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XcellHost Risk and Threat Protection Solution Hardens and Protects Microsoft 365 Against Attacks

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Protect every asset, process, and user in your Microsoft 365 deployment

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The Heart of Our Microsoft 365 Protection

When you sign up for our Microsoft 365 security program, you receive two primary services.

First, the hands-off management of the many specific security controls that Microsoft has built into Microsoft 365, and expects you or your security provider to appropriately configure and govern (Discussed above).
Second, a specialized deployment of our signature AI-driven MDR program, tailored to the unique requirements of securing Microsoft 365-based infrastructures.

This combination provides you with:

Round-the-clock expertise
We employ over 1,000 security experts, located in every time zone, to give you both virtual and on-premise SMEs, 24x7x365.
Simplified security visibility.
We condense Microsoft 365 complex security management into a single dashboard for you to monitor.
AI-driven automated defences
Our proprietary AI platform automates many security tasks, allowing us to perform complex detection, containment, and remediation within your Microsoft 365 platform without waiting for human intervention.
Protection that extends well beyond Microsoft’s assistance.
Microsoft 365 built-in security features for your Microsoft 365assets, processes, and users is simply not enough.

Microsoft 365 MDR features

Risk Identification
Implement Protective Controls
Detection Tuning
Active Protection Validation
Threat Detection
Scenario-Based Hunting
Free Form Threat hunting
Alert and Detection Tuning
Recover From Attacks
Continuous Improvement
Improved Secure Score

The Elegant Answer to Your Microsoft 365 Security Problem

Managing your Microsoft 365 security controls can feel like a full-time job, added to your already full plate of routine security tasks. Let us manage your Microsoft 365 security for
you, so you won’t have to worry about compromising your organization’s most critical platform. Our MDR for Microsoft 365 service will give you:

Hands-off Management of Your Microsoft 365 Security

We will configure, monitor, and manage the many internal security controls within your Microsoft 365 configuration. Through these controls, we will take care of your data governance, threat management, service assurance, search & investigations, as well as the relevant compliance activities required to stay on the right side of your industry’s regulators.

Complete Microsoft 365 Cloud App Security

Gain full visibility into Microsoft 365 app usage, control and protect your critical data as it moves between and operates within your Microsoft 365 cloud applications, and enforce company policies to defend against internal and external threats.

Multi-tiered Threat Management

Let us safeguard your organization from inappropriate data access and loss, filter malware and spam from your inboxes, and apply advanced threat intelligence within your Microsoft 365 deployment, allowing you to map, remediate, and prevent threats that move through your Microsoft 365 assets, processes, and users.

xcellhost protect against

Business Email Compromise
Ransomware and Malware
Account Attacks
Tenant Attacks
Endpoint Compromise
Configuration Risk

microsoft 365 Active Protection Platform

Xcellhost Active Protection Platform

  • Risk and threat management dashboards
  • Continuous validation and automated compliance and security policy enforcement
  • Advanced Threat Detection policies
  • One-click configuration, policy and threat remediation
  • Integrated threat intelligence to provide real-time protection against emerging threats

Xcellhost Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Services

  • Tier 3 and 4 intrusion analysts, forensic investigators and engineers to support your SOC, NOC or Security personnel
  • Threat hunting
  • Event/incident investigation
  • Expert analysis of your threat landscape to identify and deploy protective hardening recommendations

Xcellhost Risk and Threat Protection Solution Hardens and
Protects Microsoft 365 Against Attacks

Microsoft 365 is one of the most highly utilized SaaS products in the world, also making it a highly targeted environment.

Unfortunately, in efforts to promote adoption of the cloud version of their productivity suite, Microsoft has allowed inadequate default configuration for security protections, threat detection and native investigation tools.

In addition, navigating the complex and multiple dashboards, confusing licensing and rapid changes has left many administrators frustrated. Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers (CSPs) often represent that they are configuring security, however the focus is on operational deployment and basic security settings.

Xcellhost provides the expertise with a step by step process to secure your Microsoft 365 environment, detect and enforce any changes to protective controls and monitor and response to threats to the environment or users.

Xcellhost provides continuous hardening and protection of Microsoft 365 environments which can be customized to operate within your organization’s enterprise security program.

Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance Assessment

Xcellhost Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance Assessment is the first step in the process to ensure your organization is fully leveraging your investment in Microsoft 365 and deploying the security features you already own in the most effective way, to prevent a Business Email Compromise (BEC) or Account Takeover (ATO) attack.

We will assess your current Microsoft 365 environment including all of the products, features and configurations your organization has deployed. Once our analysis is complete, you will have a detailed remediation roadmap to begin to better secure your environment, using the tools you already own.

