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XcellSecure SM | Secure Private Access

Secure Access for Remote Workers

Whether working from home or on the go, make sure your organization’s most precious resources are secure.

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XcellSecure SM | Secure Private Access

Transforming Secure Access for the Remote Workforce

Whether working from home or on the go, make sure your organization’s most precious resources are secure.

Say goodbye to the legacy hardware of the past and discover the benefits of our leading Secure Access Service Edge (SASE).

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All the basics you need to secure
and manage your network.


Advanced management network security
features for larger businesses.

₹699 INR

per user/mo billed annually
+ ₹3099/mo per gateway

₹999 INR

per user/mo billed annually
+ ₹3099/mo per gateway

*Minimum of 5 users *Minimum of 10 users
Cloud management platform
Fast and easy network deployment
Dedicated global gateways
Agentless application access 1 Application 20 Applications
Policy-based segmentation
Activity audits & reports 14 Days 30 Days
Easy-to-use apps
Automatic Wi-Fi security
Shared gateways in 35 locations
Two-factor authentication
Single sign-on capabilities
Always-on VPN
Dedicated solution architect
SIEM integration
Site-to-Site Interconnectivity
Split tunneling
Custom DNS
DNS Filtering
Self-service knowledge base
In-app chat support 24/7 24/7
Email support Office Hours Prioritized Response
Phone Support
Customer Success Engineer

All the basics you need to secure
and manage your network.


Advanced management network security
features for larger businesses.

₹699 INR

per user/mo billed annually
+ ₹3099/mo per gateway

₹999 INR

per user/mo billed annually
+ ₹3099/mo per gateway

*Minimum of 5 users *Minimum of 10 users

One Complete Network Security Platform

No more manual configuration. No more hours of setup. Fully build, manage
and secure your network from our multi-tenant cloud.

Secure Cloud & Network Access

Ensure user-centric and adaptive, policy-based network access to on-premise resources, SaaS applications and cloud environments.

Zero Trust Application Access

Reduce the attack surface. Implement zero-trust, fully audited access to web applications, SSH, RDP, VNC or Telnet - without an agent.

Software-Defined XcellHost

Transcend the traditional VPN. Defend and modernize your network with the latest architecture and seamless least privilege access.

Site-to-Site Interconnectivity

Bridge the gap with fully customizable networking. Interconnect your cloud environments and different network branches.

Unified Network Security

Enjoy best-in-class of Web Security Services and the highest levels of always-on encryption, over any network.

Cloud VPN

Transform your organization’s remote corporate access with our seamless, secure and highly-scalable Cloud VPN.




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Benefits of Remote Access with Xcellhost

Reduced Costs

Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) for IT security by replacing disconnected point products with a single, consolidated security platform.

Seamless Onboarding & High Scalability

Easily expand your network with a scalable software framework and convenient cloud or on-premise deployments.

Unified Cloud Management

IT personnel can manage their team, network and permissions, and monitor network activity all in one platform.

Greater Network Visibility

Unlike traditional legacy VPN services, we provide in-depth, granular insights with monitoring, detection, auditing and activity logs, made available through full API integration.

use cases

Secure Remote
Site-to-site connections to bring networks together
Multiple networks, subnets, gateways, and servers
Secure Access to Cloud-Based Systems
Secure Internet traffic or contact limited-access systems

Seamless Access Controls For Your Private Apps

Identity Centric Security Model

No more network based excessive trust and access for your remote workforces. Use our 3D security model to provide granular access control using user, device and application context.

Never Trust, Always Verify

Existing security models are based on too much trust, which is a major concern as the attack surface is very high. With our zero trust continuous verification model, your attack surface reduces to minimal.


We are friendly. We provide access to our APIs and we too integrate with APIs from all major security vendors.


Every action in our system can be audited with our extensive logging mechanisms.

Get in sync

Coordinate with your team and push projects forward with the tools you use every day—all within share file.

Integrations With

Protect and Manage Your Network with Ease

Deploy Your Network Automatically

Instantly deploy secure cloud gateways, create multi-regional networks and install client applications with our single-click interface.

Scale Your Network as You Go

There are no boundaries in the cloud. Our service eliminates the need for costly external hardware so you can scale your network with ease.

Gain Complete Network Visibility

If there’s any unusual activity, we’ll help you identify it. Easily manage team settings and view employee network access all in one place.

