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XcellDesktopSM | VMware Cloud Desktop

Access your desktops & apps securely from anywhere at anytime.
VMware Horizon Cloud enables you to deliver virtual desktops and applications from the cloud, to any device, in any location, all from a single cloud-based control plane over any network.

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XcellDesktopSM | VMware Cloud Desktop

Access your desktops & apps securely from anywhere at anytime.
VMware Horizon Cloud enables you to deliver virtual desktops and applications from the cloud, to any device, in any location, all from a single cloud-based control plane over any network.

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₹ 11700 /mo

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Money-back guarantee 15 days 15 days 15 days 15 days
Disk space 1 75 GB 100 GB 200 GB 300 GB
RAM 2 GB 8 GB 16 GB 32 GB
vCPU 2 4 6 8
Optional Office 365 ProPlus 5 ₹ 999/user/mo.6 ₹ 999/user/mo.6 ₹ 999/user/mo.6 ₹ 999/user/mo.6
Office Suite 4 Open Office Open Office Open Office Open Office
Optional MS Office Standard NA NA NA NA
Optional MS Office Professional Plus NA NA NA NA
Rights to install custom applications
Office 365 ProPlus Features
Fully installed MS Office
Office on tablets and phonesh
Online versions of Office
1 TB file storage
Work management tools
Group policy for apps
Self-service BI
Information protection
Virtual Desktop Features
Daily backup
Remote access desktop
Application installation rights
Access with PC, Mac, Linux
Works on tablets/smartphonesh
Free apps 7 Over 20 Over 20 Over 20 Over 20
Date/time defined access
Encrypted data transfer
SSAE-16 Type II certified daha centers
Password-protected idling
File type blocking
User-level app access
Print locally
Access local drives
Multi-monitor support
Multi-platform access
Auto display users local timh
Free migration assistance

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What Horizon Cloud Delivers

Multi-Cloud Architecture

Horizon Cloud provides a multi-tenant, cloud-scale architecture that enables you to choose where virtual desktops and apps reside: VMware-managed cloud, BYO cloud, or both.

Digital Workspace Experience

Horizon Cloud makes it easier than ever for end users to securely access their digital workspace on any device, anytime, anywhere.

Clear Path to the Future

Leverage the extensive VMware End-User Computing portfolio to transition your virtual desktops and apps to the cloud on your terms and maximize current investments.

Cost and Complexity Redefined

Horizon Cloud radically transforms traditional desktop and application virtualization with a subscription model that lets you pay as you grow.

key Advantage

Horizon Cloud Service on VMware Cloud is built from the ground up to deliver virtual workspaces as a cloud service. Unique features of the service include

Integrated Security.

With built-in security capabilities such as secure point-topoint network connectivity, dedicated compute, and network isolation, IT can have the confidence that their corporate data and applications are secure.

No Compromise

Fully Customizable Desktop Experience. Every user can have their own virtual desktop, customizable to their application, and look and feel needs, just like their physical desktop or laptop.

Extended Credentials and Security Policies.

IT can manage virtual desktop security just like they manage their existing infrastructure today, with the same credentials and permissions.

Enterprise Integration.

VMware technology, which provides every tenant with their own Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN), is designed to make it easy for IT to integrate cloud-hosted desktops and hosted apps into their own corporate environment, leveraging corporate Active Directory and corporate application and file services. This is achieved without requiring domain trust between the corporate datacenter and VMware.

Simplified Management.

IT can easily manage cloud-hosted virtual desktops and RDS-hosted shared desktops and apps from a single console. This includes desktop images, virtual machines, user assignments, applications and multiple desktop models. IT can also manage their cloud-hosted desktops and apps with existing enterprise tools.

Persistent-State Save.

Cloud-hosted desktops don’t need to be turned off, so users can leave the office with their document in midsentence, and log back into their desktop or app from home to finish writing without powering up or down.

Leverage XcellHost Cloud.

Every customer can take advantage of XcellHost Cloud global data center regions for coverage across the world.

XcellHost Technologies Managed Desktops will save you time

XcellHost Technologies Managed Desktops solves the common challenges. Now you can deliver your apps or desktop to your
users with ease. See how we compare with competitors, and how we will save you time.

Competitor Desktops & XcellHost Advantage

Operationally complex

Competing Virtual Desktop or Server Based Computing solutions are powerful but often require many components that are complex and costly to maintain.


We make sure your desktops are always available when you need them - you can stay focuses on providing your people with apps.

Pick a desktop image, choose how many desktops, and assign to users.

Cloud Desktops & XcellHost Advantage

Limited flexibility

Cloud hosted Desktops are a simple solution but have limited configuration options, and challenges with data jurisdiction.


Administer from a single console and you can keep your data in your data centre.

XcellHost Desktops & XcellHost Advantage

Yours apps. Your data. Any device. Anywhere.

Give your users the freedom to work anywhere on any device. Keep complete security and control - it will cost less than you might think.


We use simple, proven and standard tools to ensure you're always up and running. We can provide disaster recovery.

Managed Desktops Service Model

XcellHost's Managed Desktops are a versatile platform that is available now. We're ready to integrate with your IT organisation.

Managed Virtual Desktops Service Model

Organisation Control

You can make changes to your apps or desktop when you need.

Choose how to install your apps. We will help you make user of supporting technologies as you require.

Optional Control

Depending upon your security requirements, you can control your virtual machines and networks - or allow us to do this for you.

Configuration of network VLANs, as well the creation of desktop images is available to you.

XcellHost's Control

We will ensure that everything you need is ready to go. Point and click to provision your virtual desktops.

Managed Desktops Built Simple

The most simple, and therefore best Managed Desktop Platform available now is from XcellHost

Managed Desktops

We manage the platform to ensure that compute, network and storage resources are optimised and ready to go.

Your deployment is operationally standalone while you take advantage of our expertise.

Logical Security Boundaries

You can create security boundaries to limit exposure to your desktops. This allows you to protect users with higher security requirements such as PCI Compliance.

Fast, And Efficient

Fast, reliable and effective installation using our expertise to reduce complexity and risk.

We can have your implementation up and running in two weeks.

Logical Overview

talk to our cloud expert


Provides desktop management solutions, quality control and privacy. Allows for applications to be downloaded and for our IT Team to access and view installations and track progress.

-Shreyans P

As far as virtual desktops go, this is far and away the best combination of rich features while simultaneously being user friendly and easy to learn

-Farah Khan

I like that it’s fairly simple to use and brings up my complete work desktop at home. It’s incredibly helpful that it’s compatible from PC to Mac.

-Gayatri Patel


A cloud provider delivers a full windows desktop or application from their cloud to a user on any device in any location. This is typically offered as a monthly subscription service.

VMware Horizon DaaS supports both PCoIP and RDP for a premium end-user experience.

This is where desktops as a service (DaaS) shines because customers can leverage multiple service provider data centers to access desktops from the closest physical location, reducing latency problems, and ensuring delivery of a fast, high-quality desktop that performs in the manner end-users have come to expect from traditional desktops.

They are similar because both offer a complete desktop virtualization platform. However, there are major differences.The VMware Horizon DaaS Platform was built from the ground up for cloud delivery versus on-premise deployments.Secondly, the VMware solution was built for service providers while Citrix’s product was built for enterprises. It is very difficult

Service providers can now choose to give customers access to specific applications running on a personal desktop or shared desktop (RDS). This capability is in addition to or can be an alternative to, users accessing full desktops or shared desktop sessions.

Windows XP, Windows 7 Enterprise, 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows 7, and Windows 8. Linux desktops and Windows Server skinned as Win7 are also supported. Please contact VMware Sales for the latest supported versions.

VMware Horizon DaaS makes sense for any organization that is looking to leverage the benefits of virtual desktops in a rapid,
scalable, and secure fashion in a pure OpEx model. It is ideally suited for those that prefer IT as a service and require maximum flexibility with known costs.

What makes the VMware Horizon DaaS Platform unique is its ability to deliver all varieties of workspace models as a cloud service. Our multi-tenant architecture enables service providers to cost-effectively deliver full VDI desktops while honoring Microsoft licensing restrictions. Our platform can also deliver RDS session-based desktops, dedicated Windows server desktops, as well as individual Windows applications.

The beauty of a cloud-hosted solution is that your customers can use any device, from any location to access their desktops and applications. This includes thin clients, zero clients, PCs, Macs, iPads, Android devices, smartphones, Amazon Kindle Fires, and Google Chromebooks.


VMware Horizon Cloud

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