Xcellhost reports are organized in alignment with the NIST Cyber Security Framework.

Findings are based on the Center for Internet Security (CIS) benchmarks and Xcellhost best practices.

Xcellhost provides prioritized remediation recommendations based on licensing levels, the estimated level of effort and estimated impact on users.

After remediation, the next step in the Xcellhost process is to validate, enforce and monitor your secure Microsoft 365 environment, using the Xcellhost Active Protection Platform. Xcellhost can also customize a complete Microsoft 365 MDR solution to detect and respond to threats and continuously strengthen your Microsoft 365 environment.

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Managed Microsoft 365 Detection & Response - WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS HAVE TO SAY?

We operate in a highly regulated industry, that’s very complex and a huge target for cyber criminals. Xcellhost has identified holes in our existing security structures, solved our most complex security issues, and done so with extreme sensitivity to helping us maintain compliance.

-adesh panday

They provide full reporting in the event of anything resembling a security event, and keep us operational, and in good stead with our regulators, no matter what happens.

-shilpa shinde

Xcellhost AI-driven MDR service gives us world-class security at a fraction of the price we’d pay if we tried to build out equal cyber defenses on our own. They’ve become a true partner with our in-house team

-mukesh sharma


Cyber threats are rising in both volume and sophistication every day. Traditionally, Cyber defense has been at a disadvantage- attackers needed to succeed just once while defenders had to protect a large, ever-expanding attack surface 24×7. No amount of people can mine through all your security and IT data to detect modern threats, and respond quickly to contain attacks. Xcellhost MDR overcomes this disadvantage by combining AI and automation with people skills to deliver end to end threat management.

First, MDR services provide your enterprise with 24/7 monitoring. No one can overstress the importance of this power in modern cybersecurity. Hacking now represents a global enterprise (indeed, some hackers even form corporate hierarchies) worth potentially billions. A penetrative attack or dwelling threat could strike at literally any time. 

However, your IT security team (probably) does not constitute automatons with no need for sleep or food or relaxation. Trying to hold them to overnights shifts and weekends not only foments burn out but it can also breed resentment and mass departures. 

Sure, automation, as provided by a SIEM solution, can help the problem, but it works optimally when directed and partnered with human intelligence. This puts you back at square one. 

Therefore, utilizing the 24/7 monitoring of MDR services can significantly improve your enterprise cybersecurity posture. Just having more eyes more consistently gives hackers less room to conceal their attacks. 

Let’s take a look at the numbers. According to Symantec and ISACA:

  • An estimated 1.5 to 2 million cybersecurity jobs shall remain unfilled this year.
  • Each year 40,000 cybersecurity go unfilled. 
  • Meanwhile, another 200,000 cybersecurity-related positions are left unstaffed. 

Simultaneously, another report by the (ISC)² Cybersecurity Workforce Study found: 

  • The cybersecurity workforce gap numbers around 3 million. 
  • 63% of enterprises need more cybersecurity staff. 
  • 59% face increased risk due to the staffing crisis.    

If our Managed Detection and Response FAQ intrigued you, you should check out our SIEM Buyer’s Guide; many of the top SIEM providers also offer MDR services. In the guide, we dive into the major market players and their key capabilities.

Generally, cybersecurity jobs across the country and the globe remain perilously unstaffed. Those professionals working to protect enterprises find themselves frequently overwhelmed and potentially burnt out from the frequent demands of their jobs. 

While understaffing can pose serious problems, burn out proves much more insidious. In fact, it could result in a data breach down the line as your professionals lack the drive to chase down threats. Yet without a full cybersecurity staff or the means to give them time for self-care, burnout becomes inevitable.  

Obviously, 24/7 monitoring represents the most crucial capability of MDR services. However, this doesn’t represent the full suite of their tools. Indeed, MDR services also offer targeted incident response. 

Your enterprise can absolutely select an MDR service which conducts your incident response for you, allowing your IT team to act as a liaison. Additionally, you can call upon MDR to assist your own team’s threat hunting and remediation efforts. This depends on your IT security team, their capabilities, and what gaps you wish to close. 

No matter your answer, enterprise MDR services usually offer direct communication channels so you can always reach them with your concerns and queries. Your enterprise can also ask your MDR service to run investigations for you since this proves one of the most stressful and time-consuming activities for IT professionals.  

Most MDR services can also provide with leveraged threat intelligence for up-to-date strategies and capabilities. Furthermore, you can call upon your solution provider to help you maintain and deploy cybersecurity solutions, including SIEM. For example, it can help conduct and evaluate your security event correlation and investigations.  

Above all, MDR services offer your enterprise human intelligence on call to ensure the optimal performance of your cybersecurity solutions. That’s nothing to sneer at by any stretch of the imagination.


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