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Managed services from XcellHost you get full support of the world’s leading cloud platforms, saving you the pain and complexity of doing it yourself. Whatever your cloud mix, we'll help you get the most out of IT.

Cloud Consultation

We offer a range of cloud consulting services to help enterprises make the most of the cloud. This includes Managed Services, Cloud Assessment, Cloud Strategy & Cloud Migration.

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Cloud Monintoring

Map & Monitor Your Whole Infrastructure in Real-Time with our Monitoring Tools. Full Stack Infrastructure Monitoring & Management, Available in the Cloud or On-Premise.

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Managed Cloud

With cloud managed services from XcellHost you get full support of the world’s leading cloud platforms, saving you the pain and complexity of doing it yourself. Whatever your cloud mix, we'll help you get the most out of IT.

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Managed Backup Service

Our centralized managed backup agent installs and upgrades, licensing, reporting, monitoring, and backup / restore jobs from the portal. Proactive monitoring and management of your backups for a fixed monthly fee.

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Managed Database Service

Fully managed intelligent database services. Wherever your data is, We will help you unlock its potential. Makes it easy to set up and manage your relational PostgreSQL, MySQL, and SQL Server databases in the cloud. Delightful support 24x7x365.

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Managed DevOps Service

Identify Effective Ways To Automate Your Processes. Improve the quality of software, developer experience and the frequency of delivery without the disruption. Migrate to continuous delivery and automated testing in the cloud. Expert Technical Support.

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Managed Kubernetes

Fully managed private Kubernetes clusters. Cost effective. Pure upstream. Focus on your business while Canonical builds and manages your Kubernetes in minutes. Managed Kubernetes designed for container orchestration.

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Managed Webmaster Service

Regardless if you have a simple website or a comprehensive multi-facet online presence, we can help reduce risk, cut operations costs and help optimize your online presence Looking to keep your website up-to-date, design facelift, functionality enhancement, or performance & security services. We've got you covered

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Managed Remote Infra

Gain access to top IT expertise, reduce your IT costs—and focus on growing your business. Managed IT Services enable businesses to outsource part or all of their technology management, with the goal of simplifying IT operations and reducing costs.

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Seamlessly migrate the business applications to any environment for improved efficiency, scalability and reduced costs.Being a top-notch migration service provider we can effectively tackle all the complexities associated with migration in proper manner.

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Cloud Training

Gain In-depth master concepts from Linux, Cloud, Security, Compliance, Migration, and DevOps, across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. Get Intensively Trained.

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Virtual CIO

Dedicated resource who serves as a Chief Information Officer on a flexible basis. Their primary role is to formulate strategic IT goals for your company, and then manage an IT strategy and budget that meets those goals. Most vCIOs are hired through reputable IT consulting services.

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Virtual DPO

Our Virtual DPO will work closely with operations and technology risk management, compliance and legal teams to identify legal and regulatory obligations

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