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We take the complexity out of deploying and managing Microsoft 365 across large organizations.

Managed services from XcellHost helps you harness the power of Microsoft 365 with less of a burden on central IT.

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Managed Microsoft 365 Plans with 24x7 Support

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Unlimited Email Storage & Retension Keep Your Data Safe Meet Basic Email Needs
Add XcellHost Cloud Services Email Archiving For Microsoft 365 to any plan to help meet regulatory
Rs.227.93 /user /month
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Add Microsoft Azure Rights Management to any plan to get advanced message encryption & content
Rs.227.93 /user /month
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Microsoft 365 Exchange online-only access to Exchange email, mobile access and 2GB of
Rs.227.93 /user /month
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Why microsoft 365 Managed Services


You don’t need to hire full-time dedicated professionals, as you can use qualified expertise only when you need it and pay only for this period. Besides, managed services specialists act pro-actively towards your Microsoft 365 environment, which reduces lost revenue caused by downtime and expenses on remediating critical technology issues.

Improved efficiency of an IT team.

If you turn to a managed services provider for handling daily maintenance of your Microsoft 365 environment, the in-house IT team will be able to focus on the technological support of the core business activities, which will increase your enterprise’s productivity.

Security and compliance support.

Managed services provide 24/7 security monitoring of Microsoft 365 . Managed services specialists follow compliance regulations like GDPR, PCI, SOC Type I, HIPAA. They adjust your Microsoft 365 environment to new requirements ensuring regulatory compliance.

Retained business continuity.

Microsoft 365 managed services ensure high availability to end users and continuous performance without disruption, which supports efficiency and stability of business processes that are dependent on technology (collaboration, workflows, etc.).

Access to expertise.

Even with a well-trained IT team of your own, the odds are that it doesn’t have a dedicated expert who specializes in support and maintenance of the Microsoft 365 environment.

Timely updates.

Microsoft releases updates on a regular basis and they come to the cloud first. Microsoft 365 managed services will keep your enterprise in tune with the times.

What We Do

Xcellhost Microsoft 365 managed services for enterprises comprise:

Round-the-clock coverage.
Our managed services are available 24x7x365.

Ongoing Microsoft 365 monitoring.
Real-time access to Microsoft 365 data allows us to detect errors as soon as they appear and set up fixing them right away.

Ongoing system performance check.
Xcellhost team troubleshoots performance issues of your Microsoft 365 solution, such as an outage of reporting and monitoring systems, application errors and more.

Help desk
We process trouble, advice and improvement requests according to an SLA.

Security check
We evaluate the security level of your Microsoft 365 solution, including analyzing enabled authentication mechanisms, verifying antivirus configuration and more.

Patch installation
Our team regularly installs security patches to ensure well-protected functioning of Microsoft 365 solutions. We apply the zero downtime patching method to avoid operating discontinuity during patch installation. Besides security patches, we also install bug fixes and patches that improve performance and usability of Microsoft 365 solutions.


Based on monitoring your Microsoft 365 applications and collecting various metrics, we deliver weekly and monthly status reports. They contain information on the state of the Microsoft 365 environment and performance of the suite's applications. Specifically, we analyze:

Authentication and networking
Search configuration
Security configuration

microsoft 365 Managed Services by Xcellhost

End-user support

We handle user requests on Microsoft 365 issues rapidly and effectively and advise on adding or improving the suite’s features.

Customization support

We solve customization issues with your Microsoft 365 solutions (portals, collaboration apps, etc.).

Integration support

We see to the stable work of your Microsoft 365 solution's integrations with CRM, ERP, ECM and other enterprise systems.

microsoft 365 managed services

  • Managed service - monitoring & remediation

  • Xcellhost unique management and monitoring platform provides engineer visibility into and issue alerts for your solution

  • Support engineers autonomously work to remediate critical security, and data and device availability issues

  • The managed services team is available to address escalated standard reactive and proactive support issues

  • On-going work is carried out regularly to remediate lower priority issues that may not have immediate business impact

  • Xcellhost acts fully on your behalf with Microsoft for the escalation of platform issues

  • Managed service - reporting & continuous improvement

  • Dynamic reporting is used to analyse on-going issues across the solution

  • Our continuous improvement service uses analysis from monitoring tools and solution support history to ensure recommendations are tailored to your business

  • Service review is via in-person meetings or other customer-preferred communication channel

  • Managed service engineers are available for 1-1 discussion regarding individual issues of concern

  • Advice and guidance is provided on all aspects of your Microsoft 365 solution and overall IT strategy

key benefits

roadmap development
& maturity assesment
tent setup
& management
escalation management
& reporting
unlimited 24x7
return on
stong expertise in
microsoft m365

Support Services Includes

phone % email
& helpdesk
issue troubleshooting
& resolution
subscription / license & management
online help assistance relatex
to m365 configuration
Microsoft 365 exchange management
& mail flow management

XcellHost Key Capabilities


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Managed Microsoft 365 - WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS HAVE TO SAY?

Quick and Easy updates. Easier back end management of users and licenses. Infrastructure cost have gone down.

-Dhiraj soni

It is used across the whole company. The idea is to have access to data from various sources and equipment.

-tariq shaik

Best and easy to configure collaboration tools for enhanced and synchronized business working.

-Aastha Bhowal


Microsoft 365 is a productivity cloud tool that combines Office applications with enabling cloud services, device management with advanced security and compliance controls.

1. Our specialist handles you Microsoft 365 so that you don't need to hire a full-time Professional.

2. Your IT team will able to focus on the core business activities, which will increase your enterprise’s productivity.

3. Microsoft releases updates on a regular basis and they come to the cloud-first.

4. We ensure an uninterrupted experience to the end-users without any disruption.

You can connect to our sales though sales@xcellhost.cloud and get started.

We’ve been Office 365 experts since its launch. During that time we’ve helped businesses of all sizes and industries get familiar with their new setup in a way that works for them.

We’ll migrate your business to Office 365 in a fast, hassle-free, highly tailored manner, based on your budget, and the applications and tools your employees already use in their day-to-day working life.

XcellHost provides monitoring and remediation regularly so that your business does not impact from any immediate issues. We also provide dynamic reports for any on-going issue. We analyze your activity and history to provide the best solution to your business.

XcellHost is always in your assistance though phone or email helpdesk.


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