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Your business can’t afford to let IT security slide
Any breach of your security has a serious impact on your enterprise reputation, customer relationships, and compliance
Our Experts have years of experience doing specific IT Security focused audits. Let us help you verify your controls, identify issues, and provide practical solutions.

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Security Audits Methods Followed By Our Experts

Audit of organizational and physical infrastructures

Objective: Identify the security vulnerabilities in your Information System to quickly Correct them.

  • Organizational Analysis
  • Physical Audit
  • Proccess Study
  • Compliance Supervision
  • System Audit
  • Network Security
security audit

Objective: Detect the vulnerabilities in your applications and apply the appropriate countermeasures

  • Application Audit
  • Architecture Scan
  • Configuration Analysis
  • Source Code Review

Objective: Simulate cyber attacks as a hacker and identify vulnerabilities before they are exploited.

  • Black Box Audit
  • Grey Box Audit
  • White Box Audit
  • Red Term Service
  • Purple Team Services

What Is At Risk?

Your money, information and reputation could be at risk from a cyber attack.

Confidential data could include

  • Business plans
  • Financial records
  • Business and personal information
  • Employee records
  • Marketing plans
  • Product designs
  • Patent applications
  • New business ideas

XcellHost Audit Services

SOC Reporting For Cyber Risk
Security Operation SAAS Service
Block Chain
Cloud Security
NERC-CIP, critical Infrastructure Security
Network Security Audits
Application Security Audits
Operating System Audits
Host Security
Security Monitoring Audits
Risk Assessment

our report include

Easy Access to Reports
Recommended Action Plan
IT Audit Methodology
Information Security Policy Testing
Supporting Documentation
Remediation action plan

Cyber Security Audit Benefits

Valuable education and enhanced security awareness.

The audit process will bring the importance of cyber security to the forefront of your team's mind. The more aware your team is of the constant threat that you are under, the more likely they will embrace habit forming changes to their activities and those could be the difference that prevents a catastrophic IT event. The audit will also ask questions of your existing backup and business continuity plans, which could highlight inadequacies that you need to overcome.

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Benefit from an independent, external assessment carried out by experienced cyber security experts.

Maintaining a secure IT environment is hard. You need to ensure that your business-critical applications and data are available, as well as secure 24x7x365. It makes sense not to rely on in-house guesswork when you can engage with an independent and experienced IT security audit team.

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You get an actionable list of prioritised activities to help reduce your risk profile.

We have the tools and experience needed to identify your security weaknesses. From this, we will provide you with a report that will help guide you as you develop a strategy to overcome those weaknesses.

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You get a high-level and easy to digest summary of your cyber security risk with minimal disruption to your business.

Minimise your risk before finding out about your cyber security vulnerabilities via a catastrophic IT event.

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Best Practices To Conduct

Security Audit

10 Times Faster

Security Investigations

External Audit

Collection of Public information

External Penetration

Destructive Test

Non-destructive Test

Internal Audit

Collection of Public information

Reviewing Security policy

Internal Penetration

Change Management

Learn More About IT Security Audit With IT Leaders

No matter where you think you are with IT Security, our IT Audit can help you build a picture and identify areas for improvement.Our friendly and dedicated staff are ready to answer any questions, address any concerns or set up an initial consultation to get you the support you need today!


There are five main guides in the audit. First is ensuring your processes and procedures align with industry and international standards ISO 27001:2013, PCI DSS and NIST where applicable. Secondly we collect data from what is currently implemented and draw analytics to understand holistic risk. We also benchmark existing processes and procedures against others in your industry. We use this information to focus the company’s strategic cyber priorities with business objectives, and identify the cyber maturity of the business and where it needs to improve to move forward. Finally, we transform these key areas so that the company can remain proactive in the face of threats.

You should choose XcellHost for the ability to deliver, knowledge of the industry, a risk-based approach, and for the balance of the cost. You should ensure anyone you select can deliver the above, as well as hold the technical specifications required for the role such as ISO 27001, CISSP, and Certificates in Governance and Risk.

The cost of cyber crime will always far surpass the cost of effective security and insight. The cost of an effective cyber security audit can vary depending on the size of the business and the risk exposure present. A brief audit that only looks as specific areas, can range from 1 day to 5 days of consulting. Larger organisations may require a detailed review of proactive and reactive controls against regulatory/industry standards and may take anywhere between 10-25 days of consulting.

A few years ago, there may have been some contention with the question who actually requires in-depth cyber security audits. In today’s digital age, every company is heavily reliant on digital tools to run the business. Every company, big, small, listed, private will benefit from a cyber security audit as they can grasp the extent of their cyber risk exposure and ensure they have controls and measures in place to mitigate those risks.

Insight is invaluable when it comes to cyber security. You need to be aware of gaps, risks and what you are doing right as well as what might be improved. An audit is a useful tool on many levels in that senior management will have a high-level oversight into cyber issues and what is required to address them. Effective security will always have a component of company culture and good practice is best influenced by senior management. This is referred to as a top down approach.

Not to be confused with penetration testing, a cybersecurity assessment is a governance tool used to provide advice on business processes and procedures based upon your company’s level of cyber maturity. We focus on three key areas, ‘protect’, ‘detect’ and ‘monitor’ and ensure that the systems you have in place are functioning as they should and that areas for improvement are identified. We also create or review key information security policies and training so the business has a clear vision for their future security exposure and risk appetite. Let us provide you with a presentation on cybersecurity audits, either at your headquarters, or at our offices. Get in touch today.


Security Audits

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