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Website security is very important to protect your business,brand & reputation level & also to prevent financial loss including shutting down of your business website.

Improvising the security posture of your website, enable to identify the issues in confidentiality, integrity and availability of your website.

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why choose Xcellhost

Injection & Broken
Sensitive Data Exposure
& XML Enternal Entities
Broken Access
Componenets with
known Vulnerabilities
Insufficient Logging
& Monitoring

How do we differ

Custom security assessment project management platform will allow us to closely collaborate with security consultant to make our clients life easier.

Identifying detailed security issues with recommendations on realtime basis.
Client have freedom to generate report any time.
Transparent visibility on the project status.
High quality and top standard report quality to present CXO.
Integrated secure coding campaign for developers.
Detailed reports for all re assessments with Track.
Detailed issue track sheets with compliance mapping.

Service capabilities

Once Scoping is complete, there are seven phases to be carried out:


Information Gathering / Discovery

Specific tools will be used to obtain as much information from the current internal infrastructure.


Service Enumeration

All services discovered on the hosts under test will be itemised. Service enumeration allows specific software types and versions to be retrieved from the network as well as policies, shares, resources and valid user accounts.


Vulnerability Assessment

This phase of testing will attempt to analyse the information retrieved in previous steps in order to determine whether a specific weakness exists or not.


Manual Testing

Once all of the hosts and services have been identified manual testing techniques and follow-up will be used to either extract further sensitive information from the host or (depending on the rules of engagement) exploitation.


Post exploitation

Once a machine in scope has been compromised, pivoting and lateral movement techniques will be exercised. This practice is often employed to fully explore and demonstrate the true risk of a vulnerability by emulating the ‘snowball’ effect of stacked vulnerabilities.


Information Egress

The routes in which data can be extracted from the systems in scope will be examined and used to identify where extra controls could be implemented or security enhanced.



A business executive summary, high level descriptions and technical details of each finding, is provided to offer the customer a wealth of information to implement remediation’s to not only fix the current issue, but also the underlying root cause, ensuring issues of the same nature do not re-occur.

The benefits of a website penetration test

Keep untrusted data separate from commands and queries.
Validates the effectiveness of current security safeguards.
We provide detailed remediation steps to detect existing flaws and prevent future attacks.
Identifies the vulnerabilities in your website and we categorized each vulnerability into Development issue, Configuration issue, Business logic issues and Missing best practices.
We quantifies the risk and gain real-world compliance and technical insight into your vulnerabilities.
We protect the integrity of assets in case of existing malicious code hidden in any of them.

Website Penetration Testing

If you have assets of prominence or if your site puts you in the public attention than your website calls for a security test. To safeguard your business and reputation Xcellhost offers comprehensive website penetration testing services. This test help you to identifying all exploitable weaknesses that are hidden in your website to secure the same.


Xcellhost process is tailored to fit your requirements and is highly effective in protecting your business from losing condential and valuable information.

Standards we follow

  • PTES
  • WASC
  • SANS
  • NIST SP800 - 115


A penetration test is a form of ethical cyber security assessment designed to identify and safely exploit vulnerabilities affecting computer networks, systems, applications and websites so that any weaknesses discovered can be addressed in order to mitigate the risk of suffering a malicious attack.

While a vulnerability scan uses only automated tools to search for known vulnerabilities, a penetration test is a more in-depth assessment. Pentesting utilises a combination of machine and human-driven approaches to identify hidden weaknesses.

Penetration testing is conducted by XcellHost’s experienced red team of CREST accredited ethical hackers who possess an in-depth understanding of the latest threats and adversarial techniques.

Penetration testing utilizes the tools, techniques, and procedures used by genuine criminal hackers. Common blackhat methods include phishing, SQL injection, brute force, and deployment of custom malware.

The time it takes an ethical hacker to complete a pentest is dependent upon the scope of the test. Factors affecting duration include network size, if the test is internal or external facing, and whether network information and user credentials are shared with XcellHost prior to the pen-testing engagement.

All businesses are advised to conduct a penetration test at least once a year, as well as after any significant upgrades or modifications to the company network. Given the rapid rate at which new exploits are discovered, XcellHost recommends that quarterly tests are performed. Regular penetration tests are often required for compliance with regulations such as PCI DSS.

XcellHost is a member of CREST, an international certification body for information security and pen-testing. By choosing our CREST penetration testing services, you can be sure that all assessments will be carried out to the highest technical and ethical standards. Our CREST certified penetration testers hold a range of cybersecurity certifications, demonstrating their ability to perform many types of penetration testing.

After each engagement, the ethical hacker(s) assigned to the test will produce a custom-written report, detailing and assessing the risks of any weaknesses identified plus outlining recommended remedial actions. A comprehensive telephone debrief is conducted following the submission of the report.

Many types of penetration testing can be performed remotely via a VPN connection, however some forms of assessment, such as internal network pen tests and wireless pen tests, may require an ethical hacker to conduct an assessment on site.

An XcellHost penetration test is conducted in accordance with the strictest legal, technical ethical standards. Tests are designed to identify and safely exploit vulnerabilities while minimizing the risk of disrupting business operations.


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