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Cloud Migration to Azure Use Cases

Migrate VMware to Azure
AWS & GCP to Azure Migration
Migrate From Private Cloud to Azure

Xellhost Live Cloud Migration to Azure is the only any-to-any migration software that supports all modern source platforms:

  • AWS
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • IBM Cloud
  • Oracle Cloud
  • KVM
  • OpenStack
  • Alibaba Cloud

Get best-in-class Cloud Migration to Microsoft Azure solution

Easy to use

Replicate, create migration plans or do the migration in a couple of clicks

Enterprise Security

Isolated solution running only on customer environment. No dependencies on Xcellhost resources

Flexible dashboard

Sophisticated partner and customer dashboard for end-to-end migration management

Full automation

Simplify the cloud migration process and eliminate a possibility of human error

No Data Loss and Downtime

Real-time data replication allows avoiding data loss and final migration within a small maintenance window

Restful API for experts

Easy automation and integration with current management systems

Azure Cloud Migration in 6 steps

Prepare for migration

Choose your level of cloud integration

Start replication

Start background replication of business applications, machines data and metadata without any performance impact

Store data

All the data is stored in a cloud native format using volumes and snapshots of a target cloud


Automated orchestration launches fully operational business applications on target cloud

Test migrations

Run unlimited number of test in an isolated VPC, run a set of functional and performance tests without performance impact

Final cutover

Final migration or cutover within a small and predictable maintenance window


Flexible cloud migration
plans and orchestration


From physical machines
and any cloud platform


Machine metadata
and network settings


test migrations

Supported Applications

How We Perform Cloud Migration Services?

We continuously integrate new technology and automation to tackle simple to complex migrations in a seamless manner.Our time-tested, proven approach to cloud migration easily migrate business-critical applications and IT infrastructure with minimal downtime and reduced risk


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Elasticity - the ability to expand and reduce in a few clicks.The huge variety of services it delivers (from VMs, to Containers, Storage, etc.)Reliability - if it is properly built, it is highly available.

-Nikhil Purohit

Samba file shares have been really nice. As long as the ISPs involved allow them, it's the easiest way to set up mapped drives shared with others. The performance is slow, but it's fine.

-Pallab Rao

It is easy to manage the static public and private IPs that are being used, in one central place.

-Ranj Saxena


Azure Migrate provides a centralized hub to assess and migrate to Azure on-premises servers, infrastructure, applications, and data. It provides the following: Unified migration platform: A single portal to start, run, and track your migration to Azure

Migrate VMs
  1. In the Azure Migrate project > Servers > Azure Migrate: Server Migration, click Replicating servers.
  2. In Replicating machines, right-click the VM > Migrate.
  3. In Migrate > Shut down virtual machines and perform a planned migration with no data loss, select Yes > OK. ...
  4. A migration job starts for the VM.

VMware environment runs natively on Azure Bare Metal infrastructure, on Azure cloud locations. ... You can seamlessly move VMware workloads to Azure and integrate with your VMware management environment, using the same and existing management tools.

Microsoft recommends a four-step migration process for migrating to Azure:
  1. Discover: Catalog your software and workloads.
  2. Assess: Categorize applications and workloads.
  3. Target: Identify the destination(s) for each of your workloads.
  4. Migrate: Make the actual move.

Azure reduces the cost of infrastructure. In the past, physical servers needed to be kept in a climate controlled room, with dedicated IT staff to maintain, update and rebuild when necessary. Microsoft Azure eliminates the need for physical infrastructure and all the challenges and expenses that go along with that.

As a quick overview and definition of terms, a “lift and shift” is where existing resources are migrated from the on-prem environment into Azure. A close cousin of this is a Greenfield deployment where new VMs are provisioned in Azure and only the data is moved from on-premises.


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