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Improve Defenses with an Network Audit

Our Trace Experts have years of experience doing specific IT Security focused audits,

Let us help you verify your controls, identify issues, &provide practical solutions.

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why chooose xcellhost network audit

Eliminating repetitive data

Detecting & removing unwanted network component

Standardization of OS and Software Installation

Modifying TCP/IP Protocol

Eliminating unnecessary service & socket

Deploying SOS for data

Eliminating unnecessary utilization of CPU & RAM

Network Equipment Load Balancing

Network Security Audit Benefits

Improve network

Make IT network scalable for future needs

Protect data integrity and

Protect network from denial of service attack

Prevent monetory loss

Prevent reputational loss

Achieve compliance certifications

Increased ROI for IT investments

Network Security Audit Process

XcellHost network security audit proces every time when we perform a check on the effectiveness of your security measures within your infrastructure.

Record the audit details

Make sure all procedures are well documented

Review the procedure management system

Assess training logs and processes

Review security patches for software used on the network

Check the penetration testing process and policy

Test software which deals with sensitive information

Look for holes in the firewall or intrusion prevention systems

Make sure sensitive data is stored separately

Encrypt company laptop hard disks

Check wireless networks are secured

Scan for unauthorized access points

Review the process for monitoring event logs

Compile your report


Send your report to the relevant stakeholders

Network Audit Overview

Network architecture and
capicity and inventory
network implementation
Initiation, plan
and information gathering

Kick off meeting Identity SPOC

Indentity business needs

Identity key stakeholder

Questionnaire interviews system inventory

Collect filled questionnaire / system data

validate information

Study and assessment

Architecture design validation

HID/ LLD process review

Classification of data and analysis

Business req, v/s data mapping

Follow-up questions/ additional information

Risk Identification

Analysis and findings

Gap analysis

Analysis of AS-IS scenario against best practices, industry benchmarks

Identity improvement areas

Develop/ Refine/ recommendations

Benefit analysis

Recommeded and publish reports

Gap analysis

Benchmark against best practices

Short term and long term action Plans

Quick wins

Detailed reports submission

Documentation and handover

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Network discovery consists of the processes Qualys performs to identify each device that resides on your network. The result of the network discovery process is a map of all devices found. This map can be viewed in graphical or text format. In particular, the network map depicts:

Network topology
Access points to the network
Machine names
IP addresses
Operating Systems
Discovered services, such as HTTP, SMTP, Telnet, etc.

XcellHost uses a unique inference-based scan engine to find vulnerabilities. Each scan begins with a pre-scan module that accurately fingerprints a host. The fingerprinting is performed by sending a series of specially crafted packets to the host and by interpreting the results. XcellHost is able to, with a degree of accuracy exceeding 99%, identify the host operating system, services running and ports opened. Once this information has been captured, the inference-based scan engine selects only the appropriate vulnerability checks to run, runs them, and interprets the results. This approach, consisting of the pre-scan and the inference-based scan engine, accelerates the scanning process, minimizes traffic load on your network and touching your systems, and improves overall accuracy.

XcellHost assesses the security risk of all networked, IP devices. This includes all routers, switches, hubs, firewalls, servers (all common operating systems), workstations, desktop computers, printers, and wireless access devices.

Our Network scans for more than 20,000 vulnerabilities across hundreds of applications and operating systems.

Firewalls are essential to network security. The effectiveness of firewalls is tested plus, applications and services that are naturally accessible through firewalls, such as Web, FTP, and mail services.


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