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Managed SOAR helps to relieve your security experts and shortens the response time in case of security incidents.
We accelerate and automate security operations & incident resolution by orchestration of security resources & integrating disparate security systems on SOAR Platforms.

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why Managed SOAR

Hunting And Investigation
Forensic Evidence Management
Flexible Integratms & Event Parsing
Reporting &s KPIs
Automation Orchestration
Knowledge Transfer & Machine Learning
Community Portal & Community Edition
Intuitive Incident Response Workflows

key benefits

Maximize the efficiency of limited staff
Simplify Governance, Risk, and Compliance
Simultaneously address the multiple alerts
Reduce Dwell time by affected system
Enable Consistent and Collaborative Incident Response
Reduce Time from Alert
to Triage
Integration and connectors with multiple endpoint
Reduce Mean Time to Detect (MTTD) for all incidents

Managed SOAR Services

Cyberthreats today are constantly changing, leaving many organizations struggling to keep up with the speed of cybercriminals. To minimize damage, fast action is needed to block active attacks and contain compromises. Many organizations are limited in their ability to rapidly contain threats and don’t have the resources to maintain a 24/7/365 operation.

Playbooks for validation of actionable threat
Automation and orchestration of response
Quickly isolate hosts or contain endpoints


Automatically block an IP address or a compromised device from outbound communication

Automated defenses for user accounts, including forced password reset or timed lockout

Quickly remove or quarantine a device from your network

Proactively block newly detected attackers found in other networks via threat hunting

Defined playbook for Security Analysts to use for validation of actionable threats

Management and measurement of the incident response process

Managed Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) Services

For experienced security operations team, keeping up with the evolving threat landscape, increasingly complex IT environments, and changing regulatory compliance requirements is becoming difficult day by day. According to a research survey by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG)1, organizations use somewhere between 20-30 individual products, and most creating their own logs and creating hundreds of security alerts overload resulting in inconsistent triage. The report says 54% of those surveyed by ESG say that their organization collects, processes, and analyses more than 6TB of security data monthly, facing over 174,000 alerts per week on average, and are able to review only around 12,000 of them, which results in high MTTR (Mean Time to Respond), taking an average of 4.35 days to resolve an incident as per research findings.

Enhancing Your Cyber Protectoion

Supported Tools


Coined by research company Gartner, Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) is a term used to describe the convergence of three distinct technology markets: security orchestration and automation, security incident response platforms (SIRP), and threat intelligence platforms (TIP).

SOAR technologies enable organizations to collect and aggregate vast amounts of security data and alerts from a wide range of sources. This assists human and machine-led analysis, as well as the standardization and automation of threat detection and remediation.

Manually detecting and responding to cyber-incidents is a time-killing and challenging task. Analysts struggle at the incident response phase because various repetitive actions need to be automated immediately.

Manually, analysts can't deal with the absurd number of security alerts received each day. However, if all these threats and warnings are not appropriately addressed, it will significantly increase the chances of a new incident.

Any machine-driven execution of a process can be called automation, just like that, here as well it is the machine-driven execution of security tools and I.T. systems as a part of "incident response."

Earlier these tasks were performed by humans, but now with the automation feature of the SOAR tools, the I.T. security team can formalize decision-making workflow, describe standardized automation steps, enforcement actions, and auditing capabilities.

For productive automation, the response tasks carried out by the automated systems must be defined sequentially. Automation offers both proactive as well as reactive security measures.

Proactively, the automation playbook can perform threat-hunting and security operations. It helps the analysts in identifying vulnerabilities or threats before the occurrence of a real incident. On the other hand, reactively, the automation playbook can monitor & track incident response metrics, perform case management, and carry out 'incident response.'

Security orchestration is the process of integrating different technologies and connecting various security tools (both non-security specific and security-specific) that includes modern SIEM tools to make them work together and enhancing the incident response. The intelligent integration of SIEM tools with the SOAR platform strengthens the organization’s security architecture.

In the present scenario, cyber-attacks are sophisticated and more frequent than before. Moreover, the organization's capability to respond to these attacks is inadequate and inefficient.

Manpower plays an essential role in security orchestration because automated solutions are somewhat incapable of spotting subtle signs of a threat or hack.

For instance, the alert system used by your SOAR security tools is not fully capable of determining whether an email is malicious or not. Instead, the users or the analyst have to act like Sherlock Holmes to look for any clues and ask themselves questions like:

          * Did any other system receive such an email?

          * What is the origin of the email or the I.P. address?

Since cyber-attacks and cybersecurity threats are continuously growing in number and becoming more complex, tackling them with effective SOAR security tools has become the need of the hour. Moreover, speed and accuracy are the two major requirements for every security expert in 2019.

Achieving maximum results with minimum resources may sound impossible, only if you are doing it manually. But practically speaking, it is possible with SOAR security tools.

For example, one of the SOAR vendor's customers received around 200 phishing alerts in a week. Now, without SOAR tools, it will require four hours for an analyst to remediate each alert, whereas, with SOAR, it will only take 15 minutes for each alert.

SOAR tools work closely with SIEM, the SOC’s central information system. SOAR tools leverage the integration with SIEM to:

          * Receive alerts and additional security data to identify security incidents

          * Draw in data required for analysts to further investigate an incident

          * Assist analysts in proactive incident response and threat hunting, which relies on querying and exploring cross-organization data


Managed SOAR

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