The Simplest, Non- Disruptive Zero Trust Solution

Fully Audited Access

Secure application-level access by fully auditing, recording and monitoring each session. This reduces the attack surface and provides a distributed security solution which operates as a holistic threat protection framework.

Advanced Threat Protection

Comprehensive protection against both known and unknown threats, including threats on mobile devices, is necessary to support a closed-loop, highly integrated defense stature that consistently and cost-effectively enables trust boundaries.

Inspect and Log ALL Traffic

Accurately monitor the network by identifying and classifying all traffic, regardless of ports and protocols, encryption or hopping. This eliminates methods that malware may use to hide from detection and provides complete context into applications, associated content and threats.

High-Performance Design

XcellHost Zero Trust Application Access minimizes latency and surpasses processing requirements, providing high availability, avoiding loss of service, reducing redundant loads on servers and increasing the uptime of your network.

Least Privilege Access Control

With a least-privileged strategy and strictly enforced access control, organizations can control interactions with resources based on relevant attributes, including application access, user and group identity and the sensitivity of the data being accessed.

Comprehensive API Integration

Our comprehensive REST-based API enables quick-and-easy integration with third-party management, automation and orchestration tools, ensuring protection for newly provisioned or relocated virtualized applications.

Defining Zero Trust for Your Network

Internal networks are comprised of different levels of “trust boundaries” which
should be segmented according to sensitivity.

Segment Your Network

Network segmentation allows organizations to define internal trust boundaries to granularly control traffic flow, enable secure network access and implement network monitoring

Establish Trust Zones

Trust zones are comprised of distinct pockets of infrastructure where resources operate at the same trust level and similar functionality, minimizing pathways and limiting malicious threats.

Manage Your Infrastructure

Efficiently monitor the network via centralized management capabilities, allowing data to be processed by tools that may further enhance network visibility, detect unknown threats, or support compliance reporting.

talk to our cloud expert


Very professional way of working. Support is fast and good, technical sales is very helpful!

-galab smit

Product is very easy to deploy with very minimal hardware footprint. Product can be deployed on-premises or in any of the three public clouds.

-akbar shaik

Xcellhost is a good start for software defined perimeter & will provide zero trusted network access to only authorized applications. This will avoid the issues with current end user VPN like full network visibility.

-rohan kulkarni


VPNs, or Virtual Private Networks, are vastly different from networks built with Zero Trust architecture. VPNs are a site-centric solution that enables organizations to create secure, encrypted tunnels between remote employees and crucial network resources. Access via a VPN signifies that the user is automatically trusted with these resources, while Zero Trust networking is a security model that removes the idea of trust. This means privileged network access and policy-based segmentation but also constant monitoring of all individuals on the network, regardless of their status or role.

Once you have created a Network, you can easily edit the name, tags, and icon of your Network to help you identify the different purposes and/or teams your network will support.

1. To edit your Network, select the Networks tab in the Management Portal. Select the three-dotted menu (...) to the right of your Network.

2. Make the changes and click Save.

Follow the steps to create a network.

1. Select Create Network on the Networks tab.
2. Fill in the following:

- Network Name: An indicative name for the Network you are building. For example, HQ, Finance, or Staging.
- Icon: Use the default or select an icon of your choice.
- Region: Region is the physical location where the gateway will be deployed. Choose one or more regions from the available regions listed (Europe, North America, East Asia, Australia, and Israel).
- Gateways: The number of gateways you want to deploy in a particular region. Having multiple gateways enables high availability and a better load balance. The number of gateways should not exceed the number of available licenses.
- Network Tags: Use tags to help identify the different purposes and/or teams your Network will support.
- Subnet: Optional. If the subnet is not specified, it will receive a default value of

After defining your Network specifications, you can see your Network being created.

After the Network is successfully created, it will appear in the Networks tab.

Your new Network allows you to edit or delete customized networks that are multi-regional and interconnected to your cloud and on-premise environments.

1. To delete your Network, select the Networks tab in the Management Portal. Select the three-dotted menu (...) to the right of your Network.

2. Select the Delete Network option to delete the Network.

Remote users need easy access to web applications, but relying on traditional VPNs solutions can create significant security risks. If bad actors can gain access through the SSL VPN, they have free reign over your entire network. You need a contextual security solution to meet zero trust requirements while enabling BYOD and access to apps deployed in a cloud. Citrix Workspace provides a secure space to work by enabling users to remotely access web applications deployed on premises using any device—without needing to access the entire network.


Secure Private Access

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