GPU Cloud

Accelerate your machine learning and deep learning workloads with Tesla V100 and Nvidia T4 based GPU instances.

Bare metal Cloud

Bare Metal Cloud

Experience bare-metal performance on Cloud with zero noisy neighbor problem, and reliable performance.