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XcellSecure | Security Intelligence

Gain full visibility into network,
application and user activity.

Detect and prioritize threats that pose the greatest risk. Identify high-risk threats with near real-time correlation and behavioral anomaly detection.Detect vulnerabilities, manage risks and identify high-priority incidents among billions of data points.

Cloud SIEM

Maximize threat detection with the latest event management. Technology and dedicated cyber security experts Proper collection and correlation of log and event data is critical for effective cyber security

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Cloud Security Monitoring

Public Cloud Visibility and Threat Response. Detect, respond, and prevent the cloud security and compliance gaps leaving you exposed. Visualize infrastructure instantly and identify misconfigurations and possible data breach points.

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Cloud Log Management

Cloud Log Management. Log management is the process of collection, consolidation, analysis, storage, visualization, and troubleshooting of large voluminous logs from different servers, applications, and frameworks.

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Cloud Vulnerability Scanning

Harden your attack surface. Manage business-critical vulnerabilities. Vulnerabilities, and the exploitation of them, are still the root cause of most information security breaches today.

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Cloud SOC

Cloud SOC is a platform that makes security operations more effective. It complements existing tools and technologies, unifies operations, enhances process maturity and drives efficiencies which, in turn, increase ROI.

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File Integrity Monitoring

Log and track file changes across global IT systems.Cloud solution for detecting and identifying critical changes, incidents, and risks resulting from normal and malicious events.

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Dark Web Monitoring

The dark web is a mysterious unknown for many organizations. Unfortunately, gaining visibility into these locations is extemely challenging - it requires a knowledge of the criminal underground, logins to underground sites, and technology that's capable of monitoring these sources.

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Digital Risk Management

Leveraging targeted threat intelligence. We bring risk & security teams together to tackle digital risk Comprehensive view of cyber risks that allows you to reduce digital risks to an acceptable level

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