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XcellDesktop SM | NoTouch Desktop

TeraDici PCoIP protocol for VFX workloads
Managed Multiple Devices from one Browser anywhere anytime.NoTouch Desktop lets you transform any PC, Thin Client, Laptop or Raspberry Pi device into a secure & centrally Managed Thin Endpoints

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Stratodesk no touch Virtual appliance

XcellDesktopSM | NoTouch Desktop

TeraDici PCoIP protocol for VFX workloads
Managed Multiple Devices from one Browser anywhere anytime .NoTouch Desktop lets you transform any PC, Thin Client, Laptop or Raspberry Pi device into a secure & centrally Managed Thin Endpoints

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How is notouch desktop installed and deployed

Full hard drive installation

NoTouch OS installs onto your device bare metal. You don’t need Windows installed on your device to run NoTouch OS, and installing NoTouch will replace any existing OS on your hardware.

Live Boot and BYOD Support

Empower your workers to connect to your network at home or on the go. Simply boot NoTouch from a USB stick and get full access to your VDI session without any effect on your native OS.

PXE Boot

Install NoTouch OS to thousands of devices instantly using PXE boot. Enable enterprise grade rollouts and save time by using PXE boot install directly from your server.

NoTouch OS on Raspberry Pi

NoTouch OS is the most advanced Thin Client OS for the Raspberry Pi. Our minimal footprint OS installs onto your Raspberry Pi 3, or the newest Raspberry Pi 3B+, and turns it into a high performing endpoint. Stratodesk is the first company to make the Raspberry Pi a viable enterprise option, and is the only OS for the Citrix Ready workspace hub.

key Features

Hardware Agnostic and Highly Scalable

XcellHost’s software runs on any x86 or ARM based device (including Raspberry Pis). Replace your need for locally installed Windows and easily scale up your network of end user devices.

Standardizing Desktops and Hardware Repurposing

Standardize your endpoints by turning new and existing PCs, Laptops and Thin Clients regardless of manufacturer into powerful, up-to-date NoTouch clients.

Highly Flexible - Any EUC Environment, Any Cloud

NoTouch connects to a wide range of virtual desktops including Microsoft Remote Desktop/ Terminal Services, VMware Horizon View, Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (formerly XenApp/ XenDesktop),and many more.

Easy to Install and Boot

Choose from several boot and install options including: Live Boot Mode or hard drive installation from USB, CD-ROM/DVD or via PXE Boot. Take advantage of the MSI Installer for massive rollouts or use Live Boot Mode to enable BYOD.

Authentication and Single Sign-on

NoTouch fully supports Imprivata Single Sign-On, including features like Fingerprint Authentication, Fast User Switching and more.

Easily Customizable

Configure and customize endpoints however you like. Take users directly into a VDI session, or to a powerful local desktop with advanced branding capabilities for your organization.

Enterprise Grade Security

Nothing is stored on the client device. In case of a device being compromised your server is kept safe. Our Linux based system also makes NoTouch immune to hackers, viruses, and other common security risks.

Consistent and Timely Updates

XcellHost releases updates and improvements on a rolling basis. Unlike other solutions that only release a few updates a year, XcellHost makes software updates immediately available when major partners like Citrix and VMware update their protocols.

Central Management - NoTouch Center/NoTouch Cloud

NoTouch Center is the remote device management and automation solution included in NoTouch Desktop. Build, configure and control your entire endpoint device network from one browser. NoTouch Center is the only endpoint management solution that can run either from an on premise installation or from the cloud.

Notouch benefits

Convert any PCs, Laptop, Thin Client or Raspberry Pi device into a Thin Endpoint – NoTouch OS is 100% hardware agnostic
Rollout NoTouch OS onto thousands of devices instantly
Supports healthcare critical features including Imprivata SSO, FUS, and Fingerprint Authentication
Complete access to cloud hosted and server-based infrastructure –VMware View, Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop, and more
Repurpose new and existing endpoints into NoTouch OS –no capital purchase of hardware required
Protect your VDI with enterprise grade security immune to hackers, viruses and other security risks


Small Footprint Linux-based OS (32–500 MB)

Various Boot Options, Easy and Fast Rollout

  • Live Boot
  • USB Key
  • PXE Boot
  • MSI Installer Package

Connection Setup in Seconds with First Time Wizard

VMware Horizon View Client

  • PCoIP and Blast Extreme
  • MultiMediaRedirection (MMR)

Citrix Receiver Client

  • Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops
  • HDX MediaStream Flash Redirection
  • HDX RealTime Engine – Skype for Business
  • Citrix StoreFront
  • Supports all Major VDI/Cloud/DaaS Solutions
  • Built-in Firefox Browser to Access Web and Web-based Applications
  • Ultimate Peripheral Support
  • LAN and Wireless Support (LAN/WiFi/802.11/WLAN)
  • Multimonitor
  • USB Device Forwarding/USB Redirection
  • Local and Networked Printers
  • Storage (USB Sticks/Thumb Drives)
  • Smart Card Support (incl. PIV and CAC)
  • Same Look and Feel on All Your Devices, No Vendor Lock-in
  • Centralized, Painless and Intuitive Client Management Suite
  • Virtual Appliance for Zero-install Option with PXE Server

Enterprise Add Ons

Cloud Xtension

XcellHost Cloud Xtension broadens NoTouch Center endpoint management through a standard internet connection to devices, in remote locations or to those used by your mobile workforce.

Virtual Private Network

Xcellhost software supports a wide range of VPN vendors including

  • Cisco AnyConnect
  • F5
  • CheckPoint
  • Fortinet
  • OpenVPN

NoTouch Cloud

NoTouch Cloud lets you manage your entire VDI network from the cloud –no need for an on premises server.

Disk Encryption

Disk Encryption is an advanced functionality able to transparently encrypt the writable portion of the local storage medium on client devices where NoTouch is deployed.

Enterprise Grade Security

NoTouch OS adds an extra layer of protection to your VDI. Eliminate common security threats without malware software. NoTouch OS is Linux based and impervious to virtually any cyber threat that could target a PC, laptop, Thin Client or Raspberry Pi.

Hardware Agnostic

NoTouch OS can run on the widest variety of hardware –more than any other Thin Client OS on the market. Compatible with any 64 bit and x86 bit device including Laptops, PCs, Thin Clients and Raspberry Pis. One universal experience across all hardware.


Configure your end user experience to look and feel the way you want. Users can log in and out of Windows sessions the way they would a native Windows device. Easy to configure from your management software and on your local device.

Consistent updates

Unlike other Thin Client OS companies that only update a few times a year, we consistently update and improve on our software. Additional updates are made along with Citrix and VMware protocol updates.

Zero Maintenance

Once installed, NoTouch OS requires zero maintenance. Eliminate costly IT hours when you use NoTouch OS.

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Easy platform to use, fantastic staff and nothing but great results!

-Ketan Mehta

Working at Xcellhost has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I am surrounded by smart, talented and passionate individuals who know how to work hard and also have fun.

-Manhar Udhas

One of the best things about Xcellhost is the Services. Everyone—on both technical and product sides—is driven to innovate.

-Naomi Scott


NoTouch Desktop is a hardware-agnostic endpoint repurposing and administration solution that consists of:

NoTouch OS, the minimal-footprint operating system that runs on both x86 and ARM-based devices. It can run from USB sticks, network boot, CD-ROMs, and your local hardware.
NoTouch Center, the central, automated administration solution for configuring, monitoring, updating, and remotely controlling your endpoints. Run NoTouch Center on-premises or with our fully managed, Cloud-based service, NoTouch Cloud

NoTouch does not need Windows in order to run. It is a complete appliance based on Linux and is intuitive enough to use that system administrators don’t need to have any OS or Linux skills to use it. Every aspect of the system can be centrally managed.

run NoTouch side-by-side/dual-boot with Windows (we call it Live Boot)
install NoTouch on a system’s hard drive or flash drive, effectively wiping Windows out
run NoTouch inside a virtual machine in a Windows OS in order to provide a clear boundary between user-controlled Windows (BYOD – bring your own device situation) and company-controlled NoTouch.

A few of the Main Benefits of Thin Client Computing are:
- Increased Security
- Centralized Management
- Lower Total Cost of Ownership
- Reduced Energy Consumption

As a general explanation, desktop virtualization involves separating the physical location of a client device from its logical interface, allowing end users to access their data and applications from anywhere.
A user interacts with a virtual desktop in the same way they would use a physical desktop. Desktop virtualization lets users remotely log in to access your desktop from any location.

NoTouch OS runs on 99% of all x86 desktop hardware including Intel (desktop and Atom), AMD and VIA CPUs. NoTouch OS also works on ARM based devices, including the Raspberry Pi, and prevents hardware lockdown and keeps you free to incorporate the widest variety of devices.

• Convert any PCs, laptops, Thin Client, or Raspberry Pi device into a Thin Endpoint – NoTouch OS is 100% hardware agnostic.
• Supports healthcare critical features including Imprivata SSO, FUS, and Fingerprint Authentication.
• Repurpose new and existing endpoints into NoTouch OS –no capital purchase of hardware required.
• Consistent and tailored updates to keep your VDI running smoothly.
• Rollout NoTouch OS onto thousands of devices instantly.
Complete access to cloud-hosted and server-based infrastructure –VMware View, Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop, and more.
• Protect your VDI with enterprise-grade security immune to hackers, viruses, and other security risks.
• Manage your VDI ecosystem of thousands of devices –laptops, PCs, Thin Clients, and Raspberry Pis.
• Run NoTouch Center on-premises or from the Cloud via our fully managed, Cloud-based service.

A thin client is a small, centrally managed device with no hard drive. Thin clients are used as a PC replacement technology to help customers immediately access any virtual desktop or virtualised application. Thin clients provide businesses a cost-effective way to create a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

Thin clients on average consume only 8-10 watts, compared to 150 watts for PCs.


NoTouch Desktop

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