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Key Benefits

Easy migrations

XcellHost Migration simplifies the process of migrating applications from physical, virtual, and cloud-based infrastructure, ensuring that they are fully operational in any AWS Region without compatibility issues. Getting started is quick and easy regardless of the application type. This enables customers to rapidly execute complex, large-scale migration projects, while significantly reducing risk.

Increased uptime

Maintain normal business operations throughout the replication process. XcellHost Migration continually copies source machines in real time – without taking snapshots or writing any data to disks – which means minimal performance impact and no need to reboot machines. Continuous, real-time replication also makes it easy to conduct non-disruptive tests and shortens cutover windows.

Reduced costs

XcellHost Migration is a single tool for migrating any application or database from any source infrastructure on supported operating systems to AWS. This includes third-party applications, line-of-business applications, and legacy applications. There is no need to invest in specialized cloud development, OS/application-specific skills, or significant IT resources, resulting in greatly reduced operational costs.


We continuously integrate new technology and automation to tackle simple to complex migrations in a seamless manner.
Our time-tested, proven approach to cloud migration easily migrate business-critical applications and IT infrastructure with minimal downtime and
reduced risk.


key features

Quick Cutovers

Because continuous replication occurs in the background, with no performance impact, the actual cutover window is minimal and can be planned in advance so as not to disrupt your business.


XcellHost operates in the background, without requiring reboot or impacting your system performance. Our Continuous Data Protection (CDP) engine works in memory — neither taking snapshots nor writing any data to disks — which means no impact on performance.

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Any Application From Any Source

XcellHost supports physical, virtual, and cloud-based source infrastructure, and all applications running on supported operating systems, including databases and other write-intensive workloads. You can use the same automated process to replicate workloads to AWS regardless of OS type/version, application, or database.

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Large-Scale Migrations

Designed for large-scale migrations, XcellHost enables the replication of data from thousands of machines simultaneously without performance impact.After initial replication, you can spin up all of your machines or designated machine groups in parallel, as well as execute any post-migration scripts at scale as necessary. Moreover, you can manage the entire migration lifecycle and verify your readiness for cutover directly from the XcellHost User Console.

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Enterprise-Grade Security

XcellHost follows the highest security standards and is ISO 27001 compliant. We use in-transit data encryption using AES 256-bit and data-at-rest encryption in your target AWS Region.Replication traffic is transmitted directly from your source machines to your target AWS Region, and can be restricted to your private networks for better security, speed, and control.

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Independence & Control

XcellHost gives you the control to test your target machines as often as you like in preparation for cutover, by clicking a button. We also enable you to quickly and easily shift your environment toAWS from existing physical or virtual data centers, private clouds, or other clouds.

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How it work


Migrate All Applications To AWS


Based on the knowledge and experience in cloud migration across industry verticals, XcellHost defines a structured approach for rapid cloud migration.
We evaluate all the key parameters including applications, workloads, and processes you currently use and devise a streamlined migration approach as follows.

Migration Planning

In the planning phase, our cloud consultants will work with you to get a clear understanding of your business requirements and objectives. Based on the findings we develop a preliminary business case for migration.

  • Identify strategic business outcomes
  • Defining cloud strategies
  • Creating a cloud migration plan


Understand the current architecture & components.


Gather Infrastructure utilization data (Server /Network) / Workflow


Define a detailed financial model & Selection of Cloud components


Design public / Hybrid cloud architecture


Define a naming convention & IP allocation (Network Planning).


Deploy core infrastructure within the given cloud environment


Establish connectivity between hybrid stack of the model is designed so )


Extend services into Azure / AWS


Migrate/Configure the current infrastructure as per the migration plan / strategy


Redirect published URL forwards to newly deployed infrastructure & perform functionality testing


Decommission on premise service & Deploy managed service model for new Infrastructure

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Very quick and easy to migrate databases to AWS. Highly secure as well.

-Abeer Ahuja

Tool has simple interface. Tools and available utilities are easy to use and access.

-Bakhshi Buch

The speed of data migration,ease of mapping between source and target systems. Ability to size the replication instance as per requirement

-Charan Basu


Migrating to AWS
  1. Assess cloud migration strategies and readiness.
  2. Discover your portfolio and plan for migration.
  3. Plan and design your application migration strategy.
  4. Perform and validate application migration to the cloud.
  5. Optimize your applications and operations after migration.

AWS Server Migration Service (SMS) is an agentless service which makes it easier and faster for you to migrate thousands of on-premises workloads to AWS.

A recent whitepaper by IDC, shows the customers that migrate to AWS can experience 51% reduced costs of operations, 62% increased IT staff productivity, and 94% reductions in downtime.

Thing is, businesses do not tend to move single assets into the cloud by themselves. For more complex but commonly used systems for email, document management and communications, a realistic timeline to expect is 1-2 months.

For example, if you have a T1 connection (1.544Mbps) and 1TB (1024 * 1024 * 1024 * 1024 bytes) to move in or out of AWS the theoretical minimum time it would take to load over your network connection at 80% network utilization is 82 days.

How do I migrate to the cloud?
  1. Step 1: Establish the migration-architect role. ...
  2. Step 2: Choose your level of cloud integration. ...
  3. Step 3: Choose a single cloud or go multi-cloud. ...
  4. Step 4: Establish cloud KPIs. ...
  5. Step 5: Establish performance baselines. ...
  6. Step 6: Prioritize migration components. ...
  7. Step 7: Perform any necessary refactoring.


A thin client is a small, centrally managed device with no hard drive. Thin clients are used as a PC replacement technology to help customers immediately access any virtual desktop or virtualized application. Thin clients provide businesses a cost-effective way to create a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).
As a general explanation, desktop virtualization involves separating the physical location of a client device from its logical interface, allowing end users to access their data and applications from anywhere.
A user interacts with a virtual desktop in the same way they would use a physical desktop. Desktop virtualization lets users remotely log in to access your desktop from any location.

Thin clients on average consume only 8-10 watts, compared to 150 watts for PCs.

A few of the Main Benefits of Thin Client Computing are:
- Increased Security
- Centralized Management
- Lower Total Cost of Ownership
- Reduced Energy Consumption

To name a few reasons; cost, performance, dynamic hardware designs, and advance thin client management software suite. Our advanced thin client software capabilities provide businesses with greater security, enhanced manageability, and improved reliability at a lower cost for their virtual desktop environment.


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