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Advanced Technology &
Threat Intelligence Protection

Information security services span your network, endpoints, vulnerability management, monitoring and analysis. We extend your security operations to bridge people, processes and technology for 24x7 support.

Cloud Security

The goal of a cloud security strategy is to reduce the threat posed by these risks as much as possible by protecting data, managing user authentication and access.Get cost effective & scalable offering to handle evolving security threat scenarios.

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Managed Security

Security Management. Elite cyber threat intelligence combined with security expertise protects devices and data and provides continuous security monitoring to your expanding network perimeter 24x7

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Microsoft 365 Security

Security for M365 is a fully managed security service that protects your business, its email, users, applications and data. We leverage our security expertise to provide you a complementary, packaged deployment for Microsoft 365.

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Azure Security

Strengthen your security posture with Azure. Reduce costs and complexity with a highly secure cloud foundation managed by Microsoft. Use multi-layered, built-in security controls and unique threat intelligence from Azure to help identify and protect against rapidly evolving threats.

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AWS Secuirty

Continuously monitor your environment to detect threats with AWS Security. Learn how we can help you be more secure in the cloud. Get started with a free trial! In-Depth Tutorials. Get A Free Trial. Cost-Effective Option.

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Security Consulting

XcellHist provides cybersecurity consulting services for security program development, enterprise risk management, controls & compliance,and testing.

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Security Training

Cyber security training is essential to reduce the risk that your employees can be tricked by sophisticated phishing or social engineering methods into serving unknowingly as entry points into your information and data systems.

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