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Test your security against real-world attacks without the risks of negative headlines.

Don’t wait until a real-world cybercriminal attacks to find the gaps in your security controls.

XcellHost Red Team services let you perform a “live fire” Red Team cyber security test to identify (and fix) holes in your defense—before malicious actors expose them for you

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The following service comparison chart can serve as a good starting point for most organizations in understanding the various types of security assessments and the recommended frequency with which each should be performed:

Service Comparision red team technical security offering
Technical Security
Web Application
Penetration Test
Protect Corporate Reputation
Third Party Verification
Protect Data & Assets
Corporate Due dilgence
cost Justification
Customer Assurance
Legislative Mondales
Reduce Risk Exposure
Vloidate Existing Security medsures
Recommeded Frequency of least annually
and as new application added
Quartely biannually

Why Choose Xcellhost Red Team Service?

Discover Your Security Posture’s Failure Points Before It’s Too Late

Learn If You Are Really Ready to Defend Your Network

Let a trusted advisor from our Red Teaming services uncover any weak links in your defense—not a cybercriminal.

Immediately Close Your Security

After our “attack”, we will give you tactics to cover the security holes we discovered and exploited.

Evolve Your Defenses

Our hands-on experience penetrating your defenses will uncover strategic recommendations that will go beyond tactical patches, and help you build a stronger overall security posture.

Improve Your Posture Without Breaking Your Budget

Our Red Team services offer one of the most cost-effective methods to improve your defenses (and are considerably less expensive than suffering a damaging breach).

Red Team Cyber Security Assessments at a Glance

We help you:
  • Test your security team’s effectiveness in dealing with a cyber attack
  • Train your team to better respond to future cyber attacks
  • Determine the level of effort required to compromise your sensitive data or IT infrastructure
  • Identify and mitigate complex security vulnerabilities before an attacker exploits them
  • Receive fact-based risk analysis and recommendations for improvement
What you get:
  • A high-level executive summary of the Red Team Assessment, catering towards executives and senior-level management
  • A detailed report describing actions taken during the assessment, as well as a report of all found vulnerabilities
  • Fact-based risk analysis detailing the relevance of each vulnerability with respect to your environment, as well as techniques to validate said vulnerabilities
  • Strategic recommendations for longer-term improvement

Objectives of Red Team Assessment:

Red Team Service

Experience a Real-World Attack, Without Real World

With Red Teaming, we will pull no punches, giving you an attack simulation that feels all too real and just like a security threat.

Gain Risk-Free Experience Against Next-Generation

Our ethical Red Teaming hackers will attack your network using the same tactics cyber criminals deploy and target the same assets and information they desire.

Receive a Fact-Based Analysis of Your Security’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Learn exactly where your defenses stand up, and where they break down during a real attack with our testing teams.

Approach to Red Team Assessment:

Red Team Exercise follows a structural approach and it is conducted based on the strategy that has been followed by intruders traditionally. The core methodology is extended to cyber systems by research, development, and application of information design assurance techniques and tools.


The Red Team Assessment starts with conducting the impartial assessment of your environment, identify gaps and vulnerabilities that would help the attacker to gain access points, physically or digitally.

Planning and Preparation

The next phase is to study the client’s environment by spying key people, thorough vulnerability scans, gathering more data and preparing for the attack.

Attack Phase

Attacks can be of the 3 major types, as shown here,

Benefits of Red Team Exercise

Quantify Risk Factors

Identify vulnerabilities and differentiate between high risk low risk factors that can lead to a breach and mitigate them according to the priority.

Upgrade Security Posture

Understand the risks that pertain to your environment and update the security controls as required.

Be Prepared

You will be well equipped with the arms that can detect a real-world threat and you will be able to make informed decisions.

Know about the gaps

Know about exploitable vulnerabilities that expose your data to potential attackers. Learn how hackers combine different weaknesses both small and big to carry on a potential attack

Test your Efficiency

Know about exploitable vulnerabilities that expose your data to potential attackers. Learn how hackers combine different weaknesses both small and big to carry on a potential attack

Red Team Assessment Features

Real-world attack scenarios

Methodology uses realistic attack scenarios using tactics, techniques, and procedures seen in real-world attacks.

Industry expertise

Consultants experienced with critical infrastructure sectors – including energy, healthcare, and telecommunication providers.

Customizable objectives

Tailored engagements to meet organizational needs, with objectives based on the most relevant risks to your organization.

Sample objectives:
  • Obtain access to PCI data
  • Obtain access to personally identifiable information (PII)
  • Obtain access to trade secrets


Detailed, concise reports with actionable recommendations to aid in remediating identified issues post-engagement.


There are numerous backup solutions for Microsoft 365 so it is important to evaluate the solution that’s right for your organization using key criteria:


  • Security – How does the solution guarantee your data cannot be intercepted or stolen while in transit or in storage? Does the solution support encryption? If yes, how reliable is it?
  • Restore speed – How many restore options will you have? What level of granularity is supported? E.g. Can you restore just one object or must you restore the whole backup? How quickly can you find the required archive file or email?
  • Simplicity – Does the backup solution have the ability to protect other pieces of your data, or is it a standalone solution for a specific use-case? How easy is it to start and learn it? Can your IT generalist manage it, or do you need to hire a backup/storage professional?

Acronis Backup for Microsoft 365 works using cloud-to-cloud technology. This means that you don’t have to install anything manually on-premises. You simply provide your Microsoft 365 credentials to an agent deployed in the secure Acronis Cloud and the backup process starts. Your files are stored in a safe, reliable Acronis data center of your choosing.

With an easy, quick search of your backups, you can find the required version of your file. Once found, you should be able to restore it either to the source storage or download it so you can speed up getting back to work.

Acronis Backup automatically creates your personal cloud storage in Acronis Cloud so you can reliably and safely store your Microsoft 365 backups. A secure, isolated tenant is created for each organizational account.


Red Team Assessment

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