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Make your business more intelligent and see your data in completely new ways with Power BI.

Find clarity when you need it most.Enable everyone at every level of your organization to make confident decisions using up-to-the-minute analytics.

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Plans Power BI Pro Power BI Premium
Rs. 755 /-
Monthly price per user

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Rs. 3,77,210 /-
Monthly price per dedicated cloud compute and storage resource with annual subscription
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Licensing differences
Included with Office 365 Enterprise E5 Power BI Premium can be added to any Power BI Pro deployment
Licensed per user
Licensed by dedicated cloud compute and storage resources
Deployment and administration
On-premises reporting through Power BI Report Server
Compute processing environment Shared Dedicated
Deploy Power BI content to multiple regions
Incremental data refresh
Publish reports to be shared
Widespread distribution of content without requiring a Power BI Pro license for content consumers
Publish and consume paginated reports in Power BI
Allocate compute resources
Monitor performance of dedicated compute and memory resources
Maximum size of individual dataset 1 G 10 G
Maximum storage 10 GB per user 100 TB
Maximum number of automatic refreshes per day 8 48
Store Power BI data to Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2
Deployment, administration, compliance, and security
Cloud service
Select a chosen home region datacenter for your data processing environment
Monitor content creation, consumption, and publishing with user metrics
Data security and encryption
Meets industry, global, regional, and government certifications
Available in Microsoft national clouds
Data prep, modeling, and visualization creation
AI-powered data modeling using AutoML, Cognitive Services, and Azure Machine Learning
Creation of data visualizations, reports, and dashboards
Standard and big data prep and ETL
Access to a library of Power BI visuals and the custom visual SDK
Access to data connectors for cloud and on-premises data sources
Out-of-the-box visualizations, themes, and personalization options
Content consumption
Paginated reports provide fixed-layout documents optimized for printing and archiving
Analyze data in Microsoft Excel
Embed content in other interfaces like Teams, SharePoint, and other SaaS applications
View and interact with Power BI content
View and interact with Power BI content through the Power BI mobile app for iOS, Android, and Windows
Ask questions about data to get immediate answers and personalize definitions so Power BI understands your business language including acronyms.
Subscribe to reports for notifications about changes
View Power BI content in other interfaces

Choose the right Power BI option for your needs

Content creation

Use the free Power BI Desktop tool to author reports and prepare, model, and create data visualizations.

Content publication

Collaborate with colleagues, model data, author content, share dashboards, publish reports, and perform ad-hoc analysis with a Power BI Pro license.

Content consumption

Read and interact with pre-published dashboards and reports with either a per-user Power BI Pro license or a Power BI Premium license for large-scale databases.

Create a data-driven culture with business intelligence for all

Enable everyone at every level of your organization to make confident decisions using up-to-the-minute analytics.

Get self-service analytics at enterprise scale

Reduce the added cost, complexity, and security risks of multiple solutions with an analytics platform that scales from individuals to the organization as a whole.

Use smart tools for strong results

Find and share meaningful insights with hundreds of data visualizations, built-in AI capabilities, tight Excel integration, and prebuilt and custom data connectors.

Help protect your analytics data

Gain leading sensitivity classification and data loss prevention capabilities to help keep your data secure and compliant—even when it’s exported.

Get self-service analytics at enterprise scale

Reduce the added cost, complexity, and security risks of multiple solutions with an analytics platform that scales from individuals to the organization as a whole.

Power bi

Powered Bi Desktop

Save time and make data prep easier with data modeling tools. Reclaim hours in your day using the self-service Power Query experience familiar to millions of Excel users. Ingest, transform, integrate, and enrich data in Power BI.

Powered Bi Pro

Distribute findings to team members inside and outside your organization, adjusting permissions as needed.Get insights instantly from your favorite applications using pre-built data visualization and report templates.

Powered Bi Premium

Enable anyone— whether they’re inside or outside your organization—to view all Power BI content including paginated and interactive reports without purchasing individual licenses.

Powered Bi Mobile

Monitor your business right from your phone. Access on-premises data stored in SQL Server, or data in the cloud. Keep on top of KPIs and reports—Power BI Mobile apps give you a 360-degree view of your data—on the go.

Powered Bi Embedded

Quickly and easily provide customer-facing reports, dashboards, and analytics in your own applications by using and branding Power BI as your own. Reduce developer resources by automating the monitoring, management, and deployment of analytics.

Powered Bi Report Server

Report Server gives your users access to rich, interactive reports, and the enterprise reporting capabilities of SQL Server Reporting Services. Explore visual data and quickly discover patterns to make better, faster decisions.


Data aggregation

Combine data from disparate databases, files, and web services using visualisation tools, so you can understand and improve data quality and fix formatting issues automatically.

Creative reporting

Create stunning reports that communicate your message effectively, with more than 20 built-in visuals.

Data security

Publish reports securely to your employees and set up automated real-time data refreshes so everyone has the latest information.

Comprehensive integration

View simple out-of-the-box dashboards for CRM services, such as Salesforce, Google Analytics, and Microsoft's Dynamics 365.

Mobile intelligence

Make data-driven informed decisions on the go, on almost any Windows, iOS, or Android device.

Easy integration

Power BI has an open, standards-based API which allows for application or service integration with any REST-capable system.

key benefits

Seamless controls

Power BI sets up access control through Active Directory, the same control panel you use for other Microsoft solutions.

Business alignment

Deliver interactive reports and real-time dashboards to your users and embed them inside apps to provide a single overview.

Seamless controls

Power BI sets up access control through Active Directory, the same control panel you use for other Microsoft solutions.

Fast answers

Power BI captures the story behind the most recent data, and automatically alerts you to any changes.

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The Power BI service is a cloud-based business analytics service that enables anyone to visualize and analyze data with greater speed, efficiency, and understanding. It connects users to a broad range of cloud-based and on-premises data through easy-to-use dashboards, interactive reports, and compelling visualizations that bring data to life.

Power BI Pro is an individual user license that allows access to all content and capabilities in the Power BI service. You can even share content and collaborate with other Pro users. Only Pro users can publish content to workspaces, share dashboards, and subscribe to dashboards and reports.

Power BI Premium provides a dedicated capacity to deliver more consistent performance. It also supports larger data volumes in Power BI. For individual users, Premium enables the widespread distribution of content by Pro users and it doesn't require per-user Pro licenses for recipients viewing the content. This means that consumers can collaborate with colleagues and view and interact with dashboards, reports, and apps that have been shared with them.

Power BI Desktop is a free application you can install right on your own computer. Power BI Desktop works cohesively with the Power BI service. Data scientists, report designers, admins, and developers work with Power BI Desktop to produce reports and make them available to the Power BI service consumers, like you.

Yes. Power BI has native apps for Android phones and tablets, iOS devices, and Windows 10 devices. Download one of the Power BI mobile apps from its respective store:

          * Apple App Store
          * Google Play
          * Windows Store

If your company has purchased Power BI licenses or a Premium capacity account, all you'll need is a Web browser and credentials. To log in, you'll use your work email address and a password (set by your Power BI administrator).

Power BI doesn't support email addresses provided by consumer email services or telecommunications providers.


Power BI

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