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XcellSecure SM | Network Access Control

Securing The Edge, Fast & Accurate.
A level of visibility that will transform your network security.
Control users & devices across your networks with granular visibility & in-depth control

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Secure Any IP-Enabled Devices, No Matter What.







Without securing devices, from a multitude of legacy devices to great wave of IoT devices at the edge, you will not be able to build the foundational cybersecurity framework required for securing your evolving networks.

citrix gateway Key Benefits



Genian NAC can monitor IP-enabled devices on your network in real-time using a non-disruptive Layer 2 based Network Sensor and classifies those devices and their users into logical groups based on your business requirements. Genian NAC has the intelligence to sort out a wide range of network-connected devices and their states to present immediate, meaningful, and actionable information.


“Device Platform” refers to any hardware or software, or any combination of hardware and software (OS), used to access a network.

Genian NAC incorporated with Device Platform Intelligence (DPI) can present the most accurate device identity, its contextual, and its risk information in order to enhance network visibility and secure network access for the IoT era. DPI can be shared through the Genians Cloud.


Genian NAC leverages multiple techniques to enforce IT security policies dynamically using contextual information (What, Who, When, Where, How) to quarantine any non-compliant devices and remediate them to be compliant through automated processes.


In the hyper-connected world of the Internet of Things (IoT), organizations are grappling with implementing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives to deal with the rapidly evolving and increasingly complex tsunami of mobile devices, from laptops and tablets to other smart ”Things”, such as phones, watches, cars and more. Genian NAC can provide flexible and secure network access, wherever you are located, and for whatever devices you bring to the network.


Through our intuitive IP matrix interface (Class C Subnet mask), see how many IP addresses are being used and available, which IP’s are assigned via DHCP, which are reserved, and more.


See how many devices are connected to specific ports, their connection status, port-level security, 802.1x information, traffic, utilization and more. Using 802.1x port-based access control, control any ports connected to non-compliant devices.


Genians’ Network Sensor has the capability of scanning all SSIDs in your network and identifying who connects to which SSIDs, capturing not only your organization’s APs but also neighboring APs and controlling what is connecting to those APs. You can allow or deny Wifi-enabled devices accessing different SSIDs based on their policy compliance by groups, such as Authorized AP, Rogue AP, Misconfigured AP, Tethering device, and more.


Manage all desktop configurations, applications, OS Updates, peripheral devices, wireless connections and more. Standardize the configuration of corporate-owned devices automatically and control them remotely.


Genian NAC integrates a wide range of IT security and business solutions (Firewall, VPN, IDS/IPS, VM, MDM, SIEM, APT, DLP, CRM/ERP, etc.) to ensure unified policy enforcement. Genian NAC supports custom integration using Webhook, REST API, and Syslog.


Cybersecurity compliance and the management of security risk are clearly two different things. Yet achieving the optimal cyber-defense framework for your organization requires that the two are managed in a mutually supportive fashion. Genians’ Next-Gen NAC supports this approach by leveraging the Center for Internet Security (CIS) Controls.

The CIS Controls provide global standards for cybersecurity. These have become recognized around the world for providing a set of best practices that can be leveraged to secure IT systems and data against attacks.

XcellHost Managed NAC Process

Device Operating System Security Agents User Application Peripheral
Type of device OS Type Anti-Malware/Virus/DLP Agents Name Installed Type of device
NIC Vendor Version Number Patch Management Agent Authentication status Running Manufacturer
Location Patch Level Encryption Agents Workgroup Location Connection Type
Connection Type Services & Processes Firewall Status Email & Phone Number Connection Type Network
Hardware Info Installed Or Running Configuration File Sizes Maligcious Traffic
MAC & IP Address Registry Rogue Devices
Certificates File Names, Dates, Sizes

Next-Gen Network Access Control


Without disturbing your existing IT network infrastructure, Genians Layer 2 based sensing technology powered by Device Platform Intelligence can surveil your entire network (Wired, Wireless, Virtual) in real time.

  • Detect any IP-enabled Devices as a Node (MAC+ IP) with their most accurate platform name
  • Detect device platform’s network connectivity information like Switch Port, SSID
  • Discover device platform’s business context and risk information
  • Detect network anomaly (MAC Spoofing, Rogue Gateway, Ad-hoc)

Node Grouping classifies all detected Node data into certain groups you can manage based on your business requirement in real time.

  • Over 500 pre-defined conditions are provided to create Node groups. A Node can belong to multiple Groups
  • Each Nodes group can be used for policy management and compliance check to assess the current security practices

Once a targeted Node group is ready, specific policies can be applied to monitor the compliance posture. If a non-compliant device is detected, enforcement policy with appropriate actions (Block, Limit, Allow) can be executed.

the compliance posture. If a non-compliant device is detected, enforcement policy with appropriate actions (Block, Limit, Allow) can be executed.

  • Role-based Access Control
  • Multi-layered Access Control (ARP Spoofing, 802.1x, Port mirroring, Switch Port shutdown, Agent-based)
  • Built-in RADIUS, DHCP server

Network Sensor and Agent gathers all event information from the entire network and all with historical data are stored in Policy Server. Elastic-based search and filters help you to find out specific event data. The log data can be integrated with other security solutions like Next Generation Firewall, APT, SIEM, and EMM solutions.

  • Role-based Administrator
  • Personalized Dashboards using Over 100 Custom Widgets
  • Built-in Syslog Server
  • Integration via Webhook, REST API, and Syslog

XcellHost Key Capabilities

Onboarding & Device Profiling
Guest & BYOD
Automated Device
Policy-Based & Compliance
Based Access Control
Built-in RADIUS
Implementation cycle

XcellHost key Benefits

Customize Your Protection
Flexibility & Scalability
Easy to manage & Interoperability
Controls All Connected Devices
Post-Admission Vulnerability Scan
Behavior Based Detection & NAC Management


Multi-Layered Dynamic Network Access Control

Problems with RADIUS based NAC
Layer 2 based Access Control
Compare NAC Architecture

With the result of comprehensive network visibility, Genians can ensure compliance from all connected devices by leveraging Virtual In-Line Packet Inspection which operates at Layer 2. This technology has complete control over endpoint device traffic over TCP and UDP by eliminating the need for complex configurations and network changes.

Also, Genians delivers all critical network access control features like IPAM, Switch Ports, WLAN security, Desktop configuration, IT asset, BYOD and Guest Management out of the box at the most affordable pricing options.

Next-Gen Network Access Control

Device Platform Intelligence
  • Accurate Platform Detection
  • Cloud-based DB Improvement
Correlated Information
  • Network Node
  • IP/MAC Address
  • Switch Port
  • Wireless Access
Asset Managementg
  • Windows, MacOS Agent
  • Collect Desktop Information (OS, HW, SW, Peripheral)
Dynamic Grouping
  • Over 500 Conditions
  • Real-time Update
Network Access Control
  • Dynamic Group-based packet filtering
  • 802.1x RADIUS Server
  • IPAM, DHCP Server
  • Switch Port Control
BYOD & Guest Management
  • Captive Portal
  • Authentication
  • On-demand Registration
Desktop Management
  • Desktop Configuration
  • Windows Update
  • External Device Management
  • Wireless Connection Manager
Network Access Control
  • Dynamic Group-based packet filtering
  • 802.1x RADIUS Server
  • IPAM, DHCP Server
  • Switch Port Control
BYOD & Guest Management
  • Captive Portal
  • Authentication
  • On-demand Registration
Desktop Management
  • Desktop Configuration
  • Windows Update
  • External Device Management
  • Wireless Connection Manager

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Network Access Control - WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS HAVE TO SAY?

Truly makes the process of network access control easy to implement and maintain. No longer a network engineer task. a security analyst now can isolate, block, or restrict any device on the network with a single click.

-navin kumar

So easy to deploy. I worked with other vendors also but implementation does never ends with them. Others mention that Fore-scout cant work with distributed networks.

-subha bhose

Product is scalable considering an enterprise and supports integration with multiple security solutions.

-ravi gupta


Network access control or NAC, solutions support network visibility and access management through policy enforcement on devices and users of corporate networks.

There are many tasks that IT teams and business owners must address in this era of technology. From guest access to onboarding and threat detection and prevention, companies must also be able to deliver a reliable user experience. Also, with organizations now having to account for the growth in mobile devices accessing their networks and the security risks they bring along with them, it’s critical to have the tools that provide the visibility, control, and compliance capabilities to help strengthen your network’s security infrastructure.

Network Access Control has the ability to deny network access to non-compliant devices and place them in a quarantined area or give them restricted access to specific computing resources. This keeps insecure devices from accessing and potentially infecting the network.

Yes, communication between each component is encrypted through TLS.

Genian NAC releases a new minor version every two months.

No, downgrade is not supported. For a downgrade, you should create a backup before you upgrade, and then reinstall software and restore backup data.

There are a number of ways network access control (NAC) system can identify unauthorized users and keep them from accessing your network.

NAC solutions help organizations control access to their networks through the following capabilities:

     - Policy lifecycle management: Enforces policies for all operating scenarios without requiring separate products or additional modules.
     - Profiling and visibility: Recognizes and profiles users and their devices before malicious code can cause damage.
     - Guest networking access: Manage guests through a customizable, self-service portal that includes guest registration, guest authentication, guest sponsoring, and a guest management portal.
     - Security posture check: Evaluates security-policy compliance by user type, device type, and operating system.
     - Incidence response: Mitigates network threats by enforcing security policies that block, isolate, and repair noncompliant machines without administrator attention.
     - Bidirectional integration: Integrate with other security and network solutions through the open/RESTful API.


Network Access Control

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