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24x7x365 days of protection against security threats

Our SOC service is powered by next-generation cybersecurity technology and our security experts partner with you to become an extension of your team, continuously monitoring and investigating threats from our global networks of security operations centers.


Complete Managed
Advisory Reports & Security Collaboration
Pay as you use approach to security
24X7 log collection and active monitoring
Real-time threat intelligence & correlation
Security analysis &
Security orchestration & response capabilities
24X7 Incident
Event-based threat


SLA backed
Low TCO through managed security model
Access to
right skills
Comprehensive protection across threat vectors
Compliance driven security at scale

XcellHost SOC Services: Tailored to your business needs

Our completely equipped and dedicated SOC is ISO27001 certified & CERT-In empanelled. SOC provides real time threat monitoring and response, 24X7 security device management and professional services such as audits and testing. Our SOC services are available through different delivery modes—as a remote shared model, as an on-site dedicated team, or as a hybrid approach combining a dedicated team with the additional scalability and expertise of the remote SOC. Provided as a SaaS-based offering, our service empowers organizations to identify network susceptibilities and fix them.

24x7x65 days of protection against security threats

This is where a Security Operations Center (SOC) completely fits the bill. A SOC includes a highly skilled team that operates round-the-clock and serves as a centralized platform to monitor, prevent, detect, analyse and respond to cyber security incidents. Built on the pillars of people, process and technology, a SOC bolsters the security posture of an organization by uncovering all the major network susceptibilities and addressing them. To keep up with the ever-evolving threat scenario, outsourcing SOC to experts with access to a deep and wide talent pool in security is emerging as a viable option.

Security Operations Centre (SOC)

Stay ahead of potential security incidents

Today’s business environment of everything digital and rapid cloud adoption comes with its own set of vulnerabilities and complex security challenges. With increasing touchpoints within and outside the security perimeter, cyber risk has increased manifold. Adopting a reactive preventive approach to data security breach is no longer enough. The need of the hour is proactive and constant monitoring to identify any threats to the IT network and take rapid action to counter them.

XcellHost SOC Team Roles

XcellHost Unified SecurityOperation Center Overview

Scalable Security Operation Centers

Don't compromise on your system's security.

To address the demand for skilled security analysts, we provide vendor-agnostic, scalable turnkey SOCs for your business, so that you can continue to grow while using the tools and team members you already endorse.


  • Experienced Analysts
  • Detailed Audits
  • Internal Training
  • An Extension of your Team
Internal Security Threat Training

Our SOC teams provide internal security threat training for your existing IT team so that all employees are capable of keeping your company safe, while also developing their skills and learning.

Detailed Audits and Gap Analysis

Our VAPT capabilities will provide you with a prioritized list of vulnerability discoveries and an understanding of how to fix them. Our team of security experts ensures accurate and timely results.

Scalable Security Operation Centers

Don't compromise on your system's security.

Around the Clock Monitoring

With an experienced SOC team onboard, your data is monitored and protected 24x7, 365 days a year.

Introduce Learning Experiences

Our experienced teams won’t just be a tool for your organization; they will be opportunities for internal learning development.

Reduced Costs and Complexities

Our teams monitor your network at a fraction of the cost of in-house network monitoring.