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XcellSecureSM | Managed SOC

Highly skilled resource to help you respond to incidents faster and more effectively.
The need for speed in response is driving a requirement for managed real-time alerting,event correlation, analysis and auditing.
Our Managed SOC service provides 24×7 proactive security monitoring, vulnerability management and incident response.

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How XcellHost Can help You

Network traffic analysis
Compliance with government & industry regulations
Effective monitoring and visibility
Cost efficiency
Service quality and responsive delivery
Flexible options

key Benefits

System restore and rollback
Automated prioritisation
System restore and rollback
27x7 Support
Comprehensive Security Operations Centre
24/7 real-time threat detection, mitigation and remediation
Asset profiling and vulnerability detection
Network intrusion detection systems with actionable threat intelligence
Network and endpoint threat monitoring and reporting
Centralised logging and event correlation
Accredited with ISO 9001/270001 certified processes
Collection, analysis and log storage from networks, hosts and critical applications
Advanced detection and response capabilities to rapidly identify and isolate any active threats, viruses, malware or suspicious activity
Identification of exploits, advanced malware, and script-based stealth attacks utilising attack forensics and intelligent automation
Compliance and regulatory validation to industry standards with audit-ready reports
Gives your business more effective identification and mitigation of security threats


Quick on-boarding – no software or hardware to install

24/7 security event monitoring and alerting

Out-of-the-box support for 350+ log sources

Business context modeling, creating custom rules and use cases to identify critical security alerts relevant to your organization

Access to Xcellhost's easy-to-use web portal, containing powerful reporting, dashboards, and drill-down analytics

Compliant with standards like PCI, HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, FFIEC, NERC CIP and FISMA & Large library of threat detection use cases

How Xcellhost Managed SOC works


Collects, analyzes and stores logs from networks, hosts and critical applications.


Takes audit logs to securely transmit data back to SOC of experienced engineers


Provides full contextual analysis behind raw event data


Gives businesses more effective identification and mitigation of security threats


Validates compliance with numerous regulatory and industry standards.


Transparent - see everything you want in one place

Offload the tedium & complexity of log monitoring and correlation.

  • Allow IT to focus on escalations they are best placed to investigate
  • Enable your skilled security team to pursue strategic IT concerns
  • Gain highly skilled engineers at a fraction of the cost
  • Respond to data incidents quicker and more effectively
  • Achieve compliance with increasing legislation

Unified Managed SOC Services

Project roadmap

Agreement on project scope, service levels and terms and conditions

Agreement on project scope, service levels and terms and conditions determining the scope of the implementation, the level of service provided, expected response time, connectivity, etc.

Integration and configuration of key services

Integration and configuration of key services - through this activity tailoring of key SOC services are tailored such as centralized logging and logging systems, incident reporting tools, and user-friendly communication tools, TIs, etc. is conducted.

Harmonizing operational procedures and defining roles and responsibilities

Harmonizing operational procedures and defining roles and responsibilities - this activity defines the operational mechanisms of handling and responding to security incidents as well as the rules of communication and working with the client. The goal of this activity is to clearly define the roles and responsibilities of each interested party to ensure reliable operation of the system.

Information system preparation

Information system preparation - the client information system is set up to record all the security events that are critical for timely detection and prevention of security incidents. Also, infrastructure required for automated collection and processing of collected logs that ensures the highest levels of detection reliability is prepared.

Functional System Testing

Functional System Testing - basic testing of all key functionalities of the system is performed to ensure the correct operation of the system in accordance with the defined service parameters.


Operations – service operation in accordance with defined contractual service parameters


Our suite of Managed Security services delivers information security monitoring, incident response and vulnerability management services that are essential to counter the sophisticated threats of today. Our Managed SOC allows organizations to quickly improve their cybersecurity defense without spending exorbitantly on additional infrastructure or keeping a large team of expensive security experts.

Our SOC team Continuously Monitors your environment. It investigates all incidents that appear to be suspicious and takes immediate remedial action
if malicious activity is detected.

          * 24×7 security monitoring utilizing leading Security Information and Event Management Systems (SIEM).
          * Monitoring of firewall, IDS, anti-virus and operating system logs, and any other sources of security events.
          * Going beyond the SIEM and other deployed technology and actively searching for breaches (Premium Service).
          * Threat detection and rapid incident remediation (Premium Service).

Our researchers augment third party intelligence feeds with threat information generated internally. Additionally, they filter data to highlight
specific threats relevant to our customers and their business interests. Threat intelligence plays a critical role in enhancing the detection capability of our Managed SOC service.

Our SOC team detects vulnerabilities in the customer’s IT infrastructure using cutting-edge technology. We remediate vulnerabilities to minimize their risk exposure.

          * Continuous vulnerability assessment.
          * Vulnerability tracking & prioritization.
          * Vulnerability remediation.

Acts as your security advisor and helps you continuously improve your security posture by helping you define better policies and processes.

Continuous insight into your perimeter is the only way to effectively manage and respond to threats. With our services, you get.

          * Real-time strategic insight into risk by certified professionals.
          * Streamlined processes for continuous monitoring and deeper assessment.
          * Preemptively mitigate risk by minimizing vulnerability exploitation time-frames.


Managed SOC

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