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XcellSecureSM | Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Protect your m-commerce business and mobile applications from the latest online threats with advanced security testing.

Stay one step ahead of hackers with comprehensive penetration testing that identifies design defects, vulnerabilities, and security weaknesses in your mobile applications.

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Key Features

Wi-Fi Scanning & Common Router Key Cracking
Deep Inspection & Vulnerability Search
Web Services & API Back-end
Multi Protocol Password Sniffing
HTTPS Session Hijacking
Error Trapink & Information Leakage

Key Benefits

Guidance on how to improve your mobile security.
To discover real-time threats and vulnerabilities.
Sensitive Data analysis and prevent misuse of data.
Authentication, access control and functionality testing.
Improve access control.
Prevention of Reputation and monetary loss.
To discover third party vulnerabilities.
Identifying Development, security and business logic issues.

Mobile Penetration Testing Assessment

XcelIHost mobile application penetration testing solution discovers malicious or potentially risky vulnerabilities in your mobile applications. We will also cover API security assessment as part of your mobile app security test. We will minimize the risk exposure to keeping your business and customers secure against day to day cyber-attacks.

How Do We Differ

XcellHost - Custom security assessment project management platform will allow us to closely collaborate with security consultant to make our clients life easier. Here are the key features of the platform.

  • Identifying detailed security issues with recommendations on realtime basis.
  • Client have freedom to generate report any time.
  • Transparent visibility on the project status.
  • High quality and top standard report quality to present CXO.
  • Integrated secure coding campaign for developers.
  • Detailed reports for all re assessments with Track.
  • Detailed issue track sheets with compliance mapping.

Mobile Application Security Testing

Stay one step ahead of hackers with comprehensive penetration testing that identifies design defects, vulnerabilities, and security weaknesses in your mobile applications

Detect Security Flaws

Access our advanced mobile penetration testing labs to simulate hackers, detect attack surfaces and analyze the overall security of your mobile applications.

  • Detect local storage issues for proprietary and third party applications
  • Identify security issues with back end services and servers
  • Test an application’s resilience against reverse engineering
  • Leverage both open source tools and commercial tools

Detect Security Flaws

  • Poor authentication and authorization
  • Improper session handling
  • Data flow issues
  • Side channel data leakage
  • Insecure data storage
  • Server-side controls strength
  • Deficient transport layer protection
  • Client-side injection vulnerabilities
  • Cryptography
  • Confidential information disclosure

Determine weaknesses at the source code level with manual and automated assessments.

Find and Fix

Detect injection flaws, backdoors, weak algorithms and data storage definitions with comprehensive source code reviews.

  • Leverage Plynt source code analyzers to detect mobile app flaws
  • Ensure zero false positives with our hybrid review model

Hybrid Approach

Combine automated tools and manual vulnerability assessments to produce a comprehensive code review methodology. Manual code review reaches the spaces an automated tool cannot analyze and verifies findings to reduce the number of false positives.

Key Advantages

Threat Profiling

Create a threat profile that lists all of your applications’ risks and enables testers to replicate relevant attacks rather than using random attacks like SQL injection, cross site scripting, and session hijacking.

Multiple Platforms

Test apps such as mobile banking, m-commerce, and mobile payment systems on multiple device platforms under a single program including iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, and Windows in a unified program to improve efficiency.

Online Reporting

Address the needs of developers, security analysts, and executives with XcellHost’s in-depth reporting portal. The dashboard captures statistics and easily disburses tailored reports to vendors and application owners.

State-of-the-Art Lab

Shorten testing cycles, validate apps on different devices, and leverage a repository of domain and platform specific test cases with XcellHost’s dedicated security testing labs to bring a superior product to the market 45% sooner.

Dedicated Researchers

Access our dedicated team of mobile application security researchers to stay on top of the latest threats and trends in the mobile app world and enable predictive intelligence in app security.

What to Expect in our Mobile Pentesting Service

Deep Support for both iOS and Android Platforms

With deep experience in both iOS and Android penetration testing, we understand the unique security challenges and vulnerabilities with each mobile architecture. This expertise allows us to customize assessments to specific concerns, such as reverse-engineering an iOS app or malware threats to an Android app.

Each mobile security assessment simulates multiple attack vectors and risks, including insecure storage, stolen device risk, mobile malware attacks, and both authenticated/unauthenticated app users. Apps residing on in-house mobile devices? We provide custom scenarios to map enterprise conditions as well.

Static, Dynamic, and Source Code Pentesting

Integrating both static and dynamic analysis, our security experts test each mobile app at-rest and during runtime to identify all vulnerabilities. This deep-dive methodology also targets local vulnerabilities as well, such as insecure storage of credentials, Android backups including sensitive app data, etc.

While our iOS/Android experts can decompile or reverse-engineering the apps themselves, more vulnerabilities can be identified through a full source code review of the application. By reviewing the app source code during the penetration test, even deeply buried vulnerabilities can be identified and mitigated.

Deeper Security Monitoring and Faster Threat Response

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The product is very easy to get quick results and has good coverage for the languages we use in our environment.

-shuhbam vishwakarma

The overall experience with Xcellhost has been completely satisfying. The teams have been extremely helpful, providing information, feedback and support in a very timely fashion and with the greatest of care.

-ashish triwedi

We selected Xcellhost analysis for the entire enterprise applications.

-nirmal dubey


Mobile Application Penetration Testing is the remedy which analyzes and rectifies the glitches in vulnerability of mobile applications. This test finds out if the applications in the mobile phones are insecure and exposed to any sort of cyber threat.

       * Large number of users with 2.5 billion devices on android, that makes it highly probable to exploit a vulnerability on your mobile application
          * The risk of a compromised application resulting in loss of data, customer depletion much high as compared to the money spent on security
          * Ensure compliance with global security standards
          * Jailbroken devices- This ensures the protection of the devices on all p

XcellHost uses hybrid testing methodology with automated tools initially used to identify the low hanging fruits i.e. easily exploitable aspects and then detailed manual testing where test cases are created by our security experts based on the business logic of the application, technologies and API’s used OWASP and SANS guidelines.

     - Scoping
     - App API Analysis
     - Reconnaissance and Enumeration
     - Static Analysis
     - Dynamic Analysis
     - Vulnerability Analysis
     - Strategic Mitigation
     - Patch Verification

The client is well informed during all stages of project execution, and all the necessary precautions to make sure that there are no obstructions during penetration test project execution. We make sure that the test cases which can cause a disruption in the functioning are not executed.

Any sort of security control configuration is not required from the client's end, especially regarding Mobile Application Penetration Testing.

Known vulnerabilities, default passwords, error handling, common misconfigurations, API’s used to enhance the functionality of the applications, resentful employees, zero-day vulnerabilities can lead to your application being compromised, manipulated, breached.

For vulnerabilities, when generated using manual exploits, we share a recorded video of the exploit carried out so that you can verify the results. This helps to measure, visualize, and prioritize based on the business impact.


Mobile Application Penetration Testing

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