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Maximize Your Security Through SIEM While Minimizing Your Effort.
Save time, money, and effort by letting XcellHost security experts handle your SIEM.
Address the always-changing landscape of cyber threats and security technologies,By filtering and prioritizing alerts, we help you to stay safe and compliant.

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why Managed SIEM

Monitor entire network

Audit and analyse every threat 24/7 – a proactive and preventive security approach.

Quickly identify threats

Continuous network monitoring reduces cyber security risks before escalation.

Real-time security

Monitor, assess and prioritise genuine cyber threats and incidents.

Stay 100% compliant

Compile weekly, monthly or quarterly reports tailored to your exact compliance needs.

Regular health checks

Carry out regular checks and maintenance to minimise risk of disruption.

Specialist help

Receive expert support and advice from SIEM experts based in the INDIA.

key Benefits

Identify threats As Soon As They Occur
Focus On Remidation Rather Than Detection
Maximise The Benefits Of SIEM Investment
Meet Compliance Needs
SLA - Mesuarable Escalation
Service Based On ITIL4 Framework

XcellHost Threat Anticipation Service

Adapted to the Profile and Needs of Your Enterprise

We offer cloud-based and on-premise SIEM services. In both cases, we define SIEM rules specifically to your business requirements and IT context. These rules are also designed for the efficient filtration and identification of security threats, ensuring that XcellHost engineers focus on the specific threats with the highest impact on your security.

24x7x365 Security Operations

No matter where your operations are in the world, Paladion has an SOC to support them for SIEM. Our skilled security engineers track your SIEM data around the clock. Our advanced proprietary SIEM platform scales to handle any volume and rate of transmission of security incident and event data.

Security Alerts as and when Needed

In SIEM data, false positives are always a potential problem. Your Paladion team provides advanced threat detection by correlating event logs, data flows, and threat intel to identify real threats in real time. We then alert you if and only if needed, making sure your cyber security is optimized while keeping your internal time and effort to a minimum.

Reporting and Archiving

We provide you with frequent and regular reports on security and compliance. We also archive information for audits and analysis, providing valuable trend data to complement real time security data processing.

key Features

Simple, Affordable, Headcount-based Pricing
365 days of searchable
Security Monitoring and Incident Response
Log aggregation, search and reporting
No need for expensive
Full User/Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) included natively
Report Customization and SIEM Engineering Support
Custom Data
Source Ingestion
24/7 SOC - Mean Time to Investigate of less than 3 minutes
Access to XcellHost experts for SIEM
security detection
and response
Compliance documentation
and reporting
SOC Automations
for Remediation
Custom Correlations
and Reports

Managed SIEM Overview

Supported Tools


Security Information and Event Management technologies integrate with a wide range of event log and threat intelligence sources to help organisations identify and respond to security incidents.

SIEM combines the event monitoring, correlation and notification capabilities of security event management (SEM) with the analysis, retention and reporting functions of security information management (SIM).

SIEM solutions work by aggregating and analysing log data from devices, infrastructure, systems and applications and generating alerts for security teams to review and respond to.

SIEM is used by organisations to improve visibility of cyber security threats inside a network. SIEM solutions can help to achieve the cyber security monitoring capabilities needed to support compliance with the GDPR, NIS Directive, PCI DSS, as well as other data regulations and standards.

With so many SIEM solutions available, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. Some technology vendors incorporate SIEM as part of broader threat management platforms.

Rather than focusing purely on price or reputation, buyers should consider how well a SIEM solution will integrate with existing data sources to provide the threat coverage and visibility needed to address SIEM use cases. Deployment options, support for threat intelligence sources and incident response capabilities are also important considerations.

To facilitate event correlation and alerting, SIEM tools collect logs from a wide range of data sources. Sources typically include network devices, infrastructure, systems, applications and security technologies such as firewalls, endpoint protection platforms and intrusion detection and prevention systems. To enhance threat visibility and coverage, some SIEM tools can also be integrated with Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) tools.

A shift in the SIEM market, largely driven by cloud, has seen vendors’ delivery models change from perpetual to fixed term licencing. The price of a SIEM tool can be dependent on factors such as volume of log events, number of employees, and storage requirements.

If not deployed and maintained properly, SIEM solutions can generate a sizeable volume of alerts. Organisations without a large, dedicated security team often struggle with the time-consuming task of trawling through SIEM alerts to identify genuine security incidents. Even when genuine threats are identified, knowing how to quickly and effectively respond them is a separate challenge in itself.

A managed SIEM service helps organisations to bridge the resource gap by providing the latest SIEM technology as well as the security professionals needed to manage and monitor it, 24/7.


Managed SIEM